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Learn how to utilize the empty space under your staircase by building a storage space in the unused area.

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Closet/Office/Vanity Tour!

Hey Beauties! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & EXPAND INFO! Please refer back to my ALTERNATIVE MAKEUP STORAGE & STUDIO video for more inspirations and links: Here is my updated room for decoration and storage ideas for the office, vanity, and closet. I was hands on with my room design from painting, decorating, hammering, and building my “dressing room” with some help from my fiance because he’s tall to install the closet. Cheers, Lisa FYI: Instead of buying the Ikea Pax closet system that would have cost me 0 which is not mobile because I will be moving and it would be tough to break the freestanding closet down to take with me. I decided to go with the ClosetMaid closet for 0 & you can custom it at Home Depot. I spent a total of 00 from the closet system, diy project supplies, paint, large mirror, wooden hangers, decor, tools, & storage. I purchased 95% that is in my room with the updates & the rest were gifts from my fiance. I know many have been asking what I do for a living. I’m a freelance makeup artist/stylist, care taker, & pharmacy student turned business student. ♥ Facebook: ♥ Twitter: ‪ ♥ Instagram: beautysplurge ♥Pinterest: More Videos on Do-It-Yourself Tutorials: -Makeover Wire Closet -Rose Decor Lamp/Lantern -Home Décor/Gift Chalkboard Paint -Wire & Macramé Bracelets -Multi-Link Bracelet ♥ Music Credit
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