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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

Helen asks…

Was my interview successful?

I went in for an interview as a courtesy clerk at Kroger’s today, and me and the manager discussed hours (she had to explain to me what my max hours can be, since i’m only 17) and I took the most hours I could each day. She asked the usual “Why do you want to work here” question and I answered confidently “Because Kroger’s is one of my top priorities in the job market (She smiled at that) and with my free time and eager energy, I can use it in a manner beneficial towards anyone shopping at Kroger’s.”

So then she asked what experience I had and I replied that I helped my dad as an assistant in carpentry (Hauling heavy loads and working with tools). And that I did lawn mowing, and she asked if I enjoyed it. I said yes mam, and then she asked what the worst part of it was. I said it was getting dirty and chuckled at it, and she did too.

The mistake I might have made was when she asked “Why should we hire you?” I said that I was “Very eager and determined to work…and…yeah, determined, ha-ha.” She simply smiled

But overall, I was confident (although very nervous, as my pen was shaking a bit.) and used my manners, handshakes, etc…. and she said she would call me IF I got the job around the end of next week for a second interview, and if I WASN’T hired I would get a letter in the mail in 3 weeks.

Dusty answers:

It sounds like the interview was successful. If she was laughing and smiling a lot then maybe you made a good impression.

Steven asks…

What type of boots for school?

Im going to need boots this year because I’m go to a technical school for half my day. So should I go with steel toe, or regular? I was thinking steel becuase it’s a carpentry school and if i drop wood, tools, etc on my foot i wouldnt have to worry. Also how much would each cost aproximetly?
Well we need to bring our own tool boxes day in day out. AND need to go out and get boots for 1. the look. and 2. they are tougher then regular shoes so if we step on a nail or something we are a little more protected.

Dusty answers:

My dad works for a construction company and he wears steel toe boots. Uh I think the ones my dad buys are about $70 or $80. In carpentry at my school they build a house, but most of them wear just regular shoes. But if you have to get boots then get steel toed.

Jenny asks…

Can any experienced Javascript Developer give me some advice?

I would like some suggestions and ideas from experienced Javascript Developers on small projects that could help develop my JS skills.

Here is a little background on me: I am a self-taught web designer who is familiar with XHTML, CSS and PHP. I started teaching myself JS with a pretty good book but now that I have some know-how, the question is what can I do with it ? I’m familiar with how to walk the DOM, how to manipulate HTML, switch or change CSS styles, etc…

I feel like a guy in the Carpentry shop who knows how to use the tools in it but has no idea what project to pursue. I’d appreciate a couple of suggestions on mini-projects that would be good exercises in applying JS so that I’d have specific goals to apply my bit of know-how.

Dusty answers:

Most of my Javascript work has come into play when developing Ajax driven sites.

Perhaps you may want to go the next step and have a look into Ajax.
There is a demand for it on the market and I am sure there are quite a few things you can develop

Prototype Framework (Javascript Framework) (collection of Web 2.0 style JavaScript libraries used with Prototype)

You probably know this already but if u use Firefox, download the Firebug Extension. One of the best Javascript Debuggers out there, very powerful tool.

David asks…

I would like to make, not just assemble, my own flat pack furniture. Where can I learn about its hardware?

I’d like a bookcase headboard for my bed, but can’t find one I care for. I’d like to make my own using the kind of fastening hardware that comes with flat pack furniture at Ikea or Target (as opposed to fine carpentry joints).

I have a good understanding of the tools and hardware involved (auger and spade bits, cam screws and connectors); I’m looking for more information about placement and grades of bolts and fasteners to determine the best structural assembly. What are some good resources to tap?

Any online resource would be especially helpful: DIY websites or forums, sites with flat pack/RTA specifications, PDFs of assembly directions for similar pieces of furniture, etc?
To “I Need More Cowbell”:
We’re talking about the same thing: putting furniture together with hardware as opposed to carpentry joints such as biscuit joints, dovetails, butterflies. Flat pack furniture is anything that can be taken apart. It can be made of solid wood, or of laminated particle board. It can be well planned and sturdy, or poorly structured.

Dusty answers:

My suggestion would be to draw the headboard out as you want it or find a plan and then join the parts with good old fashioned screws and nuts and bolts. The very small amount of “flat pack” type furniture I have dealt with is usually not as stable as the things I have built myself. Inevitably it seems something is always coming loose or the anchors aren’t tight etc. You can probably do it yourself faster without using the hardware. I apologize for not actually answering your question but this is my opinion and suggestion. Good luck!

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