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I designed these shelves to hold all my tools but still have most of the floor space free. For pictures of the the van check out my Facebook:

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Laura asks…

My dad is a Carpenter, I want to buy him Carpenter Tools for Christmas?

The tools he uses right now are fairly old and aren’t as reliable as the newer stuff… So I’m looking to purchase some type of tool kit which provides all the essentials a Carpenter needs. Can anyone provide me with some kind of link on Amazon?

Dusty answers:

Get him a gift card from Lowes or Home Depot, and then he can select what he needs.

Lisa asks…

What tools does a carpenter need in Australia?

I’m a Brit carpenter, migrating to Perth later this year. Obviously I’ll need a full kit of hand tools, but I need to know if it’s necessary to supply your own power tools (as it is here in Britain) or if your employer supplies them. If any Aussie carpenters could give me some idea of what tools I’ll need to work there I’d be very grateful; it’ll be a real help, as I can work out if it’ll be cheaper to buy tools there or ship mine over.
Also, are most Aussie carpenters employed directly or do they work on a self employed basis?

Dusty answers:

You should have no problem working for yourself if you wanted to. One of my cousins went to live in Australia last year and became self employed straight away only because he was self employed in Ireland and was to used to working for himself. Before we left Ireland we got my family to send over catalogs for tools so that we could see what the prices were so we could figure out whether it would be cheaper to ship all his tools over or to buy new ones. My cousin bought everything from a compressor, nail guns, router, cop saw, laser level, 3 different types of drills, skill saw. He spent the first week here shopping around and he got every thing for $6500,and his work van for $34000,but you don’t have to buy a new work van you can buy ones way cheaper. It’s hard way to say whether you need to be fully kitted out with tools as some company’s say you don’t need to be fully kitted out with tools, just your basic hand tools,but I will say that you have better options if you are fully kitted out and will be able to earn more money. If you need any more information please feel free to email me. Take care.

David asks…

What general tools does a carpenter need to start out with?

Please give me a list of hand tools and power tools. And how much it will all cost. I know from experience not to buy cheap rubbish.

Dusty answers:

A good pair of hands and a brain is first lol

Helen asks…

What personal hand tools are needed for a carpenter’s helper?

my fiance is looking to start a new career. he is looking into construction, has no exp and no tools. all ads in paper for carpenters helper say that you must have your own hand tools.

what does this entail?
i would like to get him set up so he can get one of these jobs, what will he need?


Dusty answers:

NONE HAND TOOLS ARE REQUIRED BY THE CARPENTER, helpers are to help them using the tools efficiently.

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