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Quality Carpenter Tools Will Help You Create Masterpieces : Create your own picture frame stock from your own supply of wood. Read the full article on this video at the link above.
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15 Responses to “WOODWORKING – Creating Picture Frame Stock”

  1. kroq1996 says:

    why is so damn hard to find a store that sell 1/2 lip all around the inside of the frame. I usually find 1/4 inch lip to put my art but i want 1/2 lip. Anyone has any idea which site has this?

  2. CupcakesandCardio says:

    Thanks for the great video Colin!

  3. MrHarborFreight says:

    Haaaa ha haaa! rohenwi wants someone to send him a kreg jig master system to him in Venezuela. He has no money so I think Knecht, we nominate you buddy to send that fella’ a kreg system! He could turn out to be a famous wood worker!….great vid bud!

  4. LalatotoStudios says:

    Thank you Knecht,

    Great video.

  5. rohenwi says:

    Necesito un kreg jig master system y aquí en Venezuela no lo venden y tampoco tengo dinero, habrá una persona caritativa que me obsequie uno y me lo envíe, Gracias.

  6. knecht105 says:

    Sure … do what ever works best for you and that you are comfortable doing. There are often different ways to achieve the same end. Always work safely.

  7. woodlist says:

    Interesting, and a great way to produce ‘L’ angle framing.

    However , cutting these rabbets ( or rebates), uses an unguarded blade. So it’s far safer to cut the rabbet on the edge of the large piece first, and then rip the ‘moulding’ off, using the band-saw? Clean up the sawn edge of the larger piece and repeat . It leaves some cleaning up on the ‘L’ section, with a fine set plane, but far safer than trying to rebate a piece of 1.5″ square lumber, with the unguarded blade.

  8. robbertb1966 says:

    run that by me again duh

  9. loookat44 says:

    good Job

  10. TheVrtigo1 says:

    This is a good video. The only problem is you need to have a planer to get the stock absolutely flat before you cut it.

  11. lordcinturon says:

    Thanks man! Very comprehensive!

  12. Rajabarel says:

    Great ideas on your video series that helped me a lot. Thanks.

  13. shadylamps says:

    Thanks for sharing Colin!

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