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Quality Carpenter Tools Will Help You Create Masterpieces Maple Natural Edge Bowl. Turned and dried in a papersack with the shavings. This speeds up the drying process and helps reduce cracking and warping. A little CA glue around the bark will help keep the bark in tack.
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25 Responses to “Wood Turning Project Maple Natural Edge Bowl”

  1. carr869 says:

    I think I got it. Maybe.

  2. carr869 says:

    Not really sure how to do that. I’m doing good to get a picture posted. Not real swift with computers.

  3. haydenHD says:

    @carr869 Hi Tom, very cool I could find your facebook page did you send me a friend request?

  4. carr869 says:

    Well I finally finished a natural edge bowl without it blowing up in my face. It didn’t turn out as nice as that one but I got it done. Now to do it again. I put a picture of it on my face book page. I still have a butt load of pear tree left so might as well use it. Thanks for the free video lessons. I need em. (Tom)

  5. haydenHD says:

    Thanks for the tip,

  6. BrushCountryJamboree says:

    sharpen carbide cutters on a diamond whetrock

  7. haydenHD says:

    Thank you,


  8. thewooforfun says:

    Glad you are doing better, it is never a good time to be sick, the bowl looks very nice.

  9. pojotyler says:

    Another nice one carl

  10. baconsoda says:

    @haydenHD The gardening did take over and just when I had free time to make a wedding goblet for a friend I got sick for 3 weeks but I’m getting back to health now. I’ll try to post a diary of the goblet when I do it.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  11. haydenHD says:

    Thanks, I put some more pictures up on facebook too.

  12. release19 says:

    Hi Carl that is a very nice bowl. thanks for the stills at the end they look great, i for one like to see the finished project up close and clearly J

  13. MrLeonard55 says:

    Carl the Lathe Wizard.

  14. haydenHD says:

    Thanks Brendan. Are you getting any lathe time lately? Or has gardening season taken over all of your free time? :)

    Take Care,


  15. haydenHD says:

    Thank you.

  16. haydenHD says:

    This one was only two weeks, but some take longer. It was not that wet. If it was completely green, it would take several weeks.



  17. haydenHD says:

    I was planning on the bowl being bigger, but I had to turn a crack out of it. That is why there was so much left at the bottom. It was a little close to the jaws to turn away anymore.



  18. haydenHD says:

    Hope yours turns out well. Hope to see some pictures.


  19. haydenHD says:

    No, I have not.

  20. baconsoda says:

    Lovely work. I think you got the bark thickness absolutely spot on.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  21. kajamikko says:

    that turned out very nice indeed.

  22. judychalmers says:

    HI Carl – another great video.
    How long did you leave the bowl in the paper bag before you finished it?
    Sure turned out nicely.

  23. IrishWoodDoctor says:

    why didnt you just part it off most of the way when you had it held in the dovetail jaws by the bottom of the bowl? just leave a small bit there and then cut it the rest of the way with a hand saw
    Am i missing something obvious?
    Nice bowl anyway!

  24. JMRTwins says:

    Great work as allways.

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