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Wood Plane Setup

Showing the minimum setup necessary for a plane to function at a working level. You can spend hundreds or even thousands trying to buy the tool that makes you an expert woodworker. There are dozens if not hundreds of sharpening plans that show a variety of methods to bring the edge of a tool to the perfect edge. I’m not going to attempt to pitch any method of sharpening. I will talk about the need for perfection. Before you buy into the concept that cost makes value consider what the end result of the process will be. For the controlled removal of wood few things have the versatility of the common plane. The goal is to hold the blade at a controlled angle to the wood and limit the depth that the blade can penetrate the surface. Set the blade for a heavy cut and it can tear off a millimeter at a time. With the blade set to barely show below the sole of the plane it can take off wispy thin .04 millimeter shavings. Does it take a liquid nitrogen quenched blade honed to 12000 grit on a diamond paste strop, held in a polished bronze plane body with rosewood trim to achieve the heights of cutting wood? Turn off the power tools, pull up a chair and learn how to really use the tools that built most of today’s world. Think green, live lean.
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2 Responses to “Wood Plane Setup”

  1. OldSneelock says:

    You’re right Jim. I’ve been using a Sony camera without a remote mic. I’ll try the overdubbing.

  2. JimRogers117 says:

    Thanks so much for making the video. Please understand this the way it’s meant, as advice, get a lapel microphone with a pocket recorder and learn to overlay the audio to your video.
    I can barely hear you speaking with my speakers turned up full and my setting on youtube full blast. I will help you if you need me to. I have learned how to do it and it’s not hard to do.

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