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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

Sharon asks…

Which of these jobs would you prefer if you had the choice? And why?

Ok im starting tech school in the summer, and there arent too many things to choose from. I want to start a career in something that i like and also pays good. But i cant decide.If you can please tell me wich job you would prefer and weigh the pros and cons for me please. This is very important to me. The careers im going to choose from are
1. Graphic engineering
3. Web designer
4.major in business
5.criminal justice
6.machine tool management
These are not in any specific order.
These are just some of my choices out of the careers my school has to offer.Please help me with the pros and cons.

Dusty answers:

1 and 3 are probably the safest choices. The internet and graphical media aren’t leaving any time soon, so demand for those will always exist.

2, 6 and 8 are all respectable trades. Trade work is another thing that the world will always need, and it can pay very well if you advance through the levels and have the skills to do well.

So, I think if you’re looking for non-trade jobs, 1 and 3 are the best. If you’d rather do trade work, then carpentry and welding are always fine choices.

Charles asks…

What type of tool did Jesus have?

How old was he when Joseph gave him his first Tooling session and showed him how to knock up his first Pine dresser?

Why did Jesus bother learning Carpentry when he could have just magicked furniture?

What Jeez think of IKEA crap if he could see it?

Dusty answers:

Get your head out of your sphincter then talk

George asks…

Are there any ladies out there that enjoy wood….?

working? I like to do a little carpentry work on the weekends but I never see any women enjoying it. Its very relaxing.

I like gaining more experience with my tool.

Society & Culture > Holidays > Valentine’s Day

Dusty answers:

I’ve been thinking about starting to work with wood, i like working with newspaper and make things out of paper mache’. I make flowers, and some characters for halloween. I would love to try working wood, and now that i know it can be relaxing i will try it, thanks.

Daniel asks…

How can I get my husband to take me seriously?

A few years back when I was married to my ex husband, our house burnt down and we had to rebuild from nothing. My ex showed me how to use every tool known to mankind, and taught me a lot, from running electrical, to plumbing, to carpentry skills, and I think for a woman I’m pretty handy with a saw. Now I’m married to this guy that I love immensely, but he doesn’t think I’m capable of doing anything around the house. We are in the process of remodeling the bathroom, and he had to strip it down to the floor joists because the floor was rotted out. I want to jump in there and help, because I live for home improvement and I have some really good ideas, but everytime I try to help he says, just be quiet and go sit down, or go in the kitchen and look pretty. I HATE THAT. If he would just listen to me I know what I’m talking about, meanwhile he stands around with his brother (who’s helping him) and discuss for hours how to do something, then end up doing exactly what I would have told him to do in the first place if he had just listened to me. I hate being treated like the pretty little woman who can’t do anything but cook and clean and look pretty. He says it’s not that he thinks I’m not capable, he doesn’t want me to get hurt. How do I convince him that I’ve done more carpentry work than he ever has, and have even done roofing with the guys and I won’t get hurt?
How am I being controlling-this is OUR project, not just his. It’s my house too.

Dusty answers:

Compromise is the key to a successful marriage. I make suggestions and my husband implements them if they are sensible to him. He is a carpenter and I am the designer. We are a match made in heaven. You should do the decorating but first draw the plans that you want to implement, hand them to him and then discuss the practicalities and the applications that should be done so you are both in agreement on how to proceed. It is a joint project and you should have some say in the process.

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