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Mr. Kobayashi is a respected knife maker in Tokyo. As well as knives, he makes woodworking tools, including the most beautiful axe you’ve ever seen.

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The Hei Toki Lashing is how the Māori (indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand), tie off small highly polished rectangular blades. Initially used as woodworking tools, Māori hei toki blades, and the lashings that accompany them, have become highly prized pieces of art, sought after the world wide. Video production by JD of Tying It All Together. Special Info Link:

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sharpening a cabinet scraper

How to sharpen a cabinet scraper and keep it in top condition with the least amount of effort, Visit for more in-depth info about sharpening woodworking tools

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Using Planer Reviews To Find Your Tool

Woodworking projects are fun and relaxing. Using planer reviews to decide which tool to buy can be very helpful. You want to choose the product that will work for you for a long time so you want to be sure you are buying quality. When you pick one that will work for a variety of things you will put yourself ahead in the long run.

A variety of tasks can be performed with electric planers that sit on a bench. Some models and brands are better than others, but you want to make sure you stay within your budget. If you do not use the tool frequently you can probably select a lower priced model that will work just fine.

These tools are intended to smooth the surface of the wood by removing a thin strip. They cut into the surface and take a uniform sized piece off leaving a smooth place behind. When doing woodworking projects of any kind, these are very helpful.

In addition they can be useful for smoothing out rough patches on the wood. For large projects they will reduce the amount of sanding you will have to do by hand. It is important to keep in mind that these are intended for large areas, so smaller corners will need to be smoothed by hand.

The price range is dramatic on these for various models. It will be a selection that is based on your needs and the budget you have planned for this tool. As mentioned earlier, if you do not use the tool often you can probably get a lower priced model that will suit you fine.

This tool is intended for use on a bench top, not as a hand tool exactly. They are electric powered and will require an electrical outlet close by. With any tools of this nature it is best not to use an extension cord if you can avoid it.

For those looking for a good planer, we would like to point you towards the Bosch planer, which is going to help you complete that job.


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Hand Tools Aid To Make The Planet A More Better Place

The world would be a different place today without the invention of hand tools. Starting as far back as the cave days humans have been using and making utensils to live and survive in their environment. Even the simple wooden tool was an important element for everyday life back then.

These days woodworking tools have become a necessity for many things. A carpenter cuts and fits various pieces together while using small devices that are specially made for fastening and shaping the work. In the absence of these instruments, certain things could never be built at the exact dimensions and shapes. Truly, these are a testament to humanity’s creativity.

The sheer number of woodworking tools that can be purchased today is overwhelming. There are hammers, files, and machines that can clean the wood. One of the most popular types of hand devices is a screwdriver. This is because everything is held together by screws today. It is the most purchased fastening device in the world for this reason. Everything imaginable requires a screw or screws to be useful.

Some of the hand utensils are exclusively made for manual operation while others are powered by compressed air or electricity. Power tools also come in every imaginable type. The most impressive ones come with the capability of performing several tasks. A battery operated screw gun is one example this. It can drive screws, drill holes, and sink lag bolts into just about any type of material. The better ones will also have an impact feature for driving tough bolts or chipping concrete.

Without the different types of power tools that have been invented throughout the years many tasks would be difficult to perform. Some of them are highly specialized and designed to perform just one specific task while others are made for more general use. A circular saw is only limited in what it can cut by the type of blade that is installed. However, a joiner is designed to do one thing and that is all it does.

Types of instruments will certainly not be limited to just a few categories. For example, garden tools also come in a variety of sizes and shapes too. Like the versions mentioned above, a few of them will be very generalized. Others will have specific uses and this is all that they can do. Garden tools powered by electrical motors are typically designed for one job. A garden tiller turns over the dirt, However, that is all it will do. On the other hand, human powered utensils can serve a variety of purposes.

Purchasing tools today has become very easy thanks to the Internet. Many high quality websites specialize in selling them. Specific sites will sell items just for carpenters or just gardeners. Others will sell a tool for everyone and everything. The best thing about buying them online is the price. Since the overhead at an online shop is lower, they pass the savings on to their customers.

In summary, owning hand tools will make any job go smoother. Purchasing them online is much cheaper. Anyone that needs to shop for tools should investigate online tool shops to save money.

Wow, these are some awesome power tools. If you’re searching for tools, we got hand tools and much more – what can you say? We are a tool store!


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How to Build Wooden Bench Plans – Unique Woodworking Projects!

Visit: I’ve been looking for something like this for the longest time. As the title says, there are 16000 wood plans and projects in this kit. In it, they tell you about wood, how to design projects, the detailed photographs, patterns, blueprints, materials list and step by step instructions on how to put build them. The second part shows you the different woodworking tools and how to use them, and a complete guide to woodworking carpentry. And the color photographs and drawings are beautiful and show a lot of detail. If you want to learn how to design, draft and build thousands of quality works in wood, this is an excellent opportunity for only …
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Duncan Phyfe’s Tool Chest (419)

This is a very famous set of tools. The tools and chest belonged to Duncan Phyfe, one of New Yorks most important cabinet makers between 1790 and 1854. Phyfe was born in Scotland, came to America as a teenager, learned to work with wood, and had a thriving business for four decades. At one time he employed 100 workers. Phyfe built this tool chest, a simple yet beautiful pine box, and amassed this collection of almost 300 woodworking tools for carving, veneering, and inlaying furniture. It includes 60 planes and a variety of chisels, gouges, templates, and squares all in pristine condition. You dont have to be a carpenter to appreciate the collection, especially the beautiful handles that he crafted out of mahogany, rosewood, and ebony. Note especially the saw handles mounted in the top of the chest. You may be curious about the small white envelope tied with string inside the box. The handwriting on the envelope tells the story. It says: Mothers hair, taken off the morning she died, August 24, 1899, and it marks the the death of Julia Matilda Pinkney, Phyfes daughter-in-law.

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Michael asks…

What the hell do I buy my boyfriend for Xmas?

I was planning on getting him this:

But decided that its a stupid gift, right? I mean, he doesn’t have a boat and you can just look at the weather on TV, right? I figured it’d be something nice to put on the wall since he just bought a house and doesn’t have any decor, but idk anymore…


(He’s into cars, woodworking, and most mechanical things) (He already owns every known woodworking tool)

Denny answers:

Your right you should buy him something for the house
when I want to buy a gift for a friend for there house or office I go to Ikea, Ikea always inspires me
they have cute plants (I think)
good luck

Sharon asks…

Ugly baseboards help!?

My Metal baseboard enclosures are dented rusted and ugly. I could remove them sand them pound out the dents and repaint them but that is alot more work and expenense than you may realize. I have seen just the metal enclosures a lowes but I can not bring myself to spend the money. Just the enclosure for a 6 foot section for example cost about $60. The enclosure with the piping and fins cost only about $10 of $15 bucks more. Are there any other cheaper replacements out there? I thought about building them out of wood ( I probally have every woodworking tool known to man available to me) but I know the wood will expand & contract & eventally warp and look bad also. any suggestions???

Denny answers:

I don’t know about the cost but have you considered a friend or contacting someone in the plumbing and heating business that may have access to a maching they use to bend sheet metal to make ductwork? Might be able to rent the machine too. May or may not be cheaper…

Steven asks…

What does a Laminate Trimmer do?

Can someone explain what it does? I’m new to woodworking and wondering if I need to buy this tool.

And how does it compare to a router?

Denny answers:

Have a look at this link it will show you

Donna asks…

boyfriend christmas ideas?

Ok, it’s really hard to get the perfect gift for my boyfriend cause he likes so much. I want to get him alot of things that are on the cheaper side instead of one big thing that’s expensive. He is a firefighter and loves stuff like that which i already got one thing for him in that category. He like tools and woodworking building things. He doesn’t have a fovaorite football team or anything, but what are some ideas of things i can get him and it doesn’t have to be tools or firefighting things just give me some ideas. Person with the best present ideas will win best answer. Thanks everyone!
also i want to get him something he will actually use or look at alot not something that going to sit on a shelf and collect dust.

Denny answers:

It’s smart to start now and you don’t have to feel rushed. You can get him gifts that costs money and gifts such as a book you of tickets that you create such as ( 1 back rub) (1 ticket to shout) 1 ticket to choose the movie you both will go to) those are examples.

I think original gifts always get reactions that you want to catch on camera. Take him on a little getaway, rent a hotel room and have that in a box showing a romantic getaway for two.

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Steven asks…

I need to build a workbench?

I’m an amateur woodsmith and my next project is to build a decent workbench. I don’t have a lot of tools or money for materials but want a solid bench. Does anyone know where I can find plans for a bench of this nature. I’ve surfed the diy sites and woodworking sites and all i find are extremely complicated plans. Thanks.

Denny answers:

There are some easy plans on these sites:

Good luck…

Lizzie asks…

Is this too much? I have a new BF of a month or so and we are exchanging Christmas gifts. I got him a gift?

card to Lowes (he loves woodworking), offered to take him to a local museum that has a woodworking tool exhibit, told him I’d pay for a woodworking seminar at a local shop, got him Jet Li’s “Fearless” DVD and made his family cookies. Uh, now I’m thinking that’s overkill. He hasn’t even given me my gift yet. Was it too much? Guys, what would you think if you were him?

Denny answers:


Carol asks…

I am looking for some free information blueprints etc.. to make log furniture (chairs,bed, tables)?

I also would like information on finding bargains on tenon makers or other tools necessary. I am new to woodworking but just inherited some tools and have always been interested any help would be appreciated.

Denny answers:

Try this site:

This company offers a book and video on building log furniture:

Lisa asks…

what should i get for family members! info down below!!!!!:))))))))?

dad-he loves woodworking and tools and gardening

Mom- Jewelry,little decorations and cute little things

16 yr old bro- loves video games scary movies and things like that

14 yr old sister- loves designer everything clothes jewelry anything like that

7 year old twin little brothers- love video games and cool legos and stuff like that

also are there any cute things i should ask for for myself………..(up to 50 for each one) (one big one $500)

and for my bros and sis up to $30 or less would b better

Denny answers:

Dad- Your dad would love a new, advanced Swiss Army Knife ($60.95)

Mom- These earrings are so chic and adorable, your mom won’t be able to help loving them ($38.00)

16 yr old bro- He’d loved this funny scary t-shirt ($19.95)

14 yr old sister- To meet your sister’s need to wear designer garb from head to toe without breaking the bank, get her these Juicy Couture undies ($18.00)

7 year old twin little brothers- These lego walkie talkies will be a hit with your brothers! They’ll be forced to share them which ensures that you don’t have to get them each an individual present. Therefore, you avoid a situation in which they might be fighting over the other’s gift ($28.00),&navCount=288&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=SHOP_GIFTSBYTYPE8&popId=SHOP_GIFTSBYTYPEGATEWAY&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Donald asks…

I have a woodworking project due tomorrow, what can I make?

I have a 75 cm circular wooden rod (2 inch diameter) and a triangle thing with a hole in it. It was supposed to be a guitar stand, but I has swine flu for a couple weeks and my teacher is total dick and expects m to finish at the same time as the other people that werent sick. I’m also missing a lot of wood I need for the project, so can anyone help me think of something to make?
I also have very few tools at home: a file, sandpaper, set square and a saw.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Denny answers:

Go ahead and get as much of your guitar stand done as you can. Work extra hard to make up for missing time while sick. Channel your emotions into motivation instead of whining about it here. Get moving, and you’ll have more time to get your project done.

In the real world, deadlines are often still deadlines regardless of whether you’ve been sick. You need to learn how to meet your deadlines. This is a good time to start. Speaking of starting, please do.

Steven asks…

(10pts.) If you are experienced in woodworking, metalworking, machining or more, please answer this question!?

I am trying to build a measuring scale that will fit these requirements:

It should be able to weigh something

25cm x 25cm x 100cm or less

2kg or less

I am still trying to figure out how I am going to build this. I am not experienced in building contraptions like this. I do not have a lot of tools either. What kind of scale should I make (balance,spring, magnetic, electronic) and with what?
I am trying to do an important project alone so I’m just asking for a few helpful hints/ideas.

Denny answers:

Inexperience? Go for simple yet artistic. A balance scale. Anytime you start adding components, you need knowledge and skill about those components, such as magnets and electronics. A balance scale can be easily constructed. There are several styles available and you can find the blue prints in the library or online.

Ruth asks…

How do I discourage a weird guy?

There’s this weird guy in one of my classes who is obviously interested in me (but not to the point of passing notes/love letters or flirting). When I say he’s weird, I mean weird in a creepy way. He was asking me if I’d like to help him with his woodworking hobbies and I tried saying I wasn’t a big outdoors/tools/woodworking type of person, but he didn’t get the hint. He also said one of his “friends” thinks I’m cute.

I feel bad about this because I think he misinterpreted my friendliness for interest. How can I discourage him in a way that won’t make it awkward for us to be in class together?

Denny answers:

Just avoid him as much as possible. It sucks because you seem nice and I’m sure you don’t want to be a b*tch or anything… But the only way to discourage him is to not speak to him as much. Sorry!

Mark asks…

what are your basic tools for building furniture?

if you just wan’t to see if you’ve got what it takes. i have experience with bandsaws, routers, circular, sanders,chisels, planers, etc…..alot of woodworking for other people, but generally construction sites, some door (spanish style antiqued) finishing, and hard wood floor install, finishing and refinishing. also have welding fabrication for myself and others. i love working wood but some how i ended up owning a carpet cleaning biz.go figure! the moneys good but i’m not satisfied. what could i put in my garage for the least money just to find out if i really want to sink the big cash into woodworking. and what are some low cost projects that pull decent profits? thanks!
patricia, i can think of a few applications for duct tape, but this is not the singles forum, thanks anyway.
jim, i’d forgot about that place! thanks!
oilfield. thanks, cabinets are a lucritive biz…and yea, i know that a lot more work goes into stuff then is give’n credit for. thanks bud!

Denny answers:

Safety Goggles – protect your eyes

Particle & Dust Face Mask
- do not breathe in PVC or ABS Plastic dust
Measuring and Marking Tools
Measuring & Marking Tools
Miter Box & Hand Saw
Large Miter Box with Hand Saw
- 4 inch diameter PVC or ABS Pipe actually measures 4-1/2 inches outside diameter.
Soft Face Mallet
Soft Face Mallet
- Your primary assembly tool.
Hand Files
Hand Files & Rasp
- flat & round assortment
Paints and finishing materials to meet your needs.
The following tools are optional depending on the project:
Basic Wood Working – Wood Turning Lathe with a Headstock Chuck
Basic Wood Working – Wood Turning Lathe – with drive end chuck, live center tailstock & basic Wood Turning Tools
The tools listed below will help you work faster and more accurately:
Small Wood Router with Pilot Bearing Roundover Bit
Wood Router
- The 1/4 inch shaft – high speed finish or trim router is best for PVC or ABS plastic – with an assortment of pilot bearing roundover bits
Small Belt Sander
Small Belt Sander
- very handy to have
Palm Sander
Palm Size Sander
- 1/4 sheet size is best
Electric Drill
Electric Drill
- for some projects you will use hole saws
Large Disc Sander
Large Disc Sander
- This can be helpful at times

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