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Belt Sander Tips

George Vondriska shows us some great tips when using the belt sander. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. For more woodworking videos, please visit!

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I missed my Wednesday deadline by just a smidge..ha! In this video I show you a way to make a decorative box which features hand cut dovetail joints. This box is made of Mahogany and Pecan and its center piece being a Spalted Pecan Panel Lid. If you are planning on making a box of your own, be sure to enter it in our Christmas Box Build of Contest which ends December 13, 2012. For more details check out our contest video announcement at Be sure to check out our contest sponsor’s websites at Laguna Tools – Woodworkers Guild of America – http Rockler Woodworking and Hardware – A Simple Design of Ocala – http – Website The United Federation of Woodworkers – – Follow me on Twitter – Like Me on Facebook – A Simple Design of Ocala “Gear” Store – Shop Talk Woodworker’s Forum
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This is the eleventhvideo in a detailed series featuring important aspects of finishing, sanding, gluing and clamping a traditional solid wood door. Video 11 includes an important sanding tip for all woodworkers. Woodman’s pet peeve? He hates to see machine marks in a finished piece. What’s the best way to avoid that? Sand the sequence. Sanding The Sequence, working through the grits, is a huge time saver. Woodman talks about his sanding theory, different grits, and what sandpapers he considers the best on the market today. He also explains why he doesn’t use random orbital sanders for most sanding work. Woodman believes a half sheet orbital sander does a superior job to achieve flatness and straightness. Sanding with the Festool half sheet sander is a pleasure and is like sanding on autopilot. ______________________________________ Be sure to check out the other videos in the Solid Wood Door Series. The complete series starts with explaining how to build a stunning tung oil based finish using Waterlox Original. It also shows detailed instruction for how to prep the surface, how to glue and clamp mortise and tenon joints using PC7 and various clamps, how to make blow out repairs, and multiple sanding techniques and philosophy. As a bonus, you’ll see my very unique door holding system that spins effortlessly on a rotisserie style mechanism to ensure perfect finish application. ______________________________________ Want to know which tools and products that

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Woodworking – how to cut veneers of custom wood inlay banding. Woodworkers can learn how to cut wood veneer into 3/32″ uniform thin strips using a woodworking method originally developed by The Apprentice and The Journeyman. Watch the YouTube woodworking video clips to learn how. This is…
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Plunge vs Fixed Based Router

George Vondriska demonstrates the difference between plunge and fixed based routers. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. For more woodworking videos, please visit!
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Woodworkers are always making jigs to make woodworking, easier, safer, quicker and more accurate. Now, making jigs can be a bit easier with the use of powerful magnets to help hold jigs and other aids directly to the steel tables, fences and frames.
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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Betty asks…

Does anyone know where to get instructions to build plantation shutters?

we have the woodworking tools and the skills; don’t want to pay $125-200 per window for $20 worth of wood and some hardware.

Dusty answers:


Maria asks…

Where can I find plans for building a simple bookcase?

First, I am not a woodworker. Would a small, basic bookcase be a good starting project?

Because I’m visiting my parents for a few months, I can have access to a garage full of basic woodworking tools.

I’m not envisioning anything in particular, just something with inexpensive wood and no wider than three feet.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Dusty answers:

Below are some links for a few sets of free plans you can find on the web. The first is a bit wider than 3 feet but making it narrower would be an easy change.

The second is a nice small bookcase with online instructions. (two links)

The last is a more open design.

A small bookcase is a great starting project. You may want to look at some books at your local bookstore. You may find some plans that better match your needs and skills. Best of luck and enjoy! The last link is for a book, maybe a bit advanced but great for inspiration!

Steven asks…

has anyone heard of Reliant woodworking tools? Looking for an owners manual thanx?

Dusty answers:

As you probably know, Reliant was the brand name of tools made for Trend-Lines, Inc. That became Woodworkers Warehouse who went out of business in 2003. Woodworkers Supply took over the Woodworkers Warehouse internet domain, , but did not take over the Reliant or Trend-Lines tools. Woodworkers Supply states that they will try to provide assistance with questions about Reliant tools so you may want to contact Eric Fairfield, Parts Manager,, 800-545-9663

Nancy asks…

Looking for the name of a woodworking tool to copy the shape/profile of an object.?

This tool is shaped like a ruler. You press it against the side of the object you want to duplicate
and it assumes the shape so you can copy the outline. Need one, don’t know the name or where to but it.

Dusty answers:

AHHH your talking aboiut a good ole marking guage. These are so handy i use one all the time.

You can get the at any good hardware store or on Ebay etc

pays to check you what type you need because you might be making joints or just marking….some have 2 scoring pins on them and some have just 1

hope this helps

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Allan Fyfe from Lethenty Mill Furniture in Scotland gives a guided tour of an antique tool chest. The tools inside will be used to build a chair – proving that furniture making projects can be tackled without machine tools or electricity.

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Milwaukee tools are fast, safe and powerful. They offer a diverse range of features to help woodworkers’ complete projects efficiently and productively.

Carpenters and Woodworkers Prefer High Performance Saws

Milwaukee too are rated some of the best amongst power tools, especially their high precision saws. Milwaukee sells high-performance saws that are appropriate for diverse cutting functions:

o 7″ circular saw with Quik-Lok cord – Features an adjustable main handle that provides users with maximum control and comfort, Quik-Lok cord, and power assisted brake. It weighs 10.6 pounds, has a Milwaukee built 15 amp motor, and easy to reach depth and bevel.

o Sawzall – Helps woodworkers with the tough cutting jobs. Sawzall blades have tooth configuration and heat treating which are designed to enhance the performance in specific cutting applications. The blades are durable and Sawzall blades fit all Sawzalls and other competitive saws. They vary in price, style and length.

o Orbital Jig Saw 6268-21 – Includes anti-Splintering device, plastic shoe cover carrying case, two blades, dust shield, LED light provides accuracy and visibility of sight lines, and precision roller blade that yields accurate cuts of any shape. The Orbital Jig saw features power, ergonomics and versatility.

Milwaukee Features Quality Tools for Carpenters and Woodworkers

Because of their labor intensive work, carpenters and woodworkers prefer using quality tools like Milwaukee. Milwaukee sells a variety of cordless power drills that makes drilling jobs easier and more efficient.

Some of these drills include:

o Drill ½ 850 Magnum – Features 8.0 amp motor, variable speed control, metal gear case and diaphragm, 8 ft. 3-wire rubber cord, 360 locking side handle, ergonomic textured grip, and two finger trigger

o Compact cordless drill series – Includes 12 and 14.4 volt cordless driver drills with Clip-LokT system. These smaller drills are great for smaller spaces, but still deliver high RPMs for fast, efficient drilling.

o Drill Mag press – Features powerful 9.0 amp, two coil magnet and simple two button control panel.

Woodworking shops have a tendency to become easily dirty and cluttered. Milwaukee also sells equipment to keep shops clean such as vacuums including wet/dry vacuums, tool belts, tool hooks and tool caddies. Milwaukee power tools also include sanders/grinders and smaller tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers, that help assist with carpentry jobs.
For more information on Milwaukee Power Tools or visit

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