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Career Search Carpenters are involved in many different kinds of construction, from the building of highways and bridges to the installation of kitchen cabinets. Carpenters construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures made from wood and other materials. Each carpentry task is somewhat different, but most involve the same basic steps. Working from blueprints or instructions from supervisors, carpenters first do the layout—measuring, marking, and arranging materials—in accordance with local building codes. They cut and shape wood, plastic, fiberglass, or drywall using hand and power tools, such as chisels, planes, saws, drills, and sanders. They then join the materials with nails, screws, staples, or adhesives. In the last step, carpenters do a final check of the accuracy of their work with levels, rules, plumb bobs, framing squares, and surveying equipment, and make any necessary adjustments. Work environment. As is true of other building trades, carpentry work is sometimes strenuous. Prolonged standing, climbing, bending, and kneeling often are necessary. Carpenters risk injury working with sharp or rough materials, using sharp tools and power equipment, and working in situations where they might slip or fall. Although many carpenters work indoors, those that work outdoors are subject to variable weather conditions. Most carpenters work a standard 40 hour week. Hours may be longer during busy periods. In May 2006, median hourly earnings of wage and salary

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Helen asks…

How do i figure a selling price for a patent invention on a tool i created?

I invented a carpenters tool and have a patent on it, I also found a manufacturer, and i have a cost per unit for the tool, But how do i figure what my tool is worth to the consumer. I need to know what I Should sell the tool for to the public, to retail stores and to distributors.
Please help me

Dusty answers:

I’ll be there are entire books and websites that discuss product pricing. Search for those first.

After you do that…

Are there any somewhat similar tools in hardware stores or online? See what those prices are.

Also ask the carpenters you know, or post a question on the web in a forum dedicated to carpentry, to find out what they think is reasonable pricing.

That’s just for pricing direct to the public.

Search online for distributors and see whether you can get access to their price lists. The price the distributors ask of retailers hints at what price you should ask when selling to retailers.

For selling to distributors, maybe you calculate their buying price as some fraction of the price the distributor will turn around and sell at. I’m just guessing about that.

Find website forums dedicated to inventors and entrepreneurs. They might have insights.

Be aware that large distributors have a lot of market power and sometimes abuse that power. I worked for a small company that had a distributor order excess product, perhaps so the retailers could create attention-getting giant pyramid-shaped stacks of the product at Christmas time. They would return unsold product after the buying season, with the stiff paper packaging often damaged; they also shipped back the customer-returned merchandise too.

The distributor somehow collected a fee (I think 12%) for handling the merchandise even though it got returned, so the company I worked for actually lost money on those returns, which basically negated the money made from product that distributor actually did sell.

So carefully study the terms of the agreements that different distributors offer. You’re a small scale unknown operator I assume, and have only one product. You probably will have trouble if you try to negotiate better terms. It’s possible that they can’t be bothered to deal with you at all.

George asks…

What do you think of my song lyrics? I’m thinking of writing a gay musical, or is that redundant.?

Black chaps on bikers and whiskers on truckers
Bent over bear cubs, those hot mutha f*ckhas
Silver haired carpenters banging their tools
These are the guys that cause me to drool.

Rodeo cowboys riding their horses
College proffessors while teaching their courses
Shirtless landscappers with sweat in their hair
These are that men that cause me to stare

When the mood strikes
Which is usually
I don my disguise
I put on my sunglasses
And scratch myself
While watching these real
Hot guys

Dusty answers:

I smell Broadway!!!

Lisa asks…

Was Joseph a good carpenter?

I mean was he any good at it..did he have alot of repeat business? Fair prices? Did he own his own tools or did he use his next door neighbors? Did he work out of the house? What did he do with his tools in the manger scene?

Dusty answers:

He was rather overpriced after the birth of Jesus, became more of a novelty really. I gave him six cows in exchange for my house. He gave me a flooded basement.

Thomas asks…

If a person makes wardrobes out of wood, would it be correct to ask him?

to make a doll house? i assume less thick wood.

or is it different because a doll house requires more detail and tools would be different?

how different is d skill of a carpenter would be to that of a craftsman … i dont really know so please enlighten me……..all i know is i will paint it

Dusty answers:

If the dolls-house is a one off project a carpenter will charge you a fortune for it. Go on line to source a kit form and make it yourself. The cost of wood and the carpenters time makes it an expensive dolls-house. The tools would largely be the same but smaller so maybe ask grandpa to make one if he has time as it can be very time consuming.
Good luck.

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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

Daniel asks…

I am finding it impossible t find a basic woodwork class in or near Manhattan New York. Please Help!?

I’m really interested in eventually building a musical instrument. A lute perhaps. But before I start looking in to instrument making I want to take a basic carpentry/woodwork course. You know, sawing, filing, varnishing, building joints etc. I live in Williamsburg NY, and I figured that there would be a course somewhere in Manhattan for sure…..but no luck. I’ve looked on the internet, searched the yellow pages, but nothing! I don’t need to become certified in anything, nor do I need to gain any kind of academic credits. I just want to be shown the basics so I know what tools to get and then practise. I’d appreciate any help I can get!

Dusty answers:

Search the internet for Woodcrafters. They have stores all over the country. They hold classes on basics such as using a router, pen making, lathe use etc. Most of their stuff in more in the direction of furniture/cabinet making. However, they should be of help in finding what you are looking for. Also, you can search for Rockler. They are a mail order supplier of woodworking materials and tools. Get their catalog so you can see a lot of what is available. There are several wood working magazines out there also. Most are monthly but several are quarterly. The one that goes in the most detail, in my opinion, is “Fine Woodworking”. Hope this is of some help. Can’t give you any addresses in NY as I live in South Texas but if you get to San Antonio I can fix you up.

Lizzie asks…

Can you complete this analogy?


A. notes:composer
B. sound:musical intrument
C. drawing:crayon tools
E. symphony:piano

Dusty answers:

B. Sound;musical instrument.

Not E, because a piano does not play a symphony.

James asks…

Character sketch of Cash?As I Lay Dying?

For a project, I have to do a 3D character sketch on poster board. I was going to do Cash, but now I’m thinking of things to put on it. So far I have things such as the coffin, carpentry tools, the church, cement, and the graphophone. What else could I use?

Dusty answers:

That’s about it. Of all the Bundren kids, Cash has probably the smallest role and by far the least dialogue. I think you’ve covered him pretty well

Mark asks…

please answer this question?

Which of the following does not utilize lasers?
1. grocery checkout 2. CD players 3. modern carpentry tools
4. flourecent lights

Dusty answers:

Let’s look at this, and do a little process of elimination. Which item has existed UNCHANGED since before the advent of mass use of lazers? Cd players POST-date lazers, grocery checkout now uses a bar-code reader, and why do you think they call that carpentry tool a LAZER-LEVEL????? Take it from there.

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