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Posts Tagged ‘workshop’ – Set up your own home workshop. We’ll walk you through the gear you’ll need to build a woodworking shop from scratch. In this video, Jim goes over shop space needed, workshop fixtures and safety gear.

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Roy Underhill’s Bench Hooks

Bench hooks are indispensable jigs for all kinds of hand tool woodworking tasks. Roy Underhill shows us how to make a pair of them using a number of different hand tools and techniques — and offers his secrets to flawless woodworking. Check out photos from our weekend workshop with Roy:

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Woodshop Tour

I will take a tour of my workshop or woodshop where i do my woodworking and turning. A video to show that you dont need a massive space to start woodworking and you can fit a lot of woodworking and woodturning tools into a small space if you use some space saving tricks or inginuity. May give you a few ideas on how to best use your space to create the most efficent workshop or woodshop in this woodshop / workshop I show my tablesaw mitresaw router table workbench thicknesser or thickness planer jointer dust extractor power tools jigsaw beltsander computer drill press bandsaw etc. which are in my woodshop / workshop. Use the workshop space as well as you can and create the most effiecent and dust free workshop / woodshop possible! Wood work shop turning turner woodturning shed funny project projects alex harris teenwoodworker
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the big workshop project, episode 4

this is the forth video in the series in this video i will be attaching the outer plywood skin to the stud-work. and i still have my cold :( -.- music from
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How to True a Bicycle Wheel

This video demonstrates how to “true” a bicycle wheel using simple wooden tools that I made in my workshop. The tools are based on plans found in Chapter 3 of an ebook entitled “Professional Guide to Wheel Building, 5th Edition”, by Roger Musson. This book is available for download by online purchase at I found the book to be very informative and simple to understand. After reading this book, I concluded that anybody with reasonable mechanical aptitude should be able to true and even build their own bicycle wheels. I built the truing stand, radial gauge, lateral gauge, and dishing gauge in one weekend, using scraps pieces of Baltic birch plywood, pine, hard maple, maple plywood, UHMW plastic and 1/4″ cold rolled steel flat bar. All of the wooden parts have three coats of oil based urethane for added protection. The nipple driver was made by grinding the tip of an inexpensive slot screw driver, using the dimensions found in Roger’s book. The Red Spokey Pro spoke wrench was purchased on line from SJS Cycles in the UK. This video is not intended to be a comprehensive video on bicycle wheel truing. It only gives a quick overview of the truing process. To really understand the topic in more depth, I would highly recommend that you download Roger’s ebook and read it for yourself. I am not a professional bicycle mechanic, just a DIYer with a fairly good mechanical aptitude who enjoys a challenge. This was a fun and practical woodworking project and also an

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the big workshop project, episode 1

so here we go, off on a wild adventure, throughout this series i hope to build myself my very own woodworking workshop. here i will be able to build whatever my imagination throws out, but in order to to that, it is gonna take some work! this is the first video in the series, and many more will follow, i hope everyone enjoys the series, and some may even learn from my mistakes!

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so here we go, off on a wild adventure, throughout this series i hope to build myself my very own woodworking workshop. here i will be able to build whatever my imagination throws out, but in order to to that, it is gonna take some work! this is the first video in the series, and many more will follow, i hope everyone enjoys the series, and some may even learn from my mistakes!
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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

William asks…

Wiring to a work shop?

What size wire do I need for service to a workshop. I will need to go through attic and under ground. Total about 130 ft.. I will need to run a 30 amp Rv traveltrailer and small woodworking tools; table,mitre saw,small a/c, light,etc. Thank you

Denny answers:

For a basic workshop, I usually recommend a 60 amp sub panel. #6 copper or #4 aluminum is usually adequate (if you use TW or UF conductors you would need to increase the wire size by one standard size). While the size would be more than adequate for your current anticipated use, you would have plenty of reserve for possible expansion in the future without worrying about overloading the system.

Mary asks…

i have an 18v delta battery woodworking pack: drill,circular saw,brad nailer,jig saw. I can’t find parts .?

can’t find batteries or a replacement charger for these tools. is there any compatible battery that can be substituted?

Denny answers:

Here’s the Delta/Porter Cable web site:

Mandy asks…

woodworking help…?

I really want to get into woodworking/carving, especially carving cool pieces of wood with a dremmel tool. Space is limited in the garage and stuff. any tips on getting started?

Denny answers:

Take a 2×2 board 8 feet long, draw on it to look like chain links. Remove everything that isn’t part of the chain. Whittle the links apart as you go. When you get done you will have a very unique wooden chain. I have seen them sell for a lot. When you get done post again and I will give you instructions on the next step. Be patient this is very time consuming

Betty asks…

how do i convince my dad to turn his shed into a workshop?

hey, I am a 12 year old boy who loves woodworking and i have heaps of tools, i have been wanting to save up for my own shed but they are too damn expensive… and we already have a shed but it is full of crap that half of it we don’t even need anymore, if he said yes i would clean it for him and stuff, even if i only got half of the shed it would still be enough. how do i convince him, he is a tough cookie to crack too… thanks

Denny answers:

Well, for starters, I know exactly where you’re at. You see, I started my woodworking at 11 years old to now being a master woodworker by trade. In my beginning, I to had a very stubborn father who liked to do things only his way or no way. We had this back room in the house that always seemed to be cluttered with stuff that no one ever used. You know, junk…The problem that I was facing is my father really never knew at the time how much interest and actually how creative I could be with the various woodworking projects that most would suspect a grown-up to have done. Like you, I was convinced that my dad wasn’t going to really cooperate with me by granting me the privilege of transforming this “junk” room, into a useful, learning environment. So this is what I did. I first cleaned the room in its entirety, paying close attention to what was actually garbage & what was not…I simply tossed all the garbage on trash day & as far as the remaining, “junk”, I built some storage cabinets out of some scrap lumber & stored this remaining clutter nice & neatly inside. I was able to attain 75% of the room for a efficient, workshop environment. I was still skeptical on my father’s reaction prior to the unveiling of my efforts. Would you believe that not only was he overwhelmed, in a good way, but he financed the remainder of $ to help build the necessary workbench & remaining storage cabinets to make this shop complete. I’m not saying that this is the solution, but it could be part of the recipe… By what you have already mentioned about your interests in a hobby shop, you’re on the right track…However, your choice of words seems to be a little distasteful for your age. I only mention this because when I was your age, if I were to ever say any kind of four letter word, I would have gotten punished in a physical way, which was severely wrong at the time & I highly disapprove. Please take this advice for what it ‘s worth, because the best thing about it is….It’s Free!!!
Take care & I wish you the very best in your bright future….Oh, & one last thing, No matter what, “Always measure twice & cut once”…You’ll see……………………………………………………………………………………………….

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Mark asks…

Will a dremel bit on a drill cut wood?

So I’m doing a little woodworking project over summer with some friends, we have all of the lumber and tools necessary, but we’re still missing the most important tool we need, a dremel.

We tried looking online but no where near-by has a dremel for rent and we don’t want to spend $100 buying one.

Here on Yahoo awnsers, I saw there was a question about a dremel bit being used on a drill so here’s my question:

If you put a dremel bit into a drill, will it be able to cut throught wood?

The other question said it would’nt be able to cut metal, but nothing about wood, so anyone got anything?
The wood being cut is a 1/2 inch plywood

Dusty answers:

It will cut, but at a slower speed, so make sure you clean the bit often when cutting because the cut material will build up on the bit edge..

Ken asks…

What tool should I buy my husband?

I recently suggested to my husband that when birthdays and anniversaries come up, I will start buying him a tool for each. He loved this idea since he is a fairly handy person, but it seems like every time we go to do a project, he borrows tools to do it. It always turns out that he would have to buy two or three tools at a time to complete a project, and we can’t afford that many at once. So my question is, which tools could you not live without? He already has a drill and a circular saw. I’m pretty sure that’s all the power tools he has. In what order should I buy him the tools so that he gets the most use out of them?

PS He does mostly DIY jobs around the house like shelf building (pantry shelves – nothing fancy), painting, tiling. I think he wouldn’t mind getting into a little woodworking.

Dusty answers:

Screw gun|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl__4294932521%2B4294926871__%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&facetInfo=DEWALT

Saws all

jig saw,or.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=2110422374627709608&sa=X&ei=ouBnTZXjCcL58Aajo5CuCw&ved=0CGAQ8gIwAA#

Palm sander

Pry bar,or.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=5301302774756363216&sa=X&ei=3OFnTbr2JoTGlQe80on_AQ&sqi=2&ved=0CJIBEPICMAI#

Miter saw,or.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=2478216009571400520&sa=X&ei=L-JnTcWrEYaBlAek-oH_AQ&sqi=2&ved=0CGAQ8wIwAA#

These others are hand tools
Hand saw

Framing square
Cats claw
Hack saw
Nail sets
25′ Tape measuring tape
Screw drivers both types.
Hand plane

I hope this helps.

I’m a builder 33 years.

Lisa asks…

Powering my workshop?

I have a workshop in my basement for woodworking that runs a lot of power tools. Is there any way I could make it more energy efficient or cost less? I just currently use the electrical power provided by the power company.

Dusty answers:

You could look into solar or wind power attached to the grid and see what credits or incentives are avilable for those. You could use a generator or battery-powered tools. Power tools usually require a lot of power, so regular electricity may be your only hope, sorry. You could look at it from the other side and make sure your projects are cost-effective, as in, do projects that will make the most money for you.

John asks…

Can moisture meters be used to detect pipe leaks in a house?

Many that I have seen in online stores have these pins and I think they are mostly used to measure the moisture of wood for woodworking projects. But I’m interested in detecting leaks behind walls. Any recommendations for what tool I need?

Dusty answers:

Don’t thing that will be necessary but in case a leaky pipe inside the wall visible sign of wet wall is the indication unless the hole is pin hole which will increase given some time hope this will assist.

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