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Woodworking—Using Dado Blades

Two Part Series on Using Dado Blades To Construct A Cabinet
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8 Responses to “Woodworking—Using Dado Blades”

  1. Guy Bradbury says:

    That could only be true if the measurements of all the shims were incorrect, but they are not. The “fours” measure correct. I can understand an in-proper reading with a dial caliper, but I trust my digital much more. Thank you for watching.Take Care.

  2. WV591 says:

    your caliper is off not the shims

  3. Guy Bradbury says:

    According to my digital calipers someone didn’t get the message. They record metric or American standard. Thanks for the info. I’m heading out to the shop now so I can review Widths in metric.

  4. ColchesterBridgeport says:

    The reason 3/4″ plywood is no longer 3/4″ is because it is actually 18mm plywood. 18mm is equal to 0.708″ – Welcoming America to the metric system (by stealth).

  5. Tim Orum says:

    damn America need to use the metric system!

  6. Uzamal says:

    Love your videos and I have an idea regarding pushing down on the workpiece.

    The sled would need a fence on both sides for this to work. Cut a dado along the length of both fences and place a dowel into the dados. Blocks could be wedged between the dowel and the workpiece to hold it down against the sled. Cut the top of the blocks at a slight angle or use a shims to accomodate differencess in workpiece widths.

    Anyway, just a thought and not sure if it would be pratical or worth the effort.

  7. Guy Bradbury says:

    Here is everything you always wanted to know about my mortise machine.

    lagunatools com mortisers mortiser-platinumhs

    You will have to add the necessary charactors to the address above then paste the address into your browser. This mail will not allow web links.
    Keep in mind you will have to pay $4,000.00 to get a two axis machine.

  8. phooesnax says:

    tell us more about the horizontal mortise machine…home made? Love you videos. I actually laughed out loud…. The delta joke

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