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Woodshop Tour

I will take a tour of my workshop or woodshop where i do my woodworking and turning. A video to show that you dont need a massive space to start woodworking and you can fit a lot of woodworking and woodturning tools into a small space if you use some space saving tricks or inginuity. May give you a few ideas on how to best use your space to create the most efficent workshop or woodshop in this woodshop / workshop I show my tablesaw mitresaw router table workbench thicknesser or thickness planer jointer dust extractor power tools jigsaw beltsander computer drill press bandsaw etc. which are in my woodshop / workshop. Use the workshop space as well as you can and create the most effiecent and dust free workshop / woodshop possible! Wood work shop turning turner woodturning shed funny project projects alex harris teenwoodworker
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Installing Replacement Windows – Step-by-Step

Kaitlin Poe show step-by-step proceedures for replacing an old aluminum sliding window in a adobe brick house with new low-e, double pane window.Tools needed include: drill, screwdriver, hammer, chisel, caulking gun, safety glasses, tape, caulk, masonary screws. 15 minutes.

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Cook Like a Pro With Chef Casey Lane

Learn how to make restaurant quality meals with a few new techniques. Three-time James Beard Award nominee, chef Casey Lane will teach you how to take your cooking from ordinary to extraordinary. Casey’s dishing out his quick do-it-yourself tricks of the trade… the professional chef trade that is. As the owner and chef at two restaurant hotspots, the Tasting Kitchen in Venice and Downtown LA’s The Parish, Casey will show you how to master the kitchen in your own home and easily impress your guests. QUESTIONS: What dish would you like to learn to cook better? Subscribe to behind-the-scenes interviews with a new culinary master each week: Find out what else Tasted has in store for you: 7 Questions in the Kitchen highlights popular chefs and food experts answering questions in their very own kitchen. We get culinary masters to talk about their passions, from a special cuisine to their favorite gadgets, and then show you the tricks of the trade. Watch and discover new, never-before-aired information about all the chefs you should know, and learn how their professional knowledge applies to you at home. Check out more episodes of 7 Questions:

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Simple Soldered Pendants

Join Stampington & Company’s Shoppe Manager, Vanessa Spencer as she show you how-to create these simple soldered pendants using the Simply Solder Creative Art Kit and other supplies. If you are a beginner, you only need a few basic tools to get started. The Simply Solder Creative Art Kit, a non-stick craft sheet, and a retractable knife are essential beginner tools. Click here for supplies:

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Show you how to turn or make build a wooden box on the woodturning lathe. Fun woodturning project on the lathe which is quick. Me the teenwoodworker alex harris a woodturner and woodworker showing me making a little wooden trinket box on the lathe using a roughing gouge face plate spindle gouge parting tool beading tool round nosed scraper and skew. I use a finishing oil which is a blend of oils which give a great finish. woodworking woodturning project how to woodwork box making shop woodshop workshop tools lathe mini youtube video turning tips and tricks
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Our CEO Anie & JOOLTOOL products were featured on DIY Network’s “Make the Cut” episode of the COOL TOOLS show. (Episode code DCTL-304) FOR MORE INFO, VISIT US AT WWW.JOOLTOOL.COM Shown here: Jooltool Sharpening / Polishing System NINJA SEE-THRU(tm) disk 3M(tm) Abrasives & Radial Bristle Brushes Chisel Sharpening Rust Cleaning Jewelry Polishing Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening Special thanks to host Chris Grundy for his enthusiasm & incredible charm. Footage copyright of Scripps Networks. Produced by High Noon Entertainment.

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How to Make a Fire Piston

Anyone watching this video should use proper tools while attempting to make a fire piston. I took a few dangerous risks while making this video, but that doesn’t mean you should. Please refrain from posting comments if you are going to tell me to get more tools, or use proper safety gear. I am aware of the risks I take and it is my decision to take those risks. I will show you how to make a fire piston. Sizes for Rod and Tube Are: At Home Depot – Round Rod Aluminum 3/8 X 36 for .97. Round Tube Aluminum 1/2 X 1/16 X 36 for .67. This is what was on the label for the rod and tube. I’m assuming these measurements are in inches. Use whatever tools you have that will work. If you have better tools, like a lathe, or a better method, then go ahead and do that. I just used the tools that I have and made it work.
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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

Ken asks…

Was Noah a better carpenter than Jesus?

we no evidence whatsoever in the Bible to suggest Jesus was very good at His original trade (carpentry), but Noah is said to have built (and engineered!) the largest wooden ship of all time, ingeniusly figuring out how to defy the laws of physics in the process. And he built it with even more primitive tools than Jesus had, centuries later!

Dusty answers:

And large enough to store a pair of every single animal in the World!


Linda asks…

why can’t i find a job?

i can weld,do body work,pretty much anything bumper to bumper on a car,plumbing small electrical, not one to go work in a factory,or as i call it the soap opera,your local fast food joint etc.i even do some landscaping.but a lot of jobs out there require 2yrs exp,proven,lets say in carpentry,i can do it but dont have the paper work to prove it.all the local auto dealers are jerks treat you like your 5 .plus the fact that the 2 jobs i had provided tools so i really dont have any for the jobs that say ,must have own tools.nor the money to buy a small company type of person,but nobody’s hiring .i am going to try on line schooling for hvac,wich ive always been interested in.but right now i need a job .i live in eastern ct.i think the problem might be the economy or just the area.the reason im not working now is my last job got please.
P.S. ive done all the on-line job search sights,no luck.

Dusty answers:

Oh I certainly know where you’re coming from. My fiance has the same trouble – he’s got all the expertise but poor work history not to mention no college degree.. Yet.
It could very well be the area you live in doesn’t have much job opportunity. It’s the same way here.. If you don’t have a degree, you’re pretty much stuck flipping burgers or some other dead end job. I’m actually lucky to have found the job I’m at now. Excellent.
I would say, don’t give up. I know things are tough right now, and it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, but good things are always worth waiting for. You should check a lot of these online sites like or or and the like. Put a resume up. Even if you have to move areas, if you find a job that will pay you enough, I would say it would be worth it to move.

Good luck to you and hang in there.

Donna asks…

Which skil saw is a better buy?

I’m looking at getting a skil saw for my father, since his is so old and is starting to die out. The two that sears carries are here:

and here:

Why is there such a large price difference? My mother told me that a skil saw is generally about $50. If the $180 dollar one is THAT much better, then I’d rather get him that one. However, if they are both good purchases, I’d probably go with the $50 dollar one, since I already bought him a PS3 for father’s day as well. Carpentry is his hobby, so I want to make sure I get him a good saw–but he doesn’t need anything crazy.

Thank you so much! I didn’t even think about cordless! (I’m good with tools, but know nothing about them.)|Cordless^Price|3.99-170&lastFilter=Price

I’ve narrowed my choices down to anything under $200, since I’m on a tight budget. You mentioned that because it’s a hobby, a less expensive tool would be adequate. I’m considering the “Craftsman Professional 20 volt Lithium-Ion Circular Saw with Laser Trac and LED Work Light” now because it seems to have a lot of useful features, and it’s from a company my father trusts.
Oops, here is the link:

Dusty answers:

I LOVE this question! Ok! Yes the Craftsman is the best way to go. And the Laser has to be the best thing to happen to a hand held saw since electricity. He will really appreciate it when making a cut. It is much safer. A big plus is you can add to his collection and they all can use the same battery and charger. One thing they do not show is the case it comes in . Very nice !

“Consumers have ranked the Craftsman brand second (surpassed only by Waterford crystal) in terms of quality. [1] In 2007, Craftsman was named “America’s Most Trusted Brand” and brand with “Highest Expectations”.

Mary asks…

Its been 8 days without my truck & I need to know what I should do today? I want to get my truck back by tomm?

I recently did 60 days in jail for #### & Let the customer know I was going away at the time & she said don’t worry cause they didn’t have the money anyway to do any work cause they were broke? They bought me a truck on March 10th 2008 cause my ex took mine to Nevada w/my tools & furniture while I was in jail for a week the first time for unpaid tickets she got & never paid. We agreed that I would do work for them to pay off the credit cahttp://truckcontractrd they used to buy my truck which is in my name (Title & Registration) Nothing on or in has their name on it! Never did they say how long to take to pay it off or if i am not working on their house they get to keep truck? Well when I went to jail I told my friend to let them know if they wanted to use truck while I was in jail they could? So they came to get truck,keys & my friend gave them the title also cause she did’nt know better?Again all of that is in my name. Now I have been out for a week & these people who I once considered the nicest people I had ever met have turned midevil & said they are keeping truck till they are ready to do work in two or more weeks cause they feel I will not pay them back for some reason? I have never gave them any inclination or thoughts in their minds to think this way & cant understand it? Now we wrote up a contract that Does’nt say anywhere in it that they can keep it if they don’t have work for me nor does it say how long i have to pay it back? They are trying to now say That they had work for me while I was in jail & screwed them over which is a bold face lie cause they have no materials & have told me since I got out that the windows wont be in for 2 more weeks & that is the only & next faze to do!! They try saying that they were going to ad on in back but again another lie cause they never went to city hall to look into getting permits that are needed before any addition work can be done. Now they tell me they are waiting for an app. w/a attorney to make a new contract & in it I have to agree to pay 500.00 up front & make payments before they will give me keys & tell me where my truck is? I already worked off about 300.00 & now have missed 7 days of work which if charged my normal rate of 40.00per hour would be $40 x 56 hours= $2,240 in lost wages instead I am sitting around my friends I am staying with doing nothing & going nowhere cause I have no vehicle which also has my tools in the tool box in back which I cant get cause they wont let me? Can I sue them for lost wages & call police & have them arrested for theft of my truck & tools?? The contract we both signed reads as follows;;; I Jane doe(them) on march 10,2008 purchased Dave a Dodge truck as advanced payment for carpentry work in the same amount to be done on my home by (ME). In the event that something happens to (ME) ,or work equaling this amount plus 10% interest ($1,732.32 + $173.23 =$1,905.55) is not recouped. ownership of the vehicle should be immediately transferred to the purchaser,(THEM) If partial work is completed not equaling the full amount of the vehicle plus 10% interest (1,905.55) the purchaser will pay (ME) cash for the performed work minus the 10% interest,& ownership of the vehicle will be transfer to the purchaser,(THEM)//// No where in the contract does it say how long I have to pay off? They get to keep it (TRUCK)if they don’t have work for me, & they had no work while I was away,bought any or ordered any materials to do work nor do they have any materials laying around waiting for me to do work? We both signed the bottom of contract that reads *I (ME) am in agreement with this contract & will consider it legally binding & comply with it’s terms. (Now I know I am not stupid & if I am correct they are breaking contract & I should be able to sue them for lost wages? Breech of contract & maybe have them put in jail for theft? This has made me depressed,sad,sick to my stomach & feeling hopeless cause I have no one to help me out. Thank you for anything anyone can do for me,Dave

Dusty answers:

Right, you can call the police and charge them with conversion if nothing else. In order for them to take the truck for non-performance they have to go to court and get a judgment to enforce the contract. You are right too in that they have not performed their part of the agreement making the contract non-enforceable anyway. The title is in your name and they have no legal right to the vehicle. They can only take a lien, which it does not sound as if they did, when the contract was writen, or go to court to try and enforce the contract. Otherwise they have broken the law and the police should find your truck and return it. Even if they have the title it must be signed by you for them to change it. If they have then it is forgery and grand theft auto. You also have the argument that the contract is void anyway by their failure to perfom and impossibility. They cannot make a new contract unless you agree to it. Don’t. Also because they have not taken legal action it means they have agreed to wait for you too, they did not put time is of the essence in the contract so any agrument about time to perform is void. By the way, any good atty will tell them that a new contract will not void the old one and if they are that tight they will not pay for an atty to write one, or go to court and try to enforce this one

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Google I/O 2011: Android Development Tools

Xavier Ducrohet, Tor Norbye This talk provides an in-depth look at the Android development tools, along with tips & tricks for getting the most out of them. From project support, to source editing and visual editors, to emulator execution and debugging and profiling, this talk will help you get more productive with Android development. The main focus is on Eclipse, but we will discuss other complementary tools as well. This is a demo-oriented talk, and our goal is to show the available features, and how they fit into the workflow.
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