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I will show you how you can build a really cheap and simple DIY sharpening jig for shop grinders, to sharpen your woodturning chisels and any other woodworking chizels fast and far better than using the crappy tool rests that grinders come with. A great addition to any shop grinder that does not already have one and costs much less than buying one. woodworking woodtuning jigs jig woodwork wood work shop woodtuner woodworker projects project davidmark norm abram new yankee workshop gouge skew parting tool

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Laura asks…

What kind of tool do I need for woodworking?

I don’t know anything. That being said, I’m looking for a powered blade that I can use while doing woodwork. I need to be able to turn the blade while cutting. It’s not for anything intricate at all, and I don’t have much money.


Dusty answers:

The Dremel is a great tool that I use for all sorts of projects. It is very easy to control and can turn in just about any way you can turn your wrist.

It isn’t for sawing planks or thick boards (ie 2x4s) but it is great for sculpting anything or cutting thinner woods to specific shapes.

The review below is of one of the more expensive kits and the other link is to one of the kits on (about $90) but you can find kits for much less than that if that is out of your buget

Lizzie asks…

Is there much of a demand for wooden boat carpenters in Alaska?

I remember when I was up there years ago most of the boats were pretty utilitarian and metal.
Down here in the lower 48 there are quite a few ‘snob’ boats that wanted trick woodwork, somehow I found a niche in this market.
Is there much of a demand for trick boat woodwork up there?
Juneau more so than Anchorage? Ketchikan?
I’ve had it with the lower 48 and I’m wondering where my chances might be best.
I’m a jack of many trades, but it would be nice to put my woodworking tools to use up there.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Dusty answers:

The few wooden boats are older commercial fishing boats and some sailing craft, so you would likely be replacing planking,etc. Not sure if you could make a living at it. Some people take their boats to the shipyards at Port Townsend, WA in the winter for maintenance. Anchorage does not have a harbor–sea ice in winter. Seward, Homer have harbors. Also, Kodiak, Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka.
As you know, with the economy, people aren’t putting money into custom work right now, whether it’s cabinetry, custom furniture or work for shipwrights. When housing picks up, you might be able to do some custom finish work. Your best bet might be to see if you can find a gig restoring a building or vessel that’s on the National Historic Register. Keep a portfolio of your past work to show prospective clients.

Chris asks…

what is the difference (in appearance) between a masonry drill bit and a woodworking drill bit.?

I am putting up a tool rack on a solid block wall. Have a variety of drill bits but don’t know whether they are for woodworking or for masonary. Its taking a long time to drill even 1 hole. Any advice would be appreciated – I am using a hammer type power drill.

Dusty answers:

The masonry bit has a harden cutting tip. The tip is bigger than the bit size itself. With a hammer drill and the correct bit you should have it done in no time.
Here is a link that has more details:

Hope this helps

William asks…

Has anyone ever made their own baby toys, or had them custom-made?

My SO is quite crafty, and we have a basement full of saws, sanders, and various woodworking tools.

I thought it would be a fun project to try and make some toys for our baby (6 mos.). Has anyone tried this, or have any info about it?

How would I know if the materials/paints were safe? Anything to specifically avoid using?

Dusty answers:


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Daniel asks…

I am finding it impossible t find a basic woodwork class in or near Manhattan New York. Please Help!?

I’m really interested in eventually building a musical instrument. A lute perhaps. But before I start looking in to instrument making I want to take a basic carpentry/woodwork course. You know, sawing, filing, varnishing, building joints etc. I live in Williamsburg NY, and I figured that there would be a course somewhere in Manhattan for sure…..but no luck. I’ve looked on the internet, searched the yellow pages, but nothing! I don’t need to become certified in anything, nor do I need to gain any kind of academic credits. I just want to be shown the basics so I know what tools to get and then practise. I’d appreciate any help I can get!

Dusty answers:

Search the internet for Woodcrafters. They have stores all over the country. They hold classes on basics such as using a router, pen making, lathe use etc. Most of their stuff in more in the direction of furniture/cabinet making. However, they should be of help in finding what you are looking for. Also, you can search for Rockler. They are a mail order supplier of woodworking materials and tools. Get their catalog so you can see a lot of what is available. There are several wood working magazines out there also. Most are monthly but several are quarterly. The one that goes in the most detail, in my opinion, is “Fine Woodworking”. Hope this is of some help. Can’t give you any addresses in NY as I live in South Texas but if you get to San Antonio I can fix you up.

Lizzie asks…

Can you complete this analogy?


A. notes:composer
B. sound:musical intrument
C. drawing:crayon tools
E. symphony:piano

Dusty answers:

B. Sound;musical instrument.

Not E, because a piano does not play a symphony.

James asks…

Character sketch of Cash?As I Lay Dying?

For a project, I have to do a 3D character sketch on poster board. I was going to do Cash, but now I’m thinking of things to put on it. So far I have things such as the coffin, carpentry tools, the church, cement, and the graphophone. What else could I use?

Dusty answers:

That’s about it. Of all the Bundren kids, Cash has probably the smallest role and by far the least dialogue. I think you’ve covered him pretty well

Mark asks…

please answer this question?

Which of the following does not utilize lasers?
1. grocery checkout 2. CD players 3. modern carpentry tools
4. flourecent lights

Dusty answers:

Let’s look at this, and do a little process of elimination. Which item has existed UNCHANGED since before the advent of mass use of lazers? Cd players POST-date lazers, grocery checkout now uses a bar-code reader, and why do you think they call that carpentry tool a LAZER-LEVEL????? Take it from there.

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Chris asks…

What kind of woodworking tools do I need to make a body for a guitar?

I’ve never done any woodwork before and need to know the names of some tools. I want to get pretty intricate into detail with it, so any tools that do just that would help the most. Thanks.

Dusty answers:

See for a section that is directed at guitar making.

Ruth asks…

What woodworking tools does one need to only build bookcases?

I just want to start building bookcases, and was wondering what tools I would need. I appreciate anyone answering but I am hoping that I will get an answer from a woodworker or experienced person.

Dusty answers:

* 10″ Table saw
* Surface planer
* Router with table
* Jointer
* Glue up station with pipe clamps or hydraulic rams
* Palm sanders
Drill press
* Drill
Lathe with follow jig
Scroll saw
* Sliding compound miter saw with clamps and crown stops
Turret style radial arm saw
* Circular saw
* Powered screw driver
* Compressor
* Finish nailing gun
* Pot sprayer/HPLV sprayer/Turbine sprayer
* Spray booth
Various jigs and dies (you will make these as you go)

I guess you really don’t need all that stuff right off the bat. I’ll put an asterisk by the stuff you will need just to start production.

Helen asks…

is there a dealer in the Glasgow area who would be interested in buying old, second hand woodworking tools.?

these tools include a Stanley No.55 moulding plane with four boxes of cutters, a two jaw chuck wheel brace, a Stanley No.7 plane, a Henry Mathieson plane and a Primus petrol blow lamp.

Dusty answers:

Ebay is a good source takes a little time to set up an account but well worth it there alot of collectors searching for vintage tools and willing to pay good prices for them Good luck

George asks…

I’m looking for a charity who accepts tools (automotive & woodworking) in Phoenix, AZ. Any suggestions?

My father died and kept wonderful care of a lot of useful tools. Chandler area. Woodworking, general home repair, automotive, etc. I would like a reputable organization who could use these as a donation or pass them on to someone who can. Must be able to pick them up.

Dusty answers:

I feel sure that Habitat for Humanity could use them or would know of someone else. There should be a toll-free number in
the yellow pages of your local phone directory. If not, there is a website for information. Bless you for thinking to pass your Dad’s tools on!

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