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———————-[Click Me For a Detailed Tutorial]————————— A Tutorial on how to Duplicate any item on Minecraft on Xbox. Step 1: Acquire a Dispenser Step 2: Place your Dispenser, Put your item into the bottom middle bar. Step 3: Get your friend to Destroy the dispenser whilst still your still using it. Step 4: Then it will say you have 64 diamonds. Take the diamonds USING X, Important you use X on your Xbox controller. Step 5: Place it using X also so you have 63 diamonds and a single one. Step 6: Drop the single one and pick it up again, Then you will have 200+ diamonds. ENJOY! Subscribe and Rate the video please! GT: Shaunaldinho Made by Myself ShaunNuffSaid With the help of bennaldridgee (Youtube name) GT: ben aldridge Thanks for watching. [IGNORE] Tags: yt:quality=high notch Minecraft mods duplication glitch easy tutorial mod spider spiders skeleton skeletons zombie zombies lumber wood coal stone torch torches workbench crafting square pickaxe pick wooden shelter survival night Minecraft duplication glitchunlimited diamond tutorial the minecraft project minecraft mine craft syndicate syndicateproject thesyndicateproject project how to find tools build make new seed world download minecraft project episode machinima realm gameplay commentary “how to” “xbox 360″ xbox360 x360 video live arcade xbla “xbox live arcade” controller tutorial getting started download “lets play” walkthrough playthrough multiplayer co-op server 2d 3d “Xbox 360 (Video

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24 Responses to “Xbox 360 Edition: Minecraft – Duplication Glitch UNLIMITED DIAMONDS 2013”

  1. XxXxneonwolfxXxX says:

    Just added u

  2. LGtheB3AST says:

    Guys, he probably changed the title rceently

  3. 8bitapples says:

    Plz add me,my friends dont play minecraft no more xXoOTacoSlayerZ i play often

  4. HMOMproductions says:

    Wtf dickhead if you haven’t been in a coma for a year you would realise that you typed 2013 and this was uploaded in 2012

  5. Leonardo Arias says:

    how come he put 2013?

  6. 978killabee says:

    Awesome glich ariborn bgr

  7. dannyboiiidead says:

    Your a fucking mate you shouldn’t e en have subs cause dar already patched and it says 2013 in the name on the videos and it was made in may 2012 so you’ve just done a gay video dats biaAach

  8. enrique corona says:


  9. bigsparky1000 says:

    send a xbox friend invite plz  Tek laThro987

  10. Billy Graham says:

    That stupid

  11. ShaunNuffSaid says:

    by any chance is your second name Moores? :)

  12. MajorLoghead says:

    dude its loghead441 send me a friend request sub and tell me your gamertag

  13. MiscellaneousShine says:


  14. Dan Spence says:

    8th of june it was patched

  15. airsoft2964 says:

    how is it patched in august when it’s only july

  16. MultiGian3 says:

    this is after the patch…

  17. Logan Riedle says:

    thanks gamertag loghead441 send it to you soon


  18. HelioTitan says:

    I’d use this to get TNT.

  19. WhyDoYouStareAtMe1 says:

    yeah :[

  20. freddy1thebear says:

    At least I made like 5 billion stacks of diamonds before the patch!

  21. bennaldridgee says:

    its been patched :( 

  22. MichaelBuhrlen says:

    Just read that the duplication glitch was patched :(

  23. ShaunNuffSaid says:

    ^ As you just seen its either the hot bar or the Inventory -.- And you must pick up and place using X or it will not turn into 64 forever, it will disappear.

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