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Woodshop Tour

I will take a tour of my workshop or woodshop where i do my woodworking and turning. A video to show that you dont need a massive space to start woodworking and you can fit a lot of woodworking and woodturning tools into a small space if you use some space saving tricks or inginuity. May give you a few ideas on how to best use your space to create the most efficent workshop or woodshop in this woodshop / workshop I show my tablesaw mitresaw router table workbench thicknesser or thickness planer jointer dust extractor power tools jigsaw beltsander computer drill press bandsaw etc. which are in my woodshop / workshop. Use the workshop space as well as you can and create the most effiecent and dust free workshop / woodshop possible! Wood work shop turning turner woodturning shed funny project projects alex harris teenwoodworker
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23 Responses to “Woodshop Tour”

  1. Jack Brandon says:

    What table saw do you have ?

  2. Dave G says:

    You don’t need a lot of space, or the latest tools, just a passion for woodworking. Thanks for the inspiration for some weekend projects. Just like all things – you never stop learning.

  3. ratface4az says:

    Thanks for the tour. Word of advice – don’t get fat.

  4. Josh Flower says:

    your lucky i have about 10sq feet

  5. 1496vids1492 says:

    I’m amazed how you got that all in there and made it functional. Thanks for teaching this old dog some new tricks. Are you living in England mate?

  6. inthewoodshop says:

    I loved your tour. Thank you for posting it. The best part of videos like these is that you inspire others like me. My shop is 92 sq. ft. and I have been wanting to add a jointer. Seeing your innovative way of stashing one away solved my problem. Keep at it and thanks again.

  7. Pedrofreestyle97 says:

    Where did you get your jointer and your thickness planer?

  8. magprob says:

    I think you have a great little shop. I have a great little shop too. Mine is probably about the same size as yours, just a little more square. Check out my videos. I built Mathias Wandells’s Box Joint Jig.
    Stay safe.

  9. Dave Webber says:

    You have used the space very well …..nice vid to

  10. woodworker95 says:

    update if it has changed much??? please
    ALSO would you be able to go over your powertools as it is hard to see at 3:00 both them vids would be great thanks

  11. PIGpatrol007 says:

    Being from America, I came across this video by chance. I can’t believe a teenager has this much drive and skill! Then teens around herenplay xbox all day and whine to mommy about their lunch money. Keep it up kid…your life is ahead of you!

  12. Alex Harris says:

    Thanks mate!
    No, no way of extending I am stuck between, in this case… a wall and a hard place… (the neighbours garden)
    I still consider myslef very lucky considering my age, although we all pine for more space.


  13. 37zeus37 says:

    You deserve a bigger space than 81 square feet!
    There must be some way off extending………

  14. Alex Harris says:

    LOL it feels that way sometimes but we are lucky to have very few crack whores where we live.

  15. 37zeus37 says:

    Dude it’s an alleyway where drunks piss and crack whores ply their trade

  16. baddanmorgan says:

    Wow I thought I had a small shop (250sq. ft.), but now i feel somewhat priviledged. You definitely make the best of what little space you have tho. Some of ur projects are pretty impressive, so keep working at it and one day you’ll be the next woodwhisperer, or matthiaswandel!
    Peace :)

  17. Alex Harris says:

    Yes you can bolt the bandsaw to a workbench if you want.

  18. CKGReviews says:

    Hey nice vids Alex, I’m from the UK aswell and I’m 14, I’ve only just set up shop and I am currently only really making do with and tools. Oh yeah, I was wondering that Titan bandsaw you have, is it able to be mounted onto a worksurface? Today, I will also be doing a tour of my ‘workshop’ so tune in to my channel!
    Many thanks,

  19. dch888 says:

    You don’t explain why you chaged the riving knife – is it more safe?. It appears that you are not using a crown guard. You should use one for safety. Every 9 mins in the US there is a table saw accident, they often don’t use a crown guard there. I would also get a qualified electrician to check your electrics… looks like a fire waiting to happen! Apart from safety issues, you done a great job in a small space.

  20. tconrad1510 says:

    I’m impressed with how much woodworking expertise, and what a great collection of customized (to fit your space) tools you have, especially at your young age. It’s fantastic! How did you become interested in wood working, and how did you learn so much in such a short time? Brilliant!

  21. Alex Harris says:

    I try to yes when it dosn’t get in the way.

  22. MrAshshort says:

    Hi i like your workshop
    Do you use a crown guard on your table saw ?

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