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Village Carpenter Shop Tour

Tour of my woodworking shop. Lots of incomplete projects including much needed work surfaces, storage spaces and cabinet doors. See the write up here:

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7 Responses to “Village Carpenter Shop Tour”

  1. actorguy6 says:

    Love your shop, amazing hand tools. the song was great too! thanks for posting

  2. VillageCarpenter says:

    The dust collection units work very well except with my table saw. I keep meaning to add a ramp inside the cabinet base which should help a lot. I do have an overhead duct collection (aftermarket) arm for it but don’t use it. I have a shop vac and dust collector attached to my miter saw which work pretty well. It’s not foolproof, but between the two, a majority of dust is collected. I move the hose to the shop vac to my router table when necessary. That works great.

  3. walk44321 says:

    Hi Kari…

    I admire your work… but how’s your distributed dust collection system working out?

    Looks like maybe you have a fear of tubing and gates… :)

    So do you capture almost all of the sawdust… or do you spend a lot of time cleaning?

    I’ll assume that you move the sander and the router table when it’s time to use them… like maybe to the Workmate?

    What about the tabel saw… top / blade guard?

  4. VillageCarpenter says:

    I took down several videos and reposted them with my name and url. I made the mistake of not including them on the first batch of videos I made.

  5. strolgen says:

    did you lose your video?

  6. early1900s says:

    If I won the lottery I would have a shop like this :)

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