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My next woodworking project: I always wanted to do something with burled wood. I very rarely get my hands on it. This large Birch stump had one large burl and several smaller ones on it. Instead of cutting them out and discarding the rest of the log, I wanted to integrate them all in one object. The stump itself has many interesting cavities and depressions in it, so I felt it would do the tree injustice if I only took the burls. The wood has tons of beautiful features, like black lines from spalting, green and red spots from other fungi, brown streaks from pieces of cambium, leftover pieces of bark and the chaotic burl grain. When I applied the first coat of oil, my jaw dropped to the floor, I never could have dreamed it would look this good (you can see that later on in the vid) This table was made in Hortus Haren, Netherlands. Useful websites: EU, UK, NL website for ordering Saburr-Tooth equipment: Main dutch Chainsaw Carving forum: WoodCarving Illustrated message board: My WCI Gallery:
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Woodworking Project – How to Make a Dado Sled for the Tablesaw

Woodworking projects – how to make a dado sled. Once you learn how to make a dado sled for the tablesaw, you will find many wood shop uses for it. The Apprentice and The Journeyman provides a woodworking video tutorial on how to make a Dedicated Dado Sled for the table saw. The Dado Sled gives the woodworker control and accuracy. Also, this cross cut sled allows for the woodworker to work safe. The dado sled is great when used for woodworking joinery. (Tenons, half laps, rabbets, dadoes, and dentil mouldings to name a few. The woodworker can make uniform cuts by simply adding a stop block and a clamp to the sleds fence. For more online information about how to make a dado sled for the table saw please click the following woodworking article. Be smart, work safe, and learn how to make a dado cross cut sled for the table saw. Watch more woodworking videos on YouTube… Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Learn more, Experience more! Bob Simmons
Video Rating: 4 / 5 — Woodworking Classes Attention All Woodworkers! Get Instant Access To Over 16000 Woodworking Plans and Projects!” I Don’t Need To Hear More… Let Me Order TedsWoodworking Right Away! Listen up closely… If you got plans to build any other woodwork project Attention All Woodworkers! | ” Get Instant Access To Over 16000 Woodworking Plans and Projects! ” | Garantee ! If You Want To Build Woodworking Projects Quickly & Easily Then Please Pay Attention To What I Am About To Tell You… ” Here’s Some Advice That’ll Save You $ $ $ … On Your Next Woodworking Project… ” Here’s the BIG problem: Most plans and woodworking magazines are complete garbage. The Faster & Easier Way To Woodworking! Introducing… “TedsWoodworking Package” : Over 16000 Woodworking Plans ” Over 16000 Projects and Woodworking Plans With Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Instructions… ” With TedsWoodworking, you get… 16000 Step By Step Woodworking Plans This package contains plans that is covered from head to toe. From step-by-step instructions and easy to follow guides. These easy-to- understand plans will make woodworking a breeze! Comes With Blueprints & Materials List Forget those expensive DIY wood plans. Listen, no other woodworking package in the market is as comprehensive as this and this was one of the major reasons I created this. Everything you need to know from blueprints and materials list is incredibly detailed…. Your Skill Level Doesn’t Matter! My custom
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The Ultimate Guide to Woodworking Plans and Projects Instant Access To Over 16000 Woodworking Plans and Projects! Excellent woodworking book and DVD for beginners as well as seasoned woodworkers. Make any woodworking project hassle-free with detailed plans, blueprints, schematics, materials lists as well as professional…

Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Donald asks…

I have a woodworking project due tomorrow, what can I make?

I have a 75 cm circular wooden rod (2 inch diameter) and a triangle thing with a hole in it. It was supposed to be a guitar stand, but I has swine flu for a couple weeks and my teacher is total dick and expects m to finish at the same time as the other people that werent sick. I’m also missing a lot of wood I need for the project, so can anyone help me think of something to make?
I also have very few tools at home: a file, sandpaper, set square and a saw.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Denny answers:

Go ahead and get as much of your guitar stand done as you can. Work extra hard to make up for missing time while sick. Channel your emotions into motivation instead of whining about it here. Get moving, and you’ll have more time to get your project done.

In the real world, deadlines are often still deadlines regardless of whether you’ve been sick. You need to learn how to meet your deadlines. This is a good time to start. Speaking of starting, please do.

Steven asks…

(10pts.) If you are experienced in woodworking, metalworking, machining or more, please answer this question!?

I am trying to build a measuring scale that will fit these requirements:

It should be able to weigh something

25cm x 25cm x 100cm or less

2kg or less

I am still trying to figure out how I am going to build this. I am not experienced in building contraptions like this. I do not have a lot of tools either. What kind of scale should I make (balance,spring, magnetic, electronic) and with what?
I am trying to do an important project alone so I’m just asking for a few helpful hints/ideas.

Denny answers:

Inexperience? Go for simple yet artistic. A balance scale. Anytime you start adding components, you need knowledge and skill about those components, such as magnets and electronics. A balance scale can be easily constructed. There are several styles available and you can find the blue prints in the library or online.

Ruth asks…

How do I discourage a weird guy?

There’s this weird guy in one of my classes who is obviously interested in me (but not to the point of passing notes/love letters or flirting). When I say he’s weird, I mean weird in a creepy way. He was asking me if I’d like to help him with his woodworking hobbies and I tried saying I wasn’t a big outdoors/tools/woodworking type of person, but he didn’t get the hint. He also said one of his “friends” thinks I’m cute.

I feel bad about this because I think he misinterpreted my friendliness for interest. How can I discourage him in a way that won’t make it awkward for us to be in class together?

Denny answers:

Just avoid him as much as possible. It sucks because you seem nice and I’m sure you don’t want to be a b*tch or anything… But the only way to discourage him is to not speak to him as much. Sorry!

Mark asks…

what are your basic tools for building furniture?

if you just wan’t to see if you’ve got what it takes. i have experience with bandsaws, routers, circular, sanders,chisels, planers, etc…..alot of woodworking for other people, but generally construction sites, some door (spanish style antiqued) finishing, and hard wood floor install, finishing and refinishing. also have welding fabrication for myself and others. i love working wood but some how i ended up owning a carpet cleaning biz.go figure! the moneys good but i’m not satisfied. what could i put in my garage for the least money just to find out if i really want to sink the big cash into woodworking. and what are some low cost projects that pull decent profits? thanks!
patricia, i can think of a few applications for duct tape, but this is not the singles forum, thanks anyway.
jim, i’d forgot about that place! thanks!
oilfield. thanks, cabinets are a lucritive biz…and yea, i know that a lot more work goes into stuff then is give’n credit for. thanks bud!

Denny answers:

Safety Goggles – protect your eyes

Particle & Dust Face Mask
- do not breathe in PVC or ABS Plastic dust
Measuring and Marking Tools
Measuring & Marking Tools
Miter Box & Hand Saw
Large Miter Box with Hand Saw
- 4 inch diameter PVC or ABS Pipe actually measures 4-1/2 inches outside diameter.
Soft Face Mallet
Soft Face Mallet
- Your primary assembly tool.
Hand Files
Hand Files & Rasp
- flat & round assortment
Paints and finishing materials to meet your needs.
The following tools are optional depending on the project:
Basic Wood Working – Wood Turning Lathe with a Headstock Chuck
Basic Wood Working – Wood Turning Lathe – with drive end chuck, live center tailstock & basic Wood Turning Tools
The tools listed below will help you work faster and more accurately:
Small Wood Router with Pilot Bearing Roundover Bit
Wood Router
- The 1/4 inch shaft – high speed finish or trim router is best for PVC or ABS plastic – with an assortment of pilot bearing roundover bits
Small Belt Sander
Small Belt Sander
- very handy to have
Palm Sander
Palm Size Sander
- 1/4 sheet size is best
Electric Drill
Electric Drill
- for some projects you will use hole saws
Large Disc Sander
Large Disc Sander
- This can be helpful at times

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Carol asks…

Dose any body know of a company called Stot Corp in the USA?

They sell woodworking tools.
I ordered a tool via internet last October, and paid with M/Card, The web site promised a money back gauratee if not satisfied.. The tool never arrived.. They had no trouble taking my mony but apparently can’t send orders O/Seas. I live in Thailand.
Early in Dec I received an Email to say my money would be returned.
I have sent them Emails but they dont go through.. I have sent a letter via snail mail, no answer ,and have contacted their feed back site but am still waiting for my money..

Denny answers:

Check them out with at (Better Business Bureau) NEVER do business online without checking out the company.

Ruth asks…

Gift idea for man involving woodworking & creativity?

The hubby developed a new interest in woodworking recently when helping out another with some projects. We do not have woodworking materials at our place and we live in an apartment so no garage etc. to work in. It would have to be a small enough project that it could be done in the apartment and he is very creative/artistic so if it involved some sort of design aesthetics after etc. would also be nice. Don’t say bird house lol. I would need to get him materials and tools. We don’t have tools minus the normal hammer, screwdrivers that every house has. So not something that is going to require tons of money on tools because we really can’t be having some circular saw up in an apartment anyways :-) I just want to get him a woodworking project that he would enjoy. This is one of my ideas for his birthday or fathers day coming up, so not much time till then. Any ideas please share and if you could, include the materials/tools I would need to get as I know nothing about woodworking.


Denny answers:

Portable work bench that clamps projects, chisels, jig saw, mitre saw, electric sander, assorted screws or nails, project books can be good. Any of these he should like. Nothing more satisfying than creating things.

Mark asks…

New to woodworking- any tips?

I want to make a menorah for my friend before december. I have a shed full of tools (my grandfather was a woodworker as a hobby). Does anyone have any tips, plans, etc. that I should know or have before I begin this project? I have searched the web for some plans for menorahs, but I cannot find them. It is meant to be more of a decorative item and will have to have some sort of metal inserts, being wood, but I just want to be able to create it and send it to my friend.
Thanks everyone.

Denny answers:

My tip is to make sure all your safty stuff and first aid kits are up to date before you start.

The horror of my year 8 woodwork class and the idiot guys in the class are still in my mind….. Powersander to some guys face is not pretty.

Sharon asks…

woodworking: a gift?

So, I had originally decided to start my boyfriend on a nice toolset. Now, i’ve delved a bit deeper only to discover that what he is actually interested in is woodworking. He wants to be able to build, and put fancy details on, things like tables, chairs, shelves… the like. We both live in apartments until we’re married, and neither of us have a garage or anything, so my set for him needs to start small. What is a great first tool or several tools that every woodworker should have? What will prove to be the most useful, and what should I avoid? I’ve already got a gift for him for Christmas this year, but our anniversary is coming up, as is valentines day, as is his birthday… so many ideas would be great! Please tell me specifically what to look for, how much it should cost, what the best/worst brand is, and where i can go to get it (i’m in michigan… we have home depot, lowes… and…i think thats it). thanks guys!

Denny answers:

If he really has no tools I would suggest a cordless drill as the first. You want one that comes with two batteries so you can be charging one while you use the other. This is more of a handyman tool, not just for woodworking but it’s probably the tool any woodworker will use all the time. I like the Dewalt 18Volt drills. The DeWalt DC759KA is probably available at your local HD or Lowes. It comes with 2 batteries and a charger. Additional accessories would be a set of drill bits and an assortment of screwdriver bits.

Makita and Milwaukee are also good brands. Stay away from the Black & Decker and Skil, they are`the cheap consumer lines and they won’t last. If you buy cheap tools you will regret it.

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Joseph asks…

WoodWorking Project Ideas for a Highschooler?

Hello, I just got out of Middle School where I took 1 trimester (1/3 of a school year) of WoodShop, where I learned basicially the basics and the tools for woodworking and made a simple box. Now that I have started HighSchool, I have an ENTIRE woodshop, amazing tools and saws, any powertool that comes to mind, a brilliant and knowligable and handy teacher, all at my disposel.

One thing is missing…

I need an idea…

Any ideas for a starter WoodWorker? I am willing to do a bunch of shorter projects or 1 really elaborate one. I got the next 4 years xD

Denny answers:

I made a candle stand (on a lathe) and a large cabinet in woodshop*, after I had finished the basic projects that everyone had to complete. I found both patterns in my teacher’s notebooks. My teacher had a lot of notebooks filled with various projects, which he had sorted by difficulty. So you might ask your teacher. He’ll probably have a lot of ideas for students.

Or go down to your library, and see if they have Woodworking magazine. If they have back issues, then you can browse a lot of patterns, and copy those that appeal to you. There are several magazines that have plans and projects for woodworkers, you just have to check to see how difficult the project is. You want something that will challenge you, and one that will allow you to learn new skills, but you don’t want something that’s so difficult that it will frustrate you.

I loved woodworking.

*I was one of the first girls to take woodshop in my high school, incidentally. And I was the first girl to get an A in that class, too!

Sandy asks…

Does any know of a reputable source In the Milwaukee area that can appraise old woodworking machines.?

I have an old Walker Turner 6″ Jointer that I need to part with. I have been in the cabinet making biz for 27 years but I cannot find any info on this particular tool. It is belt driven and is powered by a Craftsman 3/4 horse electric motor.

Denny answers:

I don’t know of an appraiser, but I did a bit of looking online and it looks like other similar ones sell for about $200-$300

Charles asks…

What’s a good first woodworking project for a complete beginner?

I did not have exposure to tools growing up (family was not into handy stuff at all), and went to an all girl’s school where they did not give shop. I just signed up for a woodwoking class for fun at night and am feeling like I’ll be the only one there who has no experience. So I want to learn a bit about woodworking and the tools involved before going, so I don’t feel like a complete idiot there.

Do you recommend any beginner books/projects that could help me familiarize myself with woodworking?

What are some good first project ideas?

Denny answers:

Skateboard Rack, Jewelry Box, Nesting Trays, Baseball Cap Rack, CD Holder, CD Rack. All these are pretty easy. Somewhat simple. Have fun. A few of the sites do have info on the type of tools that woodworkers use on certain projects. You can also do a search on videos that involve woodworkings, there has to be a few out. Enjoy.

Nancy asks…

any one there from Harrods Creek Kentucky?

I would be pleased if you could speak to the people at Stot Corp. Richard Stottmann, in particular and ask him to send my monie back for the woodworking tool he didnt deliver.
You can Email me.

Denny answers:

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Woodworking — Woodworking Woodworking is a hobby that everyone all over the world can create their own. There’s no limit of your woodworking plan. The only limit is your imagination. Start from small folding book rack to birdhouses. From toy to furniture. All you can create by your own. A great woodworking project start with great plan. You have to know the tools and equipment you need to complete your project. Safety is also important factor in woodworking. Knowing the different type of wood will help you identify the limitation of each type of wood in creating a project. Get creative and surprise your lovely one with your own woodworking creation. It’s fun, it’s save your money, and even it can create business opportunity if you want to. To learn more about Woodworking, please
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Mark asks…

Will a dremel bit on a drill cut wood?

So I’m doing a little woodworking project over summer with some friends, we have all of the lumber and tools necessary, but we’re still missing the most important tool we need, a dremel.

We tried looking online but no where near-by has a dremel for rent and we don’t want to spend $100 buying one.

Here on Yahoo awnsers, I saw there was a question about a dremel bit being used on a drill so here’s my question:

If you put a dremel bit into a drill, will it be able to cut throught wood?

The other question said it would’nt be able to cut metal, but nothing about wood, so anyone got anything?
The wood being cut is a 1/2 inch plywood

Dusty answers:

It will cut, but at a slower speed, so make sure you clean the bit often when cutting because the cut material will build up on the bit edge..

Ken asks…

What tool should I buy my husband?

I recently suggested to my husband that when birthdays and anniversaries come up, I will start buying him a tool for each. He loved this idea since he is a fairly handy person, but it seems like every time we go to do a project, he borrows tools to do it. It always turns out that he would have to buy two or three tools at a time to complete a project, and we can’t afford that many at once. So my question is, which tools could you not live without? He already has a drill and a circular saw. I’m pretty sure that’s all the power tools he has. In what order should I buy him the tools so that he gets the most use out of them?

PS He does mostly DIY jobs around the house like shelf building (pantry shelves – nothing fancy), painting, tiling. I think he wouldn’t mind getting into a little woodworking.

Dusty answers:

Screw gun|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl__4294932521%2B4294926871__%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&facetInfo=DEWALT

Saws all

jig saw,or.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=2110422374627709608&sa=X&ei=ouBnTZXjCcL58Aajo5CuCw&ved=0CGAQ8gIwAA#

Palm sander

Pry bar,or.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=5301302774756363216&sa=X&ei=3OFnTbr2JoTGlQe80on_AQ&sqi=2&ved=0CJIBEPICMAI#

Miter saw,or.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=2478216009571400520&sa=X&ei=L-JnTcWrEYaBlAek-oH_AQ&sqi=2&ved=0CGAQ8wIwAA#

These others are hand tools
Hand saw

Framing square
Cats claw
Hack saw
Nail sets
25′ Tape measuring tape
Screw drivers both types.
Hand plane

I hope this helps.

I’m a builder 33 years.

Lisa asks…

Powering my workshop?

I have a workshop in my basement for woodworking that runs a lot of power tools. Is there any way I could make it more energy efficient or cost less? I just currently use the electrical power provided by the power company.

Dusty answers:

You could look into solar or wind power attached to the grid and see what credits or incentives are avilable for those. You could use a generator or battery-powered tools. Power tools usually require a lot of power, so regular electricity may be your only hope, sorry. You could look at it from the other side and make sure your projects are cost-effective, as in, do projects that will make the most money for you.

John asks…

Can moisture meters be used to detect pipe leaks in a house?

Many that I have seen in online stores have these pins and I think they are mostly used to measure the moisture of wood for woodworking projects. But I’m interested in detecting leaks behind walls. Any recommendations for what tool I need?

Dusty answers:

Don’t thing that will be necessary but in case a leaky pipe inside the wall visible sign of wet wall is the indication unless the hole is pin hole which will increase given some time hope this will assist.

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