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The circular saw, or skill saw, is a great tool to use for a variety cuts. Learn more about the circular saw and how it can help you from a professional carpenter in this free video. Expert: Steve Anthony Contact: Bio: Steve Anthony has been a professional photographer since 1989. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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4 Responses to “Using a Circular Saw : What is a Circular Saw?”

  1. rivtoolfan says:

    Is this guy trying to make this a 3 part vid? lol come one 1:23, the adds run longer than that!

  2. Chupria says:

    this guy is manly…real man use dewalt but ridgid is awsome too

  3. polarbear60 says:

    What a fucking idiot

  4. Century2324 says:

    Hi Steve my name is Century2324. I am also Gay. I did not want you to feel alone

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