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Turning Wooden Flowers on a lathe

Stuart King turns wooden flowers on a lathe using simple tools. Visit to read articles about woodturning and traditional crafts.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Turning Wooden Flowers on a lathe”

  1. charb616 says:

    That’s awesome!

  2. dumptonpark says:

    Thanks for sharing your great turning. Your flowers are excellent.

  3. stuart8707 says:

    Wow that’s really impressive

  4. mk196a says:

    I like this!


    Stuart, I saw you the last time you were in Utah-demonstrating. At that demo you scorched a little cross grained box and added a little color. It really changed the direction of my turning at that point.

    I am thrilled to see that you are returning. I will come and talk to you. Sam Angelo

  6. cesking says:

    Hello Jake, Thaks for the kind words, this simple form of turning can give a lot of pleasure,

    Stuart K

  7. cesking says:

    Hello Joe,
    The flowers can be turned at any speed, from 400rpm (treadle lathe) to 2000 on a power lathe, good luck, Stuart K

  8. MiaBellaGSD says:

    Stuart, how fast do you turn the flowers? What rpm? Slow? Thanks ….Joe

  9. cesking says:

    Dear @kaymand4 , you will have to experiment!,
    Stuart King

  10. cesking says:

    Dear @42cookie , Straight and knot free, then experiment,

    Stuart King

  11. cesking says:

    Dear@Jeremyfox43921 , They will not crack, you can turn them from green wood or dry, you just get longer or shorter petals,

    Stuart King

  12. cesking says:

    Dear Susan, Thank you very much for your loverly words, it makes it all woth while, I try to have fun with every thing that I do whether it is woodturning, digging up 2000 year old Roman pots in my local forest or making videos of the things that matter to me, It’s been a few years now since I was in your part of the world doing some woodturning demos and lectures, take care,

    Stuart K

  13. SuzieRosebud says:

    Hello Stuart;
    I wish to say once again that your flowers inspired me and your DVD is a keepsake DVD in my arsenol of woodturning DVD’s. Everyone who is thinking about learning this should have your DVD! Something so small and simply can be so rewarding and inspirational. They make such lovely gifts because people are amazed with them and how they were made.
    I wish you great health, happiness and prosperity always,
    Susan S. in Maryland USA :-)

  14. Jeremyfox43921 says:

    how long do you dry the wood for to prevent the flowers from cracking ?

  15. 42cookie says:

    Hello nice Flower as I live in Australian what type of wood can I use????

  16. 06vhstyle01 says:

    This is so awesome-very unique talent.

  17. MoontownMoss says:

    turning begins at 2.30

  18. MrLeonard55 says:

    If you’ll send me some Hazelnut i’ll send you some American Cherry or Black Walnut. I have some that has been drying for years.

  19. MrLeonard55 says:

    Truly a work of art. Beautiful.

  20. kaymand4 says:

    is there other trees you can use

  21. kaymand4 says:

    i live in oklahoma in the u.s.a. is there another type of wood i can use to make these flowers they are awesome

  22. Scrap5000 says:

    Awesome! Only one problem: I live in the U.S., lol. I think I will ask them to cut some and dry them out for me so that I can take them back when I visit next time. Thank you, and excellent video!

  23. cesking says:

    Dear Scrap5000, Yes, So you have the raw material, get making some wooden flowers! Best wishes, Stuart King

  24. Scrap5000 says:

    That lathe is EPIC old school!

  25. Scrap5000 says:

    When you hazel, do you mean as in hazel nut trees? My family in Italy is surrounded by hazel nut trees….

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