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Wooden blades for wind generator

Just received the latest hugh’s piggot’s book on wind turbine building, and in the evenings I just thought to try and make somme blades and understand the different tools needed and create a true airfoil, I have made wooden blades before, but know I finally understand the concept fully, I am very happy with them it took me maybe 3 evenings 2 to 3 hours at a time and just using hand tools, keeping the dust down, I am a carpenter and joiner so I could of used power tools and maybe do the whole thing in 3 to 4 hours, but I wanted to know how long and the effort involved with just hand tools,(easy), just make sure they are sharp and take your time, it’s rather relaxing, the tools I used was just a hand saw, square, little spokeshave (definattely need this one), calipers, little hand plane, and tape measure,cheerio, hope you enjoy and visit my

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14 Responses to “Wooden blades for wind generator”

  1. Thejwgrant says:

    Great.But do I see a safety issue here in the form of a skateboard lying on the floor? Jusk wondering!

  2. Anubis1372 says:

    nice blades…good job

  3. humbertini900 says:

    Hi obama I have seen 9 amps from my ametek with these wooden blades and 7 amps from my pvd blades, try different styles of blades and eventually you will find one that suits your location.
    cheers humbertini900

  4. ObamaTaliban says:

    My direct driven ametek motor only puts out 3amps max to my 12v battery bank. We have 30-50 mph gusts where I live. Ametek is alright if you’re starting to experiment. I also saw another video where motor was driven by step up belt. I think that individual has better result than what I got.

  5. ObamaTaliban says:

    Good job on carving those blades.

  6. DeanC993 says:

    My god that price i saw a comment that a guy got a 130 v motor for free! cheers

  7. humbertini900 says:

    ameteks are o.k the 30v one is a good generator, however the prices are going through the roof at the moment i bought mine for $50 dollars now I have seen them going for $200+, not worth it as far as I am concerned.
    cheers dean, good luck

  8. DeanC993 says:

    oh thanks! Ameteks must be good!?

  9. humbertini900 says:

    hi dean cheers for comments, I am not to sure about the smart bit, I can count till 9 if that helps clarify things, the motor will be an existing ametek 30v.

  10. DeanC993 says:

    Hi Humbertini900 you have a skill at that !You must be very smart May i ask what generator you wil use for these great blades?

  11. TheWindMillMan says:

    well done Ric they look the part, helical twist is good, and varies inversely from root to tip, TSR looks about 5-6 and for that length of blade in a good wind your ametek should hit 5A and stay up there all day good to have you back in the mad squad electricity from thin air.

  12. shortyshit06 says:

    what size and type of lumbar are you using to build your blades?

  13. humbertini900 says:

    CHEERS buddy, I enjoyed it, just using sharp hand tools, bought me back a couple of years to college when you could only use hand tools before you even touched anything with a motor on it,

  14. Jcarr62 says:

    Looks Good brother as a wood-worker my self I know what time you have into them. Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming.


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