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MAP NAME: de_apehouse have fun After long waiting and anticipation for this finally released episode, I finally managed to upload this. I made this about a month or two ago, but WMG flushed it down the toilet, so I re-uploaded. In this episode, the Heavy weapons guy from Team Fortress 2 orders an xbox 360 via amazon. Once the box finally arrives, Heavy has a tough time opening it, so he passes it over to the other Team Fortress 2 classes to see if they can help him open up and set up the Xbox. Will Heavy ever get the box open? Watch and find out!

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24 Responses to “Team Fortress 2: Moments with Heavy – Heavy Orders an Xbox 360”

  1. SuperETh4 says:

    Darkness II

  2. AnesBosna says:

    Can i get 10 minutes version of 5:46? :D 

  3. KingCornWallis says:

    Song at 3:20 please.

  4. Goyo iamerror says:

    darkness 1 or 2 i cant remember but that’s a really cool game

  5. Andy smith says:

    spy – its open, now quite whining

  6. Darkphase1 says:

    7:35 – 8:16 xbox 360 in a nutshell

  7. Darkphase1 says:

    The darkness 1

  8. LazyBritish says:

    3:38 slenderman mark?

  9. sondre Nerheim says:

    pause at 1:36

  10. ThePunkPhantom says:

    what’s up with the winnie the pooh thing???

  11. TheS0V13T says:

    darkness 1 i think

  12. leluxs942 says:

    3:00 Heavy is Stupid

  13. xZiiRx4KiinGs says:

    A Boring Game called :The Darkness

  14. bartik987 says:

    5:44 is on a shelf xbox?

  15. bartik987 says:

    2:00 polish postmans :D

  16. HyperactiveDrug says:

    5:44 makes me want to dance like him o-o

    Badly… :3

  17. SilantCreeper says:

    Haha no wounder it has red ring oof death they were hitting it and lighting it on fire. Heavy’s an idiot HAHA XD

  18. XXXskittlesrulesXXX says:

    The Darkness, 1st of few new games for the 360 when it was new

  19. DarkShadowguardian says:

    XD Very funny videos men.

  20. DanielHooch says:

    The Darkness

  21. borgarogask says:

    Team fortress 2

  22. Kacper7771 says:

    Kinnect sumo :D 

  23. William Reppert says:

    The Darkness

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