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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Donald asks…

How to cross two two by fours?

I want to cross two 2x4s so that they are flush. I know i need to mortice (not sure if that’s the correct term) them out equally, but I only have very basic woodworking tools (hand saw, skilsaw, plane, drill.) What’s the best way to do this?

Dusty answers:

Twenty or so passes across each and flake with hammer slick up bottoms use a swanson slide over each pass do both side by side

Chris asks…

I had a dream that I was in a woodworking shop that sold crucifixes, what does it mean?

I was raised catholic mind you. In my dream I walked into a shop that was filled with finished and partially constructed crucifixes (the ones with jesus actually on them). Most were veiled in shadow, but there was one without arms or legs propped up on a workstation with a light on it and some woodworking tools nearby. I approached it and it craned its neck and started to open and close its mouth. I grew frightened and started to back out of the room. As I did this, the rest of the crucifixes started to move and lurch towards me in a startling manner, the ones with arms reaching out to grasp me. I awoke as one began pulling itself off of its cross in order to block my retreat. I don’t usually have dreams this vivid and this one kind of has me spooked. What do you think it means?
Gary gary gary……its cause they do, duh! Its pretty much commonly accepted that dreams are a manifestation of the brains subconscious. Very one dimensional response. Tsk Tsk, thumbs down.
jehovah lover: Until you provide me with empirical evidence to the contrary, I think I’ll stick with the concept that has been accepted by psychologists and psychiatrists throughout the world. Why has it been accepted you ask? Because it has been tested throughout time by observation and experiment. But feel free to stick to your world is flat analogy…which didn’t hold up to any kind of scientific scrutiny and was discarded as a theory.

Dusty answers:

Dreams are your subconscious working. They reveal nothing as predictions, however some shrinks believe they can be certain psychoses manifesting themselves.

Ruth asks…

i want to start a hobby woodworking?

i want to start woodworking, i just wanted to know what tools i should get, and what materials. Also what projects should i do to get better at woodworking.

Dusty answers:

I would say the most important tools are a jig saw, drill, stapler, and sander. A fun project would be a poker table because you would have fun building it and using it. I would also reccommend checking out this site for ideas

Laura asks…

need advise on on re-doing woodwork on old singer sewing machine cabinet?

want to re-do the cabinet, the laminite is coming apart. the wood frame appears to be sturdy including the drawer frames. i have most woodworking tools but have never attempted anything this detailed before. would appreciate advise from anyone with this type knowledge Thanks

Dusty answers:

If your referring to the “old” style the one with the foot pedal i had to redo my grandmothers but heres was just the top section or table section

you can either get a solid wood section from a hardware store probly have to order it like solid oak or cherry then measure the old piece and use a roughter to redo the edge work on it sand it smooth and restain and polly coat it

you can get the very thin wood panel’s from like home depot i mean thinner then 1/8 inch
if you do that all you have to do is remove all the pealing area until your at a smooth surface sand it down and use a lamanite type glue and apply the wood panel and use like a rubble rollar to make shure it is apply furmly and get all access glue out etc allow up to 48 hrs to cure then start sanding the edges where the glue came out and then refinish the piece with fresh stain and pollyurothain

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