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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

John asks…

where can i get cheap woodworking tools?

Dusty answers:

Good quality tools are not going to be cheap if you buy them new. You might find some good quality used ones at pawn shops, yard sales or flea markets.

George asks…

Buying Woodworking Tools?

Could anybody point me in the right direction with regards to building a workshop. I would like to know which tools I should buy first e.g. a table saw, band saw, etc.

Dusty answers:

Well, this will depend a lot on exactly what you intend to do. And, knowing exactly what you are going to do is not possible, because once you try something else, you need tools for it. For a general wood shop, Id suggest these, in this order,a) 10 inch Tablesaw, contractor style, or cabinet saw, NOT a benchtop model.b) Equally important is a good quality blade for that saw, a combination blade will get you started, look to a freud or forrest blade.c) A miter saw, sliding compound miter is best, check out the Makita LS1013, or Hitachi also makes a good one (and again, another good blade is important). D)Router with 1/2 inch collet, bits to go with it,and if you can afford it, a table mounted router is priceless. E) a bandsaw, Jet Delta and Grizzly all make good ones in the 14 inch models.f)A planer (I have a Ridgid 13 inch planer, its a workhorse).g) a drillpress.h)a good scroll saw, stay away from any of the ones under $200, I really like Dewalt.i)a wood lathe, youll be amazed at the fun this tool will be. J) a disc sander, 12 inch would be nice, and if you can afford it, a combination belt/disc sander is even better,k) a jointer, stay away from benchtop models.l)a thickness sander, the Performax is great. Many of those tools need some type of dust collection, so a dust collector should be one of the top priorities as well.
Some necessities I didnt mention are equally important, like clamps, you never can have to many of them,a good square, straightedge,and tape measure, hand tools like drills, sanders,etc. Most important…. A pair of safety glasses, good old fashioned common sense, and all the other necessary PPE.

Susan asks…

has anyone heard of Reliant woodworking tools? Looking for an owners manual thanx?

Dusty answers:


hope this helps!

Mandy asks…

Hand tools or power tools when learning woodworking?

I am new at making furniture and the books ask that we learn the basic skills by hand but I am finding hand tools to be – on the one hand pure and true to the origins of the craft – but on the other hand – very hard to learn to use comfortable – I am ruining a lot of nice stock and its neatly cut edges and surfaces with my tools – is it worth persisting or is woodwork the realm of power tools now?

Dusty answers:

It will take time to become a good carpenter with either one. Mistakes are part of it. I have told apprentices that any damn fool can do it right the first time but it takes a real craftsman to screw it up and then make it look good. Just don’t get in too big of a hurry. Try what you want to do on some scrap a cheaper stock until you are comfortable with it. Good luck to ya.

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