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Lee Tigner combines vintage images of timber harvesting with a demonstration of how he planes, joins and dresses the reclaimed timber that he uses to build reproduction furniture
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japanese woodworking garden gate/ timber framing

This is my most recent art project that showcases a Japanese/ Greene and Greene style as well as a few of my own ideas. I live and work in Victoria BC Canada. If you like my work, my website is Thanks.
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Japanese Timber Work Joints 竹中大工道具館での説明

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Ken asks…

What kind of tool is this?

It has two pieces, is made of cast iron, is painted black, and has spots of rust. I do not know if it is missing parts or not. It came in a toolbox from a garage sale from a man who used to make keys, although his abundance of woodworking tools tells me he worked in other areas as well. Provided below is a link to some pictures of the tool on Flickr:

Unknown Tool

I have added two pictures to Flickr that show the length of the tool, and opposite it is a handle for a metal file. The tool (or handle, I am unsure), is roughly 7 inches in length. I originally thought it was a frame in which to hold files and raps; however, the tool is loose and can be split into two parts, and the opening mouth is not adjustable. Again, I do not know if there are parts missing.

Dusty answers:

In the UK we know it as a Fisherman’s Creel or iron basket.

Michael asks…

Woodworking question: Using a jointer. I know I would be better served with a planer, but….?

Here is my situation:

I have about 300sqft of oak flooring. It was pulled up from an existing home (victim of imminent domain). Therefore, it has a varnish or urethane coating. I am trying to shave off a 1/16″ or so to get rid of the existing finish.

The planks of hardwood flooring are the standard 2″ wide and vary in length from 2 ft up to 14 ft.

I know a planer would be a perfect tool to shave the wood. However, I don’t have one, nor do I want to spend $300+ on one for this one project. I am able to borrow a jointer from someone to help me along.

Any tips, advice, pointers?

Anyone have experience using a jointer?

Dusty answers:

If you are planning on reinstalling the timber as a floor, then leave the varnish on, reinstall the floor (maybe a rebating plane – hand or power can remove the varnish from the tongues and grooves) then have it sanded and polished after it is installed.
If you machine it now then install it, you are still going to need to sand it to take out any proud edges and you don’t want to take off too much timber.
If you just want to have some nice timber to use ‘some day’ then maybe a coarse grit belt sander across the grain then a fine one along it will work (you also need time with this option), although this could cause rounding on the edges…
Or maybe bite the bullet and buy a thicknesser/bench planer… Or look into hiring one? A thicknesser would be a better option if you are going to reuse it as a floor, this will give you a precise thickness across your pack of timber, a power planer may leave little grooves (as a result of only having 2 blades) and will need to be sanded after.

Linda asks…

Cabinet refinishing book recomendation?

I want to refinish my cabinets my self. I have little to no woodworking experience. I am an experienced electrician though, so i have no problems with basic hand tools or tasks.

What is a good book series to use. One with diagrams and step-by-step instructions is appreciated.

Dusty answers:

If you have a Lowe’s or Home Depot near by…they have hundreds of How To Books.

Daniel asks…

cabinet refinishing book recomendation?

I want to refinish my cabinets my self. I have little to no woodworking experience. I am an experienced electrician though, so i have no problems with basic hand tools or tasks.

What is a good book series to use. One with diagrams and step-by-step instructions is appreciated.

Dusty answers:

I agree with the contractor above about the process and that there are literally thousands of books to choose from. But, I really think the Sunset books are about the most useful because they provide materials lists, diagrams and photographs, troubleshooting when problems ocurr and are very detail oriented. You find them near the front of the store in both Lowes and Home Depot.

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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

John asks…

What tools are used in carpentry?

I am getting starting on a project building bookshelves and desks. Price is really not a concern for me.

Dusty answers:

If price is not a concern,I suggest you hire an experienced carpenter to get you aqainted with the tools you need and how to properly use them.Some power tools are more dangerous than guns.The most commonly used carpentry tool is common sense.Good luck with your projects and be carefull.

Ruth asks…

Wood working or carpentry tools?

My husband is getting in to wood working and carpentry. Nothing extreme, just building a few things for around the house. He has a jigsaw, miter saw, sander, and access to a belt sander and table saw, plus your normal tools. I’m trying to get some Christmas ideas, what else does he need? I don’t want to ask him, of course, because then he’ll know what I’m up to. Can you give me some ideas as to what would be the most beneficial things for him to have? Much appreciated!

Dusty answers:

Given your list, I’d say a router or drill/driver would be a good addition, assuming “your normal tools” include hand tools such as chisels, rasps, planes, measuring tape, square, hammer, nail sets, screwdrivers, nail pullers, clamps (can’t have too many of those), pliers, toolbox, …

Other good options
* $20 single hole Kreg jig (I think it’s called the mini)
* Books or magazines on the subject (Family Handyman, Popular Woodworking, Bob Flexner’s book on wood finishing, etc.)
* Workbench

Lizzie asks…

Would a carpentry business or school let me use their tools?

I need to build a small raft in Wisconsin which will require a screwdriver. I will need only about 3 hours. Is it possible that someone might let me borrow theirs?

Dusty answers:

Go to a dollar store or knock on your neighbor’s door. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own a screwdriver that wouldn’t let you borrow it. Do you live near Pittsburgh? I have about a dozen of them.

Sandra asks…

Names of carpentry tools and their diagrams ?

especially tools for timber preparation

Dusty answers:

There a dozens. And in timber preparation, which is a specialized craft that differs from country to country, you would find different names in different tradition.
A beginning point in the US would be timber framing and a search on the tools used
If you mean from logs, then you might look for these books

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