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Joe, owner of Joe’s Bucket-O-Rust had a chisel with a smashed handle socket. Through the Old Tools list Joe was able to reach me with a request to repair his chisel. I taped the process, and here it is.

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7 Responses to “Timber Framing Tools. – A video tutorial on repairing a chisel from Old Sneelocks Workshop”

  1. OldSneelock says:

    The chisel I repaired was a favor for a friend. He paid for the shipping and material costs of $50.00.

  2. xtrmn8tr1 says:

    i need the exact same thing done to my chisel…the socket on mine is socket identicle to the one that you restored…how much does it cost to have the work done?

  3. OldSneelock says:

    What do you need?

  4. xtrmn8tr1 says:

    can i have OldSneelocks e-mail address…cuz i have a socket chisel that is in the same condition…and i am thinking about getting it repaired…

  5. buzz kirschner says:

    i come across these old workhorses, pretty beat up sometimes.
    i have been thinking about rebuilding the sockets with some forging and welding.

    if i ever get one worked up i’ll post a reply


  6. buzz kirschner says:

    nice restoration

    thanks for posting


  7. FLORINOID says:


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