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The Folding Rule – A Simple Planter Box

A simple set of cedar planter boxes for a deck. The are finished with a water proofing coat of asphalt emulsion and and exterior spray stain from Krylon. The Folding Rule

Spray paint guns are used in projects in which brush strokes and ruler marks are needing to be avoided, and these paint guns require that the paint is thinned beforehand. Find out why safety glasses and masks are needed when using spray paint guns with help from an independent contractor and carpenter in this free video on spray painting. Expert: Jeremiah Fox Bio: Jeremiah Fox is an independent contractor, carpenter and handyman with over 20 years of experience in home repair and remodeling. Filmmaker: Steve Anthony
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Donald asks…

Where can I buy spray dry lube for woodworking tools?

Dusty answers:


Susan asks…

Is there a charity would like our woodworking/engineering tools?

My husband has a whole stack of toolswoodworking,engineering, welders,power tools etc. he is no longer able to use. Rather than sell them to a rip-off dealer at a fraction of their worth, we are thinking of donating them to a charity, (an animal one would be close to the heart,but anything worthwhile). Does anyone have any suggestions/contacts?

Dusty answers:

Put them in an auction and give them the proceeds.

Nancy asks…

Where can I rent a space close to downtown Chicago where I would have access to provided woodworking tools?

Dusty answers:

I am looking for the same facilities to rent on an hourly basis. Let me know if you find such a place and I will let you know what I find.

Helen asks…

What tools should I take to a beginners woodworking class?

This is the class description:

Students taking this class will work on a pre-selected project using either hand tools and/or small power tools. The project will include most phases of woodworking skills: cutting, gluing, sanding and assembly. Materials for this project will be furnished, however, students are encouraged to bring their own power or hand tools to use.

Any suggestions?

Dusty answers:

That would depend on how well the shop is equipped with shop tools and hand tools. Start by bringing a good apron, tape measure and pencil. If you are serious about woodworking in the future you’ll want your own tools because you won’t be able to use THEIR tools and shop forever. I do a lot of woodworking in my small garage. I started out slowly and over the course of a few years have 90% of everything I need. The best investment I made was the Ridgid portable table saw and portable sliding compound miter saw which cost me about $500. Each, but have already paid for themselves over and over again. I also have lots of portable drills, circular saws and belt sanders. Because I also do remodeling of other people’s homes, I own some pneunamatic nailers and power tools and a good air compressor to power them. Good Luck

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