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Michael asks…

What the hell do I buy my boyfriend for Xmas?

I was planning on getting him this:

But decided that its a stupid gift, right? I mean, he doesn’t have a boat and you can just look at the weather on TV, right? I figured it’d be something nice to put on the wall since he just bought a house and doesn’t have any decor, but idk anymore…


(He’s into cars, woodworking, and most mechanical things) (He already owns every known woodworking tool)

Denny answers:

Your right you should buy him something for the house
when I want to buy a gift for a friend for there house or office I go to Ikea, Ikea always inspires me
they have cute plants (I think)
good luck

Sharon asks…

Ugly baseboards help!?

My Metal baseboard enclosures are dented rusted and ugly. I could remove them sand them pound out the dents and repaint them but that is alot more work and expenense than you may realize. I have seen just the metal enclosures a lowes but I can not bring myself to spend the money. Just the enclosure for a 6 foot section for example cost about $60. The enclosure with the piping and fins cost only about $10 of $15 bucks more. Are there any other cheaper replacements out there? I thought about building them out of wood ( I probally have every woodworking tool known to man available to me) but I know the wood will expand & contract & eventally warp and look bad also. any suggestions???

Denny answers:

I don’t know about the cost but have you considered a friend or contacting someone in the plumbing and heating business that may have access to a maching they use to bend sheet metal to make ductwork? Might be able to rent the machine too. May or may not be cheaper…

Steven asks…

What does a Laminate Trimmer do?

Can someone explain what it does? I’m new to woodworking and wondering if I need to buy this tool.

And how does it compare to a router?

Denny answers:

Have a look at this link it will show you

Donna asks…

boyfriend christmas ideas?

Ok, it’s really hard to get the perfect gift for my boyfriend cause he likes so much. I want to get him alot of things that are on the cheaper side instead of one big thing that’s expensive. He is a firefighter and loves stuff like that which i already got one thing for him in that category. He like tools and woodworking building things. He doesn’t have a fovaorite football team or anything, but what are some ideas of things i can get him and it doesn’t have to be tools or firefighting things just give me some ideas. Person with the best present ideas will win best answer. Thanks everyone!
also i want to get him something he will actually use or look at alot not something that going to sit on a shelf and collect dust.

Denny answers:

It’s smart to start now and you don’t have to feel rushed. You can get him gifts that costs money and gifts such as a book you of tickets that you create such as ( 1 back rub) (1 ticket to shout) 1 ticket to choose the movie you both will go to) those are examples.

I think original gifts always get reactions that you want to catch on camera. Take him on a little getaway, rent a hotel room and have that in a box showing a romantic getaway for two.

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