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Woodworking projects like “How to Make Decorative Wood Veneer Sheets” on the band saw are fun to make. It is also simple when the woodworker understands the techniques to create the wood project. Band saw techniques that are shown in this online video project allow the woodworker a “work safe” environment. Learn how to use a parquetry woodworking technique. Hardwood “diamonds” are cut using the 60 degree band saw sled. The diamonds are then arranged to form beautiful geometric designs. In this woodworking video the laminated wood segments of 3/4″ diamonds are sliced into hardwood veneers of 3/32″ thickness. Six veneer sheets are obtained using a band saw slicing technique developed by The Apprentice and The Journeyman. Be smart, work safe, and learn how to make designs in wood for decorative wood veneer sheets! Watch more woodworking videos on YouTube… Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Learn more, Experience more! Bob Simmons
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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

Nancy asks…

Where can I learn carpentry/woodworking for a hobby, not a career?

I’m already a grad student, so I don’t want to do this for a career, but I’ve always been fascinated with carpentry. Seeing as I live in an apartment (no garage to buy tools/practice) and have no previous experience (other than some shop class in high school), how can I get my hobby going? Are there classes for people like me? I don’t care about legal/technical stuff, I want to learn the art … how do I do that?

PS: I’m in the DC area if it helps any

Thanks for any help

Dusty answers:

If you have a Woodcraft store near you, they are always offering short one or two day seminars on various woodworking projects and tool “how-to’s”. Some of these classes cost a little something that covers the cost of supplies and material. But when you leave, you will have a finished project that YOU built. Check them out at You can type in your zip code at this page and see where the nearest store to you is.

Carol asks…

Any suggestion about a part time cabinet shop?

I am trying to get some feedback about my idea of opening a cabinet shop. I am working about 45 hrs a week, before this job,(Weatherization specialist) I did finish carpentry work for about 9 yrs, I enjoy working with wood, I probably have 95 % of the tools needed to buid any wood project, they are not commercial type but they sure do a great job, any positive ideas would be of help.
>>Cabinets, Furniture, Closets installation<<?? Thank you in advance.

Dusty answers:

Diy Doctor’s answer is very good. Maybe it’s difficult to start a business at first,but you should have perseverance and good idea for your shop.


Robert asks…

Advice on finding a Carpentry Apprenticeship?

I’m at college studying diploma level 3 carpentry, I studies level 1 maintenance, plastering and level 2 carpentry and joinery last year. I’ve been looking for an apprenticeship on and off for the past year but can’t find anything at all. I’ve sent CVs out and call people up but nothing. I really want to move onto an apprenticeship for the experience and the money as i’m skint at the minute. I have my own transportation and tools.

Are there any other big businesses who are likely to be taking on apprentices such as Crest Nicholson? and what what websites can i check regularly? any advice is much appreciated

Thank you, Drew

Dusty answers:

Go to poland….train there ……come back…`ll have more chance of job ……with that polish connection

Sandra asks…

For my graduation project on Carpentry I need to make a product, What can I make?

At my school we have to do a graduation project. I am going to be doing mine on Carpentry/Woodworking but I cant decide what to make as my product. I want it to be something that is worth my time and that I might have a use for. It has to be something that takes effort and tools.. and because of my mentor I have just about any woodworking tool you can imagine at my disposal. Can you guys please give me some ideas of what I can make.. Thanks

Dusty answers:

Book case.good for life.bench,good for life.good luck.

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