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Quality Carpenter Tools Will Help You Create Masterpieces In this video I use the spindle gouge and a thin parting to create shapes to inlay.
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22 Responses to “Woodturning “Inlay” Turning shapes on the lathe to inlay”

  1. dimzay says:

    great videos! but i can’t get rid of te feelings that it’s all up side down…

  2. cnclathe21 says:

    carl we r up side down mate!!! :D 

  3. Carl Jacobson says:

    @grandadsshed Thank you,

  4. bradturbo44 says:

    Nice job carl take care john.

  5. Carl Jacobson says:

    I’ll do a basic tool list on my next video.


  6. Carl Jacobson says:

    Sorry I’ll try to slow down.

    Take care,

  7. joha58 says:

    hi Carl, keep on your good work: my only problem: you speak to fast for me. i am from germany and would like to understand you :-) thx

  8. layedout72 says:

    Hey Hayden, great videos! I am wanting to get into woodturning as I mentioned in another video of yours. Do you have an emails that I could contact you about possibly making a list of things needed to start creating the items I want to begin with? I’d like to run the shop fox lathe, and make mushrooms, pens, rings, boxes, and other things I believe can be made in a similar fashion as mushrooms and boxes. I just need to know what physical equipment outside of the lathe and cutters/tool are needed

  9. Carl Jacobson says:

    Thanks Robbie, Yes I think the ideas are endless too

    Take care,

  10. Carl Jacobson says:

    @grandadsshed I’m working on getting a new shop with some more room. Then I can get a lot more camera angles keep your fingers crossed.

  11. MrLeonard55 says:

    I’ll take some when i get the finish done on them.

  12. robbiethewood says:

    great project just gave me some great inspirational and ideas i will have to try out
    take care

  13. Carl Jacobson says:

    Thanks, I’ll check them out.

  14. Carl Jacobson says:

    Sound cool do you have some pictures?

  15. Carl Jacobson says:

    I think it would be a nice detail.

  16. Carl Jacobson says:

    Yes good idea, my wife thought they looked like “tiddlywinks”

  17. leo basic says:

    great idea, now I know how I will make olive wood buttons. Thanks

  18. BrushCountryJamboree says:

    Carl google the following

    david ellsworth parting tool

    w w w woodcentral c o m which is the second link in a Google search

  19. carr869 says:

    I have bought alot of leather from Tandy Leather. They have an online stores or you can just go to the one nearest you. You can buy a small piece or a whole cow if you want.

  20. MrLeonard55 says:

    Pretty good idea Carl. I like the one with the leather in it. Endless possibilities. I made 2 little boxes with Tigerwood with some stones in the top of them today. Just have to put a finish on them. I have to get that video recorder fixed.

  21. pojotyler says:

    great video Carl i will have to try this in the top of some boxes

  22. DocterH says:

    I think those purple heart rounds would make nice buttons. They look thick enough to where they wouldn’t snap easily after the holes have been drilled.

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