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Donald asks…

What to get my Grandpa for Christmas?

Okay, so I’m going Christmas shopping tomorrow, and have no clue what to get my Grandpa. He’s like 74, he’s a carpenter, I usually get him tools. But he has every tool known to man.. Plus, that’s what I get him every year.
He’s like, an alcoholic, but I don’t know if getting him booze would be appropriate. Plus that’s expensive.
He likes to bake a lot, too. But his kitchen isn’t very big and is already full of cooking things.
He doesn’t like sports, either. He watches like, Coronation Street and C.S.I .. So I’m pretty stuck on what to get him?

Dusty answers:

Full season dvds of CSI to watch at his leisure. If that was my favorite tv show, I’d love you lots.

George asks…

Im 13, what should i buy for my family? And more, 10 POINTS!!!?

My budget: 150$ (a portion of years of saving. don’t say I’m spoiled since i don’t even get allowance)
My budget within my mom,dad and brother: 100$ ( i dont wanna spend a lot on the rest)

My dad is a handyman kind of guy, he’s almost 45years old. But he has everything a handyman can have: about 10 toolboxes, carpenter glue, and tons of tools i have never heard of. So tools isn’t gonna do it.

He like to cook, especially with spices! He even cooks waaaaaaaay better then my mom, lol. I was thinking of spices or something, but i have no clue where to get that.
He’s born and raised in Lebanon so he’s used to stuff like Lebanese Coffee. I was searching for that also, with no success.

Now, my mom. She’s also near 45 years old. I thought of a wool scarf. I think it costs around 20 to 30$. Maybe i should buy her scented candles? It comes cheaper and matches with my budget but i bought that last year too. I though of spa but its near 50$ for the cheapest thing. That’s half my budget!

For my older brother (almost 16yrs old) i decided to buy a 1gigabyte memory card for his MP4. But since that doesn’t cost more then 5$, I’m thinking maybe of buying him a video game too? We have a PS2 and he has a brand new laptop of his own.

For my younger cousin (7years old boy), i don’t know what to buy him at all. His parents bought him a telescope so i guess he is into space and rockets. Maybe i should get an illustrated book? But he’s got tons of that at school, it’ll finish in a day.

For my youngest cousin (2 and a half years old girl), that’s where I’m stuck the most. Clothes? She seems to like it, but i don’t know what to get (size isn’t a problem, I’ll ask the mom). I don’t know what she is into.

You dont need to have all 5 to have 10 points cuz im certainly not a 13year old Santa Claus!!!
Its so hard to chose best answer…Each member from my family is a suggestion from a different person. But i decided this:
Brother: 1gig Memory Card + Video Game
(he can watch movies for free)

Mother: Bath Candles + Pedicure

Dad: Spice Rack + maybe Indoor Spice Garden (garlic chives)

Older Cousin: I found a cool shirt from the site the first comment.

Younger Cousin: a Teddy Bear will do.

And i come with a total of an average of 105$ for all of it! Only 80$ for my mom, dad and brother!!! Thanks so much all of you, im using less money then i expected. I would put thumbs up but im not a high level enough.

Dusty answers:

Youre so thoughtful!! How sweet :)

if your dad like to cook and hes into spices AND hes lebanese I would get him some iranian saffron, or vanilla beans from madigascar. You could also get him some little gifts like gourmet wild rice to go with the saffron- that would be delicious for everyone.

For your mother- nail salons will usually do a manicure and pedicure for $30- thats in budget and you could wrap up the gift card creatively- I am sure she would appreciate a little relaxation and pampering! You could always just do the pedicure, too, if she doesnt get her nails done. All women love pedicures!! If you could learn how to knit or sew i bet your mother would LOVE it if you made her a scarf! Fabric is cheap and she would love to have something so special.

Your brother would love a movie to watch in his new laptop… And there are a lot of good DVDs coming out that are very reasonably priced. If he’s 16 I bet he would love The Hangover or Dark Knight- they were both really popular movies this year. If he likes sci fo or hes a little nerdy I bet he would love the movie “Moon”- its really good! You can ask your parents if the movies are OK, and they are all available on i am sure your mother or father would help you order it!

Your 7-year old cousin could probably use a star map or some cool glow in the dark stars to stick onto his ceiling if he is into astronomy.

As for your baby cousin- you could get some or play doh really cool blocks or a little doll or something. Little kids like anything thats colorful, makes noise, and is fun to play with! Little kids LOVE play doh, its enriching, and its pretty inexpensive.

Ruth asks…

What would you do if?

Ok so i bought my 2 year old daughter a big wooden kitchen set at a community yard sale, one of the volunteers working there was also an employee of the kids playcenter we go to all the time and she and i have become friends.
The kitchen set was solid wood and really cool my daughter was so excited…..but it was pretty worn out so I said this will be great once I paint it, then my friend said she and her man can do it because he is a carpenter and has all the tools

This was 4 weeks ago, it was only supposed to be a couple days so i asked her about it yesterday and she said its still only half done( which was done the first day she had it) and that one part of it was at a friends house finished and the other part is in her backyard and is in a mess….I am so pissed off about the situation because my little girl keeps asking about it and now she even says “its getting painted mommy”,plus i could have done it myself in a day or two but she offered and told me they would make it all nice and pretty.

I tend to over react when it comes to my daughter so I’m just wondering how other parents would feel in this situation and what you would say?

Dusty answers:

You’re not over-reacting at all. Your friend promised to do the job in a couple of days and took way longer. It isn’t worth losing a friendship over, but you’re quite reasonable to want it back.

Just tell her you want to give it back to your daughter and you’ll be round later to pick it up, thank her for the job she’s done so far but you’d like to finish it yourself.

Sandy asks…

My 3 yrs. old son has phobia with spiders and because of this he`s afraid to go to the toilet its been 2 days?

I have a 3 yrs. old son.. He has fear of monsters and he considers spiders as monsters.. we were getting our roof fixed .. he was about to poo and suddenly a very loud sound , the carpenter dropped one of his tools, my 3 yrs old son was so scared , he thought it was a big spider .. Because of that he did not poo at all that day.. Today he was saying “i have to poo , i have to poo” , when we were walking towards the bathroom he stopped , he won`t go in the bathroom so it told him , let`s just use your potty trainer , he refused and went back playing. Yes , I did the calm talk , it didn`t work . What should I do ??

Dusty answers:

The best way to solve this is to stay in the bathroom with him when he sit on the toilet,then he will get the idea there are no spiders around if there is someone with him sing a tune so that he can see you are relaxed about it ,these phobias can last a good while or they could disappear just as quick . He need to be reassured that the bathroom is a safe place. I would go with whatever he requests and hopefully it will go as do most childrens fear of different situations,afterall he is only 3 .

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