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Drawing/Coloring Lia and Mimi (childish style)

Photo: sophie– —–Message to my lovely viewers :D —– Thank you for your ongoing support, Sorry if I don’t reply to your comments and messages but I read all of them. There were few points that I would like to express in response to some of the questions: 1- Why do you mostly draw faces in YouTube? Simply, the answer is, I like it. The paper you see in this video is my only chance to draw whatever I feel like. Unlike my manga, I’m bounded by the storyline, and by the quality of work and style itself. What I do in my spare time for YouTube is what I really enjoy doing. 2- When is your Manga released? I’m honored to have fans before publishing my manga, that’s what keeps me working even harder to bring up my manga to the top publishing companies out there. I will finish my manga by Feb 7, 2013 I will post the first chapter of my manga soon in Youtube! I hope you understand that, I’m just like you, striving to improve my skills. Whatever I do, will not make me superior over any of you because in the end, we are all making our same wish come true, which is becoming a manga/Comic creators! Thank you for reading So This drawing will be sent to my contest winner. Results are ready, I’m working on the video. Sorry it took some time. ( it’ really hard working on vacations, if you’re not home T_T) Hope you like this one :) FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Music : “windswept by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons

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Rollomatic GrindSmart® 628XS CNC tool grinder The GrindSmart®628XS is a 6-axis CNC super precision tool grinder for the manufacturing and regrinding of round & non-round cutting tools, from Ø 0.1mm (.004″) to 16mm (5/8″). Its automatic loading/unloading system, precision clamping system, and innovative V-block & steadyrest support make it one of the world’s most reliable tool grinders on the market today. This CNC tool grinding machine is a re-designed and improved version of the renowned model 628XS. The new features include a new control panel for improved operator convenience, a rotary glass scale on the tool axis for enhanced flute and relief finish on cutting tools and higher indexing accuracy, as well as a re-inforced machine bed to absorb vibrations and external disturbances. With maximum uptime and unmatched productivity for long & short batches, this highly versatile grinder has 6 interpolating axes for customized grinding of metal cutting, composites & woodworking tools, inserts, medical & dental instruments, polycrystalline CBN, and much more. It operates on a Fanuc iPanel 160iMB control with Fanuc support world-wide. The GrindSmart®628XS is operated by our VirtualGrind® and VirtualGrind® Pro software and features 3D tool & machine simulation. Our EasySetup® wheel presetting & programming method reduces machine setup time by 50% and eliminates dry-run!

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Most items available through HERE: How to set up your own decent electronics lab, what you need, and how much it’ll cost you. Electronics test equipment, soldering, surface mount, hand tools, and parts. Help support Dave by buying any of these items through the link above.

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Process of building an experimental aircraft during the last five years in my garage. It’s a long way to the top if you want an RV4…..Credits to my wife Andrea and Willi, the dog, for beeing still here, Pat the personal bucking bar for help and support, my parents for some extra grease, Klaus for infecting me with the RV-virus, Doug Reeves for his fanastic community, Van for his great design and support, Georg for all the tools and for teaching me how to land this thing and all the others on the way. The experience of a lifetime!!
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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Carol asks…

what can i claim on tax as a carpenter?

i know fuel tools boots but anything else. please help.

Dusty answers:

Yea for this see

Best of luck with

Donald asks…

What is a good approach to building a apparatus to support a punching bag?

I have a punching bag actually its a kicking bag so its a bit longer than your normal bag its about 6ft. Anyhow, it weighs 130 lbs and I have a garage in which I have tons of room to hang it but im not sure how to go about building the support for it.

My first idea was just run a thick peice of plywood or 4×4 across and land it on two support beams but the area in which I want to hang it is pretty wide and I fear its going to eventually snap the wood in half..

Anyone have any good ideas on this? I can get the tools and whatever I just need the idea..

Carpenters to the rescue!
The roof is like that of an addict. it, if you look up there are 6 lengthy beams running left to right they are easily like 20-30ft. Above that is the triangluar look of the ceiling with its support and its all wood. Im sorry for not being that great with the structure design im not that knowledgeable in the field. But if it helps its like an old barn.

Dusty answers:

Need to know what the structure of the ceiling/roof is.

Okay, how far apart are the long beams and what are the dimensions of the beams (width and height)?

Paul asks…

what are some good christmas gifts for my parents?

i dont have a lot of money. like at all.

so… i dont know what to get my mom and dad.

my mom is typical. she would really like anything. just what should i get her?

and my dad likes golf, but we always get him golf stuff like every year. hes a carpenter but im sure he probably dosent want tools. and he really likes poker but he has a poker set. so i dont know what to get him either!?

Dusty answers:

For your mom kitchen gadget might do. And for your dad a tool or instrument he might need in his work shop.

Susan asks…

I need ideas on my custom beer pong table?

Ok i have an old pool table its not slate (its wood under the felt) so cutting into it is an option though i”m not a fan of holes for the cups to sit in! What are some really great and unique ideas for this table without breaking the bank! i do have all the tools necessary as im a carpenter with an electrician as a father!

Dusty answers:

You could do a little construction on the holes for where the balls usually go and make it so they would be slots for beer.. So you don’t have to go get more beer after every game. The 2 in the center could hold the cups and maybe even the ping pong balls if your creative enough.

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Google I/O 2011: Android Development Tools

Xavier Ducrohet, Tor Norbye This talk provides an in-depth look at the Android development tools, along with tips & tricks for getting the most out of them. From project support, to source editing and visual editors, to emulator execution and debugging and profiling, this talk will help you get more productive with Android development. The main focus is on Eclipse, but we will discuss other complementary tools as well. This is a demo-oriented talk, and our goal is to show the available features, and how they fit into the workflow.
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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Jenny asks…

why should i support a military that doesnt fight for america?

The service men volunteer to fight for bush not america. The military is being used like tool, Like a carpenter uses a hammer. It wasnt nor is necessary for them to be getting killed in Iraq right now.
you couldnt pay me to enlist and fight for bush
I dont care what you think naples. Your thoughts are completely ineffectual in the scheme of things.

Dusty answers:

Soldiers obey orders before they complain. They fight wars but only complain when they are already veterans or disabled. That is the mark of soldiers.

Nancy asks…

How can I find a stud in a wall?

I am a 21 year old girl… so if you answer this… please understand that I have no tools except a hammer and some nails. And I have no experience with this… so I may not understand the carpenter “lingo” lol. I have a small bar area where I want to hang some stuff… the stuff isnt too heavy. The space is only about 1 foot wide… I dont even know if there would be any studs in it. Would it be ok to hang my stuff without finding the studs… since it isnt that heavy?

But if I do need to find the studs… then I need my original question answered… how do i find studs in the walls???

thanks for your help!

Dusty answers:

If you have an electric razor simply hold it to the wall and slide it along the area your looking at. If you hear a change in pitch…there is a stud! Hope that helps! ^_^

However, since the item IS light you probably dont need to find a stud…but this kinda depends on the wall…if its paneling…find the stud, other wise you are fine just mounting the item wherever you please.

Chris asks…

Will my electrical items work if i emigrate?

I am in the process of moving to Australia and i need to know if its worth taking my household electrical items with me.
I am currently in the UK and the voltage here is 240v. Is it the same in Australia and would i just have to change the plugs over. It would be helpful to know as I am a carpenter and I do not want to have to sell all of my tools just to buy them again over there.

Dusty answers:

Your appliances will all work. All you will need is a very inexpensive ($10 – $15) and easy to get plug adaptor.

Daniel asks…

What tools would Jesus have in His toolbox that would not be found in a modern day carpenters toolbox?

Dusty answers:

A portable drill.

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Laura asks…

how to find manuals for woodworking power tools?

Manual for a jepson 2hp fixed base router

Dusty answers:

Couldn’t find any manuals, might try the link below and email the support. Good Luck

John asks…

where can i buy cooling fan for amatures on woodworking tools?

Dusty answers:

I’m not exactly sure what this is, could you explain further?

Paul asks…

What is the best brand in plumbing/power/woodworking Tools ;-) ?

Dusty answers:

In my experience, Makita tools are some of the best. I’ve used different brands and so far I haven’t found anything I’ve liked better than those.

Richard asks…

Is it posible to do small woodworking projects without having any power tools?

Dusty answers:

Absolutely !! Small projects AND Large !! Until I was 20, all I had was a hand-saw, miter-saw, coping-saw, planes, chisels, hammer, a hand-drill, clamps and glue: I built bird-houses, chairs, tables, picture-frames, etc.

SURE it takes LONGER, and you get blisters at first… But I think it’s often more rewarding.

When I was 18 (and a Boy Scout), two other guys and I built a 18 foot square CABIN by hand… The only power tool we used was a TRUCK to haul the logs. We had axes, saws, mauls and wedges, frows, draw-knives, chisels and hand-drills. That cabin was built in 1979 and is still standing and in use today, 30 years later.

Of course TODAY I have endless power-tools !! I’m just too old to cut down trees and turn them into firewood by HAND !!


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