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Understanding how to use, care for and store a quick square arediscussed in this free educational video series. Expert: George A. Finn III Bio: George Finn is an expert in mechanical systems. He has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is a licensed engineer and licensed home inspector. Filmmaker: Nick Finn
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In order to make things out of wood, it’s important to have access to wood, woodworking tools and knowledge about wood and safety. Gain a better understanding of wood and it’s hygroscopic properties with help from a woodworker and antique restorer in this free video on woodworking. Expert:…
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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools Names

Paul asks…

HELP WANTED immediately?

Great benefits! They cover the entire family, including your parents and grandparents! “Earn your keep” and there is a bonus when the job is finished. It’s a temporary job but the bonus is worth it. You don’t have to relocate nor travel, unless you want to. When I say “Earn your keep” I mean that you work for your home, clothes, food, and any other necessities. I am a Christian. I work for God. He is the guy that made life. I’m sure you have heard of him in your thoughts. He also goes by the name Jesus Christ. You know; the same one that made wind, oxygen, metals, rocks, and all the other natural resources! No. No. Mother Nature is a Quack. Jesus is the real Doctor. That is right. He is a Doctor, Lawyer, Brick Mason, Carpenter, and much more. He has monopoly over the Universe. Jesus is hiring everybody that can pass his lie detector test. Since I passed it, I can coach you some. There is a catch to it. Once you have passed the test you will have to go through training. The best part of the training is that you will already be employed. Therefore; you will already be reaping the benifits and “earning your keep”. When the training is over you will be put on the job. The job last as long as you live. The job will be determined by how well you do on the test. You will be givin a job description, tools, and materials necessary to perform the job. You will be givin other opportunities to train and be promoted. Will you be a Christian with me? The catch to the lie detector test is that you must tell the entire truth about your life to Jesus, and pay attention to yourself when you tell him.Remember that he has rule over the entire Universe. Therefore; he will know if you are not paying attention. As with any job, there are rules, regulations, and a history of the company. You can find them located in The Holy Bible at the Church nearest you. Also, as with any other job, you can be fired. Since I’ve been working for Jesus Christ I have learned alot of things you can’t learn working for the other companies. One of those things I learned is what the bonus is. No. I won’t tell you what the bonus is. You wouldn’t understand it. Understanding is the key element in learning. With out it you can not learn. The Job is performed with a self- employee concept. Everyone who is employed by Mr. Christ has part ownership of His company. Everyone has diffrent job descriptions, but we all have the same responsibilities. The second most important responsibility is to aid one-another in and outside of the company with our skills in order to create a covet-less society. Yes. Being a Christian is a government job. All Christians and Jesus, united, can be self-governed, with Jesus as himself: the God-head. All Christians are special agents and secret service personnel. The last Christian that got fired was one of Jesus’ Ambassadors, A.K.A. preacher. He got to a point where he thought he knew everything. I assure you that there is plenty to learn even for the best skilled Christians! Yes. After anyone is fired from the company, or layed off for a while, Jesus calls a company wide meeting to inform the team of the changes. Along with the change, He informs us why He made His decision. Yes. Jesus is a compassionate employer. He does sit down with every one He fires or lays off and gives them a full understanding why, then He cancels their benefits. Now that you have information concerning the job, I hope you will join the team. You don’t have to see an Ambassador right away, but it is a requirement. You won’t have to track me down in the system to tell me thank you. I’ll already know. If you join you will be required to broadcast the good news. Good news travels faster than bad news in this company. Mr. Christ deletes much of the bad news with the MERCY button on the main computer. He says that if He didn’t delete it that the bad news would fester up and crash the system and that He will not let that happen. Another requirement is that you don’t get too attatched to one job title and/ or the benifits. Jesus wants Christians to strive for the bonus. Once you have learned what the bonus is you will be willing to sacrifice all job titles and benefits. Again; I realy hope you will join the team. I doubt any of the other spiritual companies can make this offer, and this offer does have an expiration date (found on the bottom of your tomb stone).

Dusty answers:

Wonderful !
Thank you very much .

Lisa asks…

What should I wear to a “Band” Party? Costume?

My friend is having a “Band” party.
So instead of dressing up like a band you dress up as the band name.

Eg: Dress as a monkey (The Monkees) or dress in green with a clock around your neck (Green Day) or dress as a maiden and carry an iron (Iron Maiden) etc….

What should I go as? Any ideas?

I want something witty.

I thought of dressing as a tradesman (with a tool belt) and going as The Carpenters….

What do you think?

Dusty answers:

I love your idea of a tradesman with a tool belt for the Carpenters! Very good idea. Creative, too!

Laura asks…

Woodworkers… Carpenters… I have a question..?

Im about to start investing in some power tools… circular saw, router, jigsaw, etc. Iam really interested in getting into some woodworking as a hobbie but I want to invest in some good, but affordable tools that will last me awhile, possibly long enough to pass down to my kids…if they even make anything that durable anymore

…anyways, just wondering about some good brand names that people could stand by.. Black and Decker? Ryobi? ???

Anyone with some input would be much appreciated


Dusty answers:

HAND TOOLS – Sears/Craftsman has the same warranty as Harbor Freight, S-K Tools, so there is no reason to pay a premium for mediocre tools.

Power tools. I like Ridgid, they have a great warranty. Black & Decker have been around for a lot of years too. Sears buys from the lowest bidder, so while it says “Craftsman”, it could be Skil.

Ryobi is a bottom end tool, down there with Skil.

95% of my power tools are Porter Cable, my battery tools are Ridgid.

My hand tools are Craftsman (they are over 30 years old and I bought before Sears was bought by K-Mart), my electronic service tools are Xcelite (Cooper Tools).

William asks…

victim is the name of this poem, please give me your opinions.?


Behold the site of my Golgotha.
The gallows brightended, by the full moon.
Too proud of thier art, the drunken carpenters,
This regal creation, a tool for my doom.

Sunrise I greet you, your warmth and your light,
So warm and so tender was never the night.
Through tears I see you, the last time you see,
Give me your blessings, I see destiny.

A sinner, a fool, just one of Gods beggars,
Or maybe a victim, a victim of life.
I have read it’s no fun to burn in hell’s fire,
But I’ve enjoyed for the most of my life.

Please stay right with me. right by my side,
It is just me, your most precious child.
Wipe from my face all of my final tears,
Save and protect me from all my last fears.

Dusty answers:

. . . I was moved to tears ; I loved it !

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