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Mach5 Snipez and Mach5 Campz return for episode 5 of the series ‘How to Survive The First Week’, in this episode Diamond tools will be built and the production of a wheat farm will commence. Don’t forget to send us any challenge maps you have found, so we can feature them in the new series beginning on 23rd of May. Be sure to Comment Rate & Subscribe

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episode 6 features me teaching you how to farm! Quick note : by using bone meal which is made from bones in the crafting bench you can speed up the growing of crops by right clicking on the crop with bone meal ! Bread = 3 wheat Bread heals 2.5 hearts, not 3 Pork chops heal 3 (when cooked) and 1.5 (when raw) Wheat is easy to grow, takes about 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the lighting conditions that it is in. WATER AND A LIGHT SOURCE are required to grow crops such as wheat, other crops can be grown such as sugar cane (which can be turned into sugar) Also sugar cane can be used to create books (i think) Hoes – a wooden hoe for example would give you less seeds when right clicking on grass, a stone hoe would be slightly better, and so on, wooden hoes degrade faster than any other, which is basically for all tools Wood Stone Iron Gold Diamond Since the Beta 1.2 update, wood and stone tools have increased durability, meaning that wood tools have 60 uses, stone tools have 132 uses and diamond tools have 1562 uses. Tilling a dirt block which has a dirt block on top of it will change it to farmland even though it cannot be used. If a hoe is used on a block horizontally adjacent to such a block, the first block will revert to dirt and the selected block will not be tilled. The hoe will still take one point of damage from each use. There is a glitch with bedrock that makes use of the Hoe. Placing a dirt block under a bedrock block, tilling the dirt, and removing the dirt block
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