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John asks…

Why am I here ? What’s my purpose?

I just want to understand why I’m here?
why is everything so hard?
I have no religion and don’t want any I just want a answer as to my purpose. I have three children I know that should be enough but I can’t stand telling my kids “NO” I’m a carpenter by trade and yes I know this is a stupid question after hearing what I have to say but times have been so tough on me after the divorce I lost all my tools in the relocation. I’ve moved on and had another child but now I feel so useless I moved back “home” and nothing is the same here well atleast not for me. No work in the area and money is so tight. It really sucks that our world only resolves around money. I tried to say it doesn’t matter but I can’t lie it does matter. I used to have it made where my ex is from I joined the carpenter‘s union there and thought that was my calling. But now I’m here in this situation I don’t really know what to expect next. I know suicide is not the answer my new girl’s dad killed himself and I just got done reading her Father’s Day letter to him. I’m on here hoping to get a good honest answer. I love my children to death. I’ve fought my way through the “MOTHERS judicial system and prevailed with my children living with me. I wouldn’t know how to answer this question myself but any help will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Please contact me if you can help out finacially I’m not begging I’m just tired of telling my children No

Denny answers:

Check out your local food bank. For about 30 bucks you can fill your pantry and freezer with enough food to last a couple weeks. You’ll have to wait in a long line, but it’s worth it.

Thomas asks…

Why do Republicans keep saying Obama does nothing when he can’t because the Reps control the House?

As a result both sides will obviously argue and nothing will get done. Also, Mitch McConnell said that the republican’s goal was to make Obama a one term president. Obama can’t get anything done if the Republicans control the House and disagree with almost everything he does. After all he did pass a national healthcare bill and he is by far better then Bush. Do they just want him to fail? Do the Republicans want to fix our problems or are they going to keep playing politics? Both sides play politics, but Republicans are much worse. For, example the debt ceiling issue, everyone knows it must be raised, but they are arguing to play games.

By the way, how do expect a carpenter to get his job done when he doesn’t have the tools to do his job?

In this case Obama doesn’t have the Democrats to control the House, so he can’t get anything done.

If he uses the executive order to pass laws, then you republicans will call him a dictator and say he should follow the democratic system. If he doesn’t use the executive order right now then he will get nothing done since the Republicans will keep disagreeing with him to make him look bad.

Just vote Democrats into the House so we can actually get things done.

We really are screwed this time.
Please no name calling, lets have an actual discussion.
He has to do something, we are screwed if he does nothing. We can’t just sit around and expect our problems to solve themselves.
No, we had to raise the debt ceiling. Bush caused our debt to rise with his wars and support of big business against the common man for example the bush tax cuts. It is his fault, he inherited the bad economy from Bush. You need to get your facts straight. It is Bush’s fault!

Denny answers:

Tea Party people are in a hurry to do what most Republicans are happy to do gradually: reduce government at all levels to a shadow of what it is today. They are profoundly *anti-government*.

When one looks at the total mess that two Bush/Cheney administrations made of both domestic and foreign affairs, that is not an unreasonable position. They exemplified government at its very worst.

If a homeowner is truly unhappy with his house, he has several choices. He can raze it to the ground. He can drastically reduce it in size. Or he can renovate, keeping what works and adding other good features.

Obama has moved into a house that was left on fire and in a state of collapse by the last tenant. Tea Party people are quick to blame him for the faults of the previous occupant. This is, of course, nonsense.

Have you ever heard of owners putting the blame for the loss of their house on the fire department that they called when they were careless, and a blaze broke out?

I have. They say things like, “I don’t know how they let the fire get away from them!” And, “We called them in time, but they took too long to get here, and expected us to be helpful by staying out of the way, instead of letting us remain in charge of the situation!”

Tea Party people have the Republican party by the short hairs.

They are quite ready to have the entire house destroyed, rather than see a Democratic president get the credit for rebuilding it stronger than ever.

A Tea Party member’s fatal flaw is that he is convinced that he alone sees things the way they are.
Of course, HE DOES NOT. Like everyone else, he sees things the way he is.
The chance that a large number of Tea party people will come to understand this is very small. One must be both more intelligent and more selfless than the great bulk of them are. These are deeply ignorant and desperately selfish people.

It is their false moral rectitude that makes them so dangerously destructive.

Mary asks…

what car should i buy?

im a carpenter. i dont want a big car but i do need trunk space for tools .. i do alot of driving so that is a big factor. i will not go domestic . i have about 6-9 grand to spend on a car (money isnt an issue its more about the car itself) im looking at a 4 door honda civic i believe its a 2002-4 or a 2002-5 Mazda 3 .. the mazda is a hatchback and the civic is a coupe .. i want to know what you would choose why.. and why you wouldnt choose the other car. also if you have other suggestions i would like to hear them

i was also thinking toyota corolla. i dont like the back windows of the matrix and mazda 5 ..
i need something cheap on gas and reliable. i dont wanna boat just cause it has trunk space. but i dont want something that makes me look like a homo

hopefully i was specific enough to get a solid answer . if you have sites that you looked at id like those pasted aswell

Denny answers:

It looks like you need the Honda.
It seems to satisfy all your wants among the pack you described.

Lisa asks…

How does this guitar work?

Here is somethingI found on a forum…

“”My mom promised to buy me a an electric gitar if i were to get 10 or 11 A’s in my o’levels…. but back then o’levels bohat duur ki baat thi. so i decided to make my own electric giatr with a minimal budget….. and heres what i did…

basic tools

1. A Plass
2. scissors or cutter.
3. solderin iron and solder (for firm conncetions..)
4. and well a little experience with electronics…

basic requirements…

1. once again a little expereince…
2. a small bar magnet.. ( not very strong and approximately the width covered by the strings..)

3. a roll of insulated thin wire..the thinner the better…
4. maple wood…for the body…( it might cost u so i used cheaper wood)
5. the 6 strings…
6. a bridge for holding the strings..(i used a peice of wood with six minute holes in it..but if u want quality u gotta spend more money then i did…

7. keys for holding the stringssss….
8. jack socket….


well the carving part i left to the carpenters .. i explained how to cut the wood and expect all u ppl to do the same… unless u have a personal workshop……
have the body and neck cut from separate peices of wood..

make sure u have depressions carved into the body where ur MAGNETIC PICK will fit into…

making the magnetic pick…

now that u have a bar magnet…. (aprrox the 1.5 cm by 6 cm)…..and the insulated wire u can begin… start winding the wire carefully onto the magnets height in such a way that the 1.5 by 6 cm side faves upwards…. wind carefully and neatly as this is essential for quality…..make sure u leave atleast 25 cm of unwound wire on both sides…u can stop winding when the thickness of the wound wire around the magnet is about 0.7 to 1 cm thick……

now u need a cover for ur pickup…..these can be easily found in the market….and are very cheap… find the one that can fit ur magnetic pick….

now fit the cap on ur magnetic pick and embed it in the depression in ur gitar body…(best if this depression is 3 cm from the bridge..and is 1 cm deep)..

now u have the pick with two open wires at its ends… scrub or burn away abt 1 cm of insulation from both ends….and connct the wires to the jack socket…( u’ll need a depression for the socket aswell)

doing the menial work

connect the neck to the body using a couple of screws and super glue…( have the carpenter do it…)and also have the frets carbed into ur neck….)…

i’m not explaining the wood work simply coz i dint do it.. i used the neck of my old gitar and had the body carved out…..

i’m sure u can figure out how to connect the bridge to body and keys and strings and all so i’ll let that go aswell……

the secret

now ur gitar is ready ….. but heres something u won’y find anywhere….. it’s totally new and totally mine……. but well u can share the knowledge..(if it means getting 10000 points…hopefully..)

i’m sure that theres an audio cassette player in almost every home… and now that its almost obselete i’m sure no one really need s them.. so here what u do,…

take the audio player and remove its head… if ui dont know what a head is ask a technician….the head is connected to two wires.. now its ur turn….take two long wires and connect one two each of wires in the cassette player….now connect the two long wires tO a jack pin (ONE THAT FITS UR JACK SOCKET IN THE GITAR)…..

there u have it now all u have to do it connect any speakers (be it computer speakers or any other) or to ur amplifier via the headphone pin ( where u connect ur head phones to the player) and then plug in the jack pin to the jack socket.. press the play button on ur cassete player .. turn on ur speakers and rock all u want……

courtesy .. HUMZa or better known as


Tell me how this thing works!!

Denny answers:

Sounds like crap to me. Save up, get a job, or get some A’s

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