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Show you how to turn or make build a wooden box on the woodturning lathe. Fun woodturning project on the lathe which is quick. Me the teenwoodworker alex harris a woodturner and woodworker showing me making a little wooden trinket box on the lathe using a roughing gouge face plate spindle gouge parting tool beading tool round nosed scraper and skew. I use a finishing oil which is a blend of oils which give a great finish. woodworking woodturning project how to woodwork box making shop woodshop workshop tools lathe mini youtube video turning tips and tricks
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25 Responses to “Woodturning Project Wooden Box on the Lathe”

  1. 123halarty says:

    very well done.A few comments would be; what kind of wood;what was the speed of the lathe:which one of the Chestnut products is used. Overall good job! Kodahalarty

  2. Invader Yam says:

    Cool, you could hide your weed in there.

  3. CTGator99 says:

    Nice work, sir.

  4. TeenWoodworker says:

    Check oot some of my bowl videos which might help. Usually the chisels I use include a 3/8th” bowl gouge, round nosed scraper and spindle gouge and round nosed scraper. If I am making some ridges I may use a skew but they are not used often in bowl turning.
    You can use a faceplate and friction chucks to hold the work on the lathe as I did in an older video but if you can get a chuck it really helps when turning bowls.

    I may do a video on bowl turning if that helps, Alex.

  5. KillerBananaBen says:

    I just got my lathe what do i need to buy to do bowls and stuff

  6. kingkurosaki1 says:

    ok, i thought so but i wasn’t completely sure. thank you. :D

  7. TeenWoodworker says:

    It turns towards you which means the tool is held onto the rest rather than pushed off it.
    I cannot really explain how to use one in a comment but hopefully you can pick up the various uses a techniques of the tools.

  8. kingkurosaki1 says:

    when you work with a lathe does the wood turn towards you or away from you? is there a specific way to do it? sorry if the question seems stupid but i have never worked with one before but am planning to make one.

  9. whiskeyturner says:

    Good stuff mate!
    one thing though, when turning endgrain it’s best to turn from inside out …. Drill a hole and cut from the centre out, this is cutting with supported grain an will give you a much cleaner cut straight from the tool.

  10. SeatownGreen says:

    Loving the vids! What is your favorite type of wood to use?

  11. ShortyzProductionz says:

    How is the wood attached to ur lathe?

  12. macintoshpixel says:

    u are awesome! Me gusta! I want to start with woodturning, but i dont know which mashine. Do u know one for beginners? Pls tell

  13. jordangodliman says:

    sounds good

  14. TeenWoodworker says:

    When I can really, it will probably be about the basics of turning.

  15. jordangodliman says:

    cheers, when are you making new video and what are you going to make

  16. TeenWoodworker says:

    It is from axminster and cost about £160.

  17. jordangodliman says:

    how much was your lathe and what make is it

  18. BernhardHofmann says:

    Turning starts @2:50 – you’re welcome. :)

  19. TeenWoodworker says:

    No, it is actually pressure treated pine, I wouldn’t reconmend turning with it, it can have some nasty chemicals in it. Cedar would be nice though!


  20. TeenWoodworker says:

    The lathe I think is what you are asking about?? You can find them online, a number of woodworking or tool suppliers sell them.

  21. TeenWoodworker says:

    Thanks! I always new it couldn’t be great, I actually Haven’t turned pressure treated wood like this in a long time.


  22. mike95181 says:

    is the wood cedar

  23. TheMaxMartinShow says:

    whre do you get the turner thing

  24. littleblueleprecorn says:

    fantastic :) good stuff

  25. pieter13387 says:

    You dont need the best of tools to start off with. I have been wood turning for a bit now and all you really need is a good edge. Good tools dont necessarily make your turning skills any better. Just get a nice Arkansas wet stone and use it to sharpen the tools. Better yet would be to get an 8inch LOW SPEED( 1400rpms or less) bench grinder to sharpen the tools. The sharpness of the tool is all that matters.

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