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Woodworking Project – How to Make a Dado Sled for the Tablesaw

Woodworking projects – how to make a dado sled. Once you learn how to make a dado sled for the tablesaw, you will find many wood shop uses for it. The Apprentice and The Journeyman provides a woodworking video tutorial on how to make a Dedicated Dado Sled for the table saw. The Dado Sled gives the woodworker control and accuracy. Also, this cross cut sled allows for the woodworker to work safe. The dado sled is great when used for woodworking joinery. (Tenons, half laps, rabbets, dadoes, and dentil mouldings to name a few. The woodworker can make uniform cuts by simply adding a stop block and a clamp to the sleds fence. For more online information about how to make a dado sled for the table saw please click the following woodworking article. Be smart, work safe, and learn how to make a dado cross cut sled for the table saw. Watch more woodworking videos on YouTube… Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Learn more, Experience more! Bob Simmons
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25 Responses to “Woodworking Project – How to Make a Dado Sled for the Tablesaw”

  1. AppJourneyman says:

    You did well. A simple, uncomplicated sled is all a woodworker really needs. One additional thought…Once you build an accurate sled, take care of it. Put it in a safe place when not in use. Then when you go to use it, it will be like new.

  2. TheCallingShotgun says:

    I cannot figure out how to post a reply video to this video; it is likely disabled.

    Anyway,you can visit my channel for my formal video thanks to you and your artistry. Ha ha, you can also laugh at my end result.

  3. AppJourneyman says:

    These table saw cross cut sleds will be a welcome addition to your shop for a long time. The sleds work well for making very accurate cuts. Set up stop blocks & you will be able to make repeatable cuts that are ideal for production work.

    If you have a band saw, check out the band saw cross cut sleds on my YouTube woodworking channel. These sleds only take a few minutes to build from scrap material. They will make a big difference in one’s woodworking.

    Thanks for watching!

  4. TheCallingShotgun says:

    This video is far better than all the others — teaching through showing beats teaching through speaking every time.
    I am almost done with two distinct sleds, one crosscut, one dado, all on the contents of this video.
    Thanks for your time and effort making this superior video.

  5. AppJourneyman says:


    A few simple thoughts.

    When you decide to build the dado sled, take your time. Maybe watch the video again. Just be sure to select flat material for the bed of the dado sled. Select straight material for the fence also. Take your time making the fence square to the saw kerf. If you follow this advice, the sled will serve you well for a long time.

    Good luck & enjoy your new dado sled.

  6. Phillip Doan says:

    It looks easy. I hope I can build one.

    Thank you very much.

  7. AppJourneyman says:

    Thanks for watching this woodworking video and taking the time to comment

  8. Alejandra Guadalupe Dall agnola says:

    I like the result to be achieved with the sled milling, is a very good demonstration of what the arteano wit manages to achieve the desired objective with what is within reach in this case is no small feat. but likewise also agree with the comment above, often less is more, meaning if you do not intend to do demaciados inserts, etc..

  9. AppJourneyman says:

    Thank you very much for watching and subscribing to this woodworking channel. The dado sled is a great table saw accessory as it makes production work a breeze. Hope it helps your woodworking.

  10. A1BadSNiper says:

    That’s bad ass. Gunna sub

  11. AppJourneyman says:

    Thanks very much. I hope you enjoy the dado sled when it is built. It’s a great woodworking accessory for the woodworking shop. Good luck with it.

  12. xxdjcharlierockxx says:

    nice video id like to make this ;)

  13. AppJourneyman says:

    My outfeed table is a workbench that is set slightly lower than the table saw height. When my dado sled or another cross cut sled are in use, there is no interference of the sled runners with the outfeed table because the table is lower.

    When making other cuts on the table saw that would extend over the outfeed table, a small sheet of mdf is put in place to level the sliding surface.

    This is a simple solution as compared to making a pair of dado cuts into the workbench / outfeed table.

  14. im4ncst8 says:

    I would like to see how you made your outfeed table. Does it fold down?

  15. AppJourneyman says:

    Congrats on finishing the dado sled. Good job! On the back of my dado sled is a block that measures 3-1/2″ X 3-1/2″. It is a section from a 4×4 that I cut off. It just serves as basic protection. (However, keep in mind it is wise not to let the dado cut go far into the block. Just push the sled far enough to cut the intended material.)

    Remember, function is more important than looks. Keep it simple. A few blocks that are glued up will work fine too. Let me know me how it goes.

  16. 1airgforce1 says:

    Hi there, I finish by dado sled at 24″x 48″ wide and it is working great , but the only problem is at the back of the cut a lot of dust hits me when I finish cut , can you tell me the size of that little box and the back and if is is enclose on the bottom. Thanks Anthony….

  17. 1airgforce1 says:

    Thanks once again..

  18. AppJourneyman says:

    fences are 4″ x 26″…sled is 18″ x 26″ (these are the overall dimensions.)

  19. 1airgforce1 says:

    Hi I for got to ask are the size of the fences and the size of you dado sled…

  20. 1airgforce1 says:

    Thanks a lot, very nice VIDEO.,,, the box on the end I guest is to protect you hand when you finish a cut….very nice design.

  21. AppJourneyman says:

    My preference is to reference off of the fence closest to the operator. This fence is dead on square to the dado blade saw kerf. Why do I prefer to focus on this fence rather than the opposite fence? Safety – To me it is safer when the dado blades can be seen going into the work. The material has better support against the fence closest to the operator. There is no tearout of the material using this method. It is easier to use stop blocks & the work can easily be seen. No need to reach across.

  22. 1airgforce1 says:

    HI did you square the front of the sled of you dado sled, so when making dado for shelves it would be square…..

  23. AppJourneyman says:

    Good question! The dado sled is brand new, never been used. The dado blades are installed on the saw arbor. A blank MDF zero clearance insert is installed in the “throat” & replaces the regular saw blade insert.

    Then place the runners of the dado sled into the tablesaw miter gauge slots. Turn on the saw, push the sled, and create the new dado blade saw kerf.

  24. SEAK2WORKPLACE says:

    Thanks for this, but how did you do that wide kerf at a stroke @ 7:14 of the video timeline, i really need that.

  25. AppJourneyman says:

    Simply focus on the pair of 3/4″ slots when making the wooden runners. Just forget the lower T section. There is a link to an article concerning the dado sled. It is in the description under the video. Thanks for watching.

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