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Woodturning Projects A Small Acorn Box www.facebook.comWood turning tips and projects with Carl Jacobson. Wood turning basics on a Lathe with basic wood turning tools. Taking you from start to finish with a ruff piece of wood to your sanded and finished project with paste wax and mineral oil for a superb finish. Turning a small acorn box on the lathe.
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25 Responses to “Woodturning Projects A Small Acorn Box”

  1. HazeTrix says:

    You must have hundreds of boxes :/

  2. DJWildPappaT says:

    Oh my gosh… I love your videos :) You are a natural.

  3. plowestv says:

    great work

  4. haydenHD says:

    Hi, Yes Maple and Sycamore are very different. They are both hard woods but have very different grain patterns.

  5. scarlattibeet says:

    You’re using maple here. For another project you said you were using sycamore. Is there a difference? I thought that what we Brits call sycamore is your maple.

  6. haydenHD says:

    You can use salad bowl oil it is a little glossier than the wax.

    Take care,

  7. haydenHD says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I start with 180 and go up to 600

  8. caribourain1 says:

    What grits of sandpaper do you use?


  9. caribourain1 says:

    Mr. Jacobson,
    After you use your sanding mixture of wax paste and linseed oil, what can a person use to make it glossy?

    This is one of my favorite projects you do.


  10. bradturbo44 says:

    Love it carl john uk.

  11. haydenHD says:

    I slow down when sanding, because I feel it does a better job.
    Yes, I am using a 3/8 inch bowl gouge.


  12. peaheadobrien says:

    1. why do you slow the lathe down to sand?
    2. what tool are you using to shape the lid and body? a 3/8 inch bowl gouge?

  13. haydenHD says:

    Thanks, it’s a great hobby

  14. ohsosilly11 says:

    way cool
    u have a amazing talent

  15. haydenHD says:

    I would try a chatter tool.


  16. Dave51262 says:

    Hayden – Great job and very nice quality video. What would you use if you wanted to put a texture on the dark acorn end, like a knurl? A chatter tool or a hand held knurling tool?

  17. TomBirdcageBurgess says:

    no problem i will

  18. haydenHD says:

    Thanks, Send pictures if you make one.

  19. TomBirdcageBurgess says:

    a great little box, i may have to have ago at making one , awsome video :)

  20. haydenHD says:

    Thank you,

  21. TheSmokeless says:

    Thats is such a pretty wood good job i love your work!

  22. haydenHD says:

    Thanks Ashley,

  23. 320ashley says:

    good job
    the way you turn the projects is amazing they just turn out so well ive made a couple of small boxes but there nothing compared to yours
    thanks keep posting

  24. haydenHD says:

    Hi Nic, Thanks so much I’m have a lot of fun.


  25. haydenHD says:

    Thanks Brendan, I love making boxes.


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