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Woodturning Projects Mushroom Box www.facebook.comWood turning tips and projects with Carl Jacobson. Wood turning basics on a Lathe with basic wood turning tools. Taking you from start to finish with a ruff piece of wood to your sanded and finished project with paste wax and mineral oil for a superb finish. Turning a Mushroom box.

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25 Responses to “Woodturning Projects Mushroom Box”

  1. lawl114 says:

    great mushroom. looking foward to many more awesome lathe created items!

  2. betorab says:

    Tienes mucha creatividad felicidades you the best congratulation

  3. HedgehogOutdoors says:

    You are really making me look forward to trying something like this!

  4. paperbender1960 says:

    Nice work, I like the effect in the lid.

  5. haydenHD says:

    Thanks John,

  6. bradturbo44 says:

    very nice carl, you are the best. john uk

  7. haydenHD says:

    Good idea, but not enough hours in the day.



  8. scoobydog411 says:

    Why dont you make a Project book ? Im thinking of doing it . 

  9. haydenHD says:

    Thank you!

  10. tjonjic18 says:

    BRAVO SUPER !!!!

  11. haydenHD says:

    I use “Staple” brand paste wax I get it at “Woodcraft”. I mix them 10 to 1 10 parts being the wax and yes I just mix it in the can.


  12. The1andOnly1ToB says:

    Can you be a bit more specific…..what brand of paste wax do you use?….What is the ratio of mineral oil to the wax do you use? Just mix it up in a can? Look for a particular consistency and or color????

    Thanks for the videos…Have to say I am new to the hobby and trying to teach oneself is very difficult. Being able to watch is a huge help. …. And I must say you make things look easy. Thanks again for your time.

  13. haydenHD says:

    I checked it out very cool stuff.

  14. Soldier957 says:

    VERY cool. Have you seen yewood123s videos? There’s definately some inspiration there.

  15. haydenHD says:

    Thanks Susan,

  16. SuzieRosebud says:

    Thanks, Carl. You are so good about returning emails!!


  17. haydenHD says:

    Hi Susan,

    I try to leave about 1/4″ in the bottom of the box. Good luck with the mushroom box.

    Thank you,

  18. SuzieRosebud says:

    Hi, Carl,
    Hope all is great with you and yours. Please let us know the length and width of the pieces of wood you use for various projects when you do your video’s. This would be of great help. Also, when you drill a hole for a box, vase, etc., how much of the bottom do you leave undrilled? I’m going to attempt the Mushroom Box as soon as I know the answers to the questions above.
    Thanks so much for ALL the great videos! You are my favorite!!!!
    Happy Turning,
    Susan S.

  19. haydenHD says:

    Thank you. I always try to find a way to make things even out of small pieces of good wood.


  20. haydenHD says:

    It’s paste wax and mineral oil.

  21. drbob287 says:

    what kind of mixture do you use on the sand paper?

  22. haydenHD says:


  23. pureprotea1 says:

    I really, really enjoyed that video! Thanx a million.

  24. haydenHD says:

    I’m not sure I will do the next video on how to do the lid.
    If the lid or the bottom is tapered at all the lid will not seat properly.


  25. tkcenterline says:

    I am having a problem with a tight lid. The bottom of my box started off about 3 inches long and is now 1 inch long!!!! I cant get the lid to stay on? The air trapped inside seems to be enough to losen and pop the lid off. What am I doing wrong??

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