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Lets go for an insane 30000 Flavourites for an epic 2 hour episode! (Flavourite = LIKE + Add To Favourites) Follow me on Twitter: Become a Fan on the Facebook Page: Music:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Minecraft Project – Minecraft: Returning To Minthrial | *Live Edition* | Episode #229”

  1. iiStrackz says:

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  2. zainul abbdieen says:

    Its over 9,000 flavorites

  3. zainul abbdieen says:

    Thanks zerker

  4. zainul abbdieen says:

    Turn around your going the wrong place

  5. zainul abbdieen says:

    You can do this

  6. MrZzRuBiXzZ says:

    love the song can you please put more songs in the background :D thanks

  7. Thelightsmanship says:

    Ur voice is laging

  8. Edward Efraim says:

    over 9,000

  9. deadlyfrog16 says:

    This vid was awesome!!!!
    I love this:-)

  10. Evan Davis says:

    thx zerka

  11. euan read says:

    I spot boobies

  12. Evan Davis says:

    Itssss ssoooo lagggggyyy

  13. craigbenj says:

    does it work for chrome?

  14. UrineBoss says:

    he made the castle that was right next to his house, but not the castle that was around a city.

  15. tyer palandro says:


  16. ETCTelevison says:

    I remember when u ran from that mtn to that mtn

  17. stealthblade1000 says:

    over nine thousand !!!!!!!!!

  18. NaNo x Xcaliber says:

    Cracked Mincraft is for Pussys.

  19. wilhiteralyceh says:

    I just got and installed Minecraft via this web site 100 % free:



  21. debsgitsham41 says:

    sh*t lagged

  22. Darkar3210 says:

    Fuck lag -.-

  23. dimsar24 says:


  24. coolmr3 says:

    Did he actually make that castle?

  25. Joseph Barry says:

    AGAIN in the mist herobrine is folllowing you RUUNNN FOR GOD SAKE READ MY COMENT!

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