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My next woodworking project: I always wanted to do something with burled wood. I very rarely get my hands on it. This large Birch stump had one large burl and several smaller ones on it. Instead of cutting them out and discarding the rest of the log, I wanted to integrate them all in one object. The stump itself has many interesting cavities and depressions in it, so I felt it would do the tree injustice if I only took the burls. The wood has tons of beautiful features, like black lines from spalting, green and red spots from other fungi, brown streaks from pieces of cambium, leftover pieces of bark and the chaotic burl grain. When I applied the first coat of oil, my jaw dropped to the floor, I never could have dreamed it would look this good (you can see that later on in the vid) This table was made in Hortus Haren, Netherlands. Useful websites: EU, UK, NL website for ordering Saburr-Tooth equipment: Main dutch Chainsaw Carving forum: WoodCarving Illustrated message board: My WCI Gallery:
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25 Responses to “Woodworking Projects – Unique Birch End Table”

  1. Wouter d.B. says:

    Glad I brought it to your attention, please post a video of your project!

  2. johnhutch2000 says:

    That is gorgeous! I happened upon this by chance buy now I’m inspired! Now to go looking for a fallen birch in the storms yesterday… Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. Wouter d.B. says:

    Thank you, I appreciate your comment!

  4. Jerry Kirkland says:

    Came out very nice. I appreciate your letting me see the process. Thanks.

  5. Juan David Mejia says:

    So much sanding on that piece of wood was definitely worth it!!! It looks gorgeous. Congratulations!

  6. littleredgolft2 says:

    Very nice work

  7. karen1559 says:

    Nice one & thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work!

  8. Wouter d.B. says:

    Thank you!. I was just polishing it with a buffing wheel. The oil + polyurethane remains somewhat soft so buffing work nicely.

  9. karen1559 says:

    Great work! Thoroughly enjoyed watching your craftsmanship. When you say “!polished the final layer ” Did you mean you waxed it or polished it with cloth?

  10. Wouter d.B. says:

    Voting is enabled as far as I recall, or did you meant something else?

  11. HilariousD says:

    you should enable ratings.

  12. Wouter d.B. says:

    Thank you for the comment, I always appreciate tips. I thought about leaving the bark on, but Birch is one of those types of wood that shrink so much that the bark will fall off! Same with Oak, while Alder on the other hand will do fine. Perhaps I’ll try adheasive next time.

  13. Fadi Racy says:

    It’s the seed from which this oil is made from. Do a Google search on it. Way better then the chemical stuff while being less toxic and smelly.

  14. Fadi Racy says:

    With all the due respect to your talent and artistry, I your project would have come out more beautiful if you had left some of the bark on (with some sort of hardening polymer resin it to protect it and make it gleam) . The way you had it in the photo at 2:43 of your video was intenselly beautiful and removing all the bark ruined it. Try it out for your next project.

  15. Wouter d.B. says:

    Thx! I just LOVE the moment you put the first coat of your finish on, the wood explodes with color.

  16. caribourain1 says:

    I know this is wierd but my mouth is watering when you put that tung/lemon mixture on. Absolutley beautiful.. Great Job

  17. Wouter d.B. says:

    It’s relatively safe when you (at full RPM!) insert the saw bottom-nose first, plunge it in an inch or so, and then angle the saw horizontally. That way the wood above the chain will prevent kickbacks.

  18. Tom F says:

    that was very cool!, i’m a noob as far as chainsaw carving i never seen anyone plunge cut with one before.

  19. Shyrozi Vieraduka says:

    im frm malaysia…super duper ideas…great job..Tung Oil is name product or compny?

  20. LumberAlex says:

    Woodworking for dummies! Check out my channel for some quality Plans!

    (YT Channel)

  21. kostas lemonidis says:

    very nice work friend!Kostas from Greece!!!!

  22. Spencer Belanger says:

    Do you still live in Maine I am located in Poland Maine and would be interested in maybe getting some burls if you still have them?

  23. Wouter d.B. says:

    Now thats nice to hear, that my work gave you some ideas!

  24. Shunmite says:

    very nice work. creative and elegant idea that helped me alot in deciding for my end tables here in our new house.

  25. lux4x4 says:

    Very beatyful! sorry, did how many disk for grinding use?

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