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the big workshop project, episode 4

this is the forth video in the series in this video i will be attaching the outer plywood skin to the stud-work. and i still have my cold :( -.- music from
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11 Responses to “the big workshop project, episode 4”

  1. Nasser AL-Otaibi says:

    good job

    love it

    thnx a lot

  2. Matthew Harrold says:

    wow, thanks :) that attitude is only available when im doing something i enjoy! ;) i will!

  3. BorisCheckov9 says:

    Doing a grand job and you seem to have a great attitude too! Keep up the good work :-)

  4. Matthew Harrold says:

    yeah, i think that’s what im going to do, i would also like to have a go at building Matthias wandels band-saw, because i think it will save me some money, but first i need a good circular saw, but i m sure i will get there eventually :)

  5. dlapp14 says:

    Thats good. Try checking the local classifieds, once you do get a proper income, machines shouldnt be too hard to get. I live in canada and got a used 8″ cast iron table saw, a 14″ band saw, 300mm planer, and a 6″ jointer for $300, which is about 180 quid. This plus a little tune up I went from having a drill press to having a whole shop.

  6. Matthew Harrold says:

    wow thanks, it means allot to have that come from an experienced man such as yourself, more will follow, but at the moment i have just started my GCSE exams so the videos will be uploaded only periodically.

  7. Matthew Harrold says:

    my uncle is an electrician an i am going to ask him if he would put me some florescent tube lights in and yeah, i am gonna be putting in some extra sockets on the walls, but at the moment i don’t have lots of fancy machines as i cant justify buying them as i don’t really have a proper income yet :(

  8. dlapp14 says:

    I watched your series, and i think its cool your taking this on yourself and getting it done. Have you considered wiring a few circuits into the walls for your machines?

  9. jpheisz says:

    Nice, so far. I’ve gotta say that your work there bring back memories for me, from when I was around about your age. I was up to the same kind of thing at that time.
    Driving screws into wall sheathing by hand!
    I’m looking forward to more.

  10. Matthew Harrold says:

    i do have some tin sheets on there at the moment, but they have some holes in in a few places, so i am going to fill those with silicone and then fit insulation board between the purlins, and hold them up with some strip metal or something, i’m not sure yet, im still open to suggestions if you have any? :)

  11. MrAndrew1106 says:

    Great work! Looking forward to the next video. What’s your plan for the roof?

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