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The Firepit Bench

This video shows the journey of building a firepit bench using only hand tools.

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25 Responses to “The Firepit Bench”

  1. QueticoChris says:

    Thanks. I made a new one recently in a similar way although I have learned a lot since then. Check out “The Outdoor Workbench”.


  2. YTMsg says:

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God – All the Glory to JESUS CHRIST. May God save you and bless you all !


    watched every video, you hobby is awesome!!!

  4. QueticoChris says:

    Thanks. I was young and dumb at the time. I’ve learned a lot since then.
    Check out my video called “The Outdoor Workbench” to see how much I have learned.

  5. MrWhateva45 says:

    Wow you made be tired watching you through all that. Now that’s a hardcore way to make a bench. Good job though!!

  6. QueticoChris says:

    I agree completely. This was my 1st big woodworking project. I will never saw a log like that again! I learned the hard way.

  7. TheJunkyardgenius says:

    nice bench but dont know why you never just split the lob instead of sawing for 5 hours. still an old school technique but a much more efficient use of your energy!

  8. QueticoChris says:

    У меня есть несколько видео, которые лучше, чем этот. Я рекомендую вам посмотреть “Открытый Workbench” и “Юбилейная стол”.

  9. QueticoChris says:

    Glad you enjoy it. You may enjoy “The Outdoor Workbench” even more!


  10. txrelichunter says:

    I like it! Old school wood working.

    Love the rustic look!

  11. LoZfan140 says:

    Was that bill gebheart? Anyway nice vid.

  12. QueticoChris says:

    To be honest – after saeing for 5 hours I went upstairs and collasped on the couch!
    I really enjoyed this. You may enjoy watching my video called “The Outdoor Workbench”.

  13. QueticoChris says:

    Thanks for the comments. You are I are definately cut from the same cloth!

  14. triumphmanful says:

    I made an oak shaving horse this way. Still sitting in my basement. I used it once or twice on a project. Then it just gets piled with tools. Oh well, at east I have the skills to make things by hand from my trees. Some guys I know would cringe if they got a splinter. Woossies with sissy computer hands! Nice work brother!

  15. triumphmanful says:

    Man, I have all those hand-tools too, but I could make that bench in an hour with my electric chainsaw! You love to punish yourself . Ouch More power to you brother! I know you enjoyed that hand too pain! Amen!

  16. QueticoChris says:

    Thanks but I’ll never try to rip beech again…

  17. n8guy says:

    You, sir, are a beast.

  18. QueticoChris says:

    Thank you very much. You may also enjoy my video called “The Outdoor Workbench”.


  19. Jack Camino says:

    good answer as always, thanks.

  20. QueticoChris says:

    I have not worked with cedar but for all my projects I start with an axe or adze for the rough hewing, then the draw knife for finer work, and finish with a spoke shave for the detail stuff. Let me know if this answers your questions. I have lots of bowl videos (I – VI) where I use a lot of these tools. Check them out.

  21. Jack Camino says:

    I plan on sculpting a propeller made of cedar; would you chose for this task a drawknife or a spokeshave?

  22. QueticoChris says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. I have many other videos but you may particularly enjoy the “The Outdoor Workbench” and “The Anniversary Table”

  23. MrMooseful says:

    fantastic, I love the handtools part, haha, now I can try this too :-)

  24. elementbassmd says:

    It was a sling blade some call it a kieser blade mmmmm I recon I like them french fry pertaters mmmmhmmm mmm

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