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Highland Woodworking’s Down to Earth Woodworker builds a Drill Press Cabinet to improve his shop storage. http

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17 Responses to “The Down to Earth Woodworker – Drill Press Cabinet”

  1. downtoearthwoodworks says:

    Sorry, no plans. There are several other videos you can watch that detail the process I use to build shop cabinets, and they are all built essentially the same way.

  2. Gerry Jamieson says:

    Great video. Well narrated and videoed. Plans available? Thanks

  3. labrat7357 says:

     Nice job. Nothing wrong with over building!

  4. MegaDusty56 says:

    Great video and future project for me : )

  5. afsecaira says:

    great vid

  6. louis scott says:

    i just happened across this about the drillpress i had in the back of my mind the same idea your video helped with some concerns i had thanks a lot

  7. gromines1 says:

    That is a great project. Thanks! I was looking to get a drill press and was not sure if to go with a bench top or a stand. Now seeing your idea of using the press as a place for a cabinet I think I will go with a stand. Thanks again.

  8. 1drh2 says:

    great idea…now you have me thinking bout mine and the extra space i would gain…GREAT JOB THANKS!!

  9. VertikalDesign says:

    Great details! Well done, sir!

  10. drail80s says:

    I like the idea of bevel in the bottom of the cabinet. Very good space savers

  11. motzemog says:

    Tommy Chong, is that you?!

  12. MiCompre says:

    Watch how you go there m’man!
    There’s storage space above your head. Build in some rafters for that timber you have piled up there! Now I am going to steal away with your design for my drill press! Thanks for this.

    Lang my your Lum Reek. and take care my friend.

  13. downtoearthwoodworks says:

    Thanks for the posts. Everywhere I go, people ask me if I work for a radio station – is it because they take one look at me and assume I have a “face made for radio?”

  14. Jay2525Jay says:

    Thank you, great job.

  15. deezynar says:

    Man, you have a great voice. I hope you’re making money off of it.

  16. bud1412 says:

    Good idea, I always have to walk across the shop to my cabinets over the bench. Will make one soon, thank you

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