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Posts Tagged ‘scratch’ – Set up your own home workshop. We’ll walk you through the gear you’ll need to build a woodworking shop from scratch. In this video, Jim goes over shop space needed, workshop fixtures and safety gear.

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Mandy asks…

Ideas for a woodshop project?


I’m taking woodworking this year at my school. After about the first five weeks (where we learn about safety, using the power tools, etc.) we choose a project to build for the remainder of the year. I’ll have about three hours a week to work on whatever I build.

That being said, what are some good ideas for a project. Past students built tables, benches, and maybe cabinets.

10 points to the best idea (or perhaps the funniest if they all suck)

Dusty answers:

I think I would make a little cabinet with drawers in it. It could sit on the floor or hang on the wall. The drawers should be small, maybe for CDs, or even smaller, for knick-knacks and various things.

The idea is that the cabinet itself (the ‘carcase’) is very straightforward. Measurements and accurate sizes are important, but otherwise it’s not complicated. The drawers are just boxes, easy to do. There are several of them but they’re all alike, so you can saw out the parts all at once, and use the same setups for all of them so you make sure they’re consistent. You even have choices for joinery–finger joints if you want to get fancy, or even dovetails if your school has a fixture for that, or simpler drawer joints.

When you finish the project, it looks more complicated and difficult than it is.

Daniel asks…

I’m looking for help on building a cigar humidor from scratch, anyone able to help me?

I am beginning a project to build my own cigar humidor box, i want it to be able to hold around 50 cigars or less, i do not want the box to be too large! I know practically nothing about woodworking so i am hoping this project is a challenge, but not impossible, and although i do not own any woodworking tools i know of people who have just about any tool and would let me use them to help construct my humidor. So with that said, my question/s are does any one know of a good, easy to follow site on how to build a humidor box and the materials needed. Or.. if anyone reading this is experienced in the making of a humidor from scratch feel free to contact me at

P.S. I am starting to learn the basics of what materials are needed for this project, but i am willing to take any advice i can!


Dusty answers:

There are plenty of sites online with plans for these. This is just ONE of them for a basic one:

I believe that cedar is the wood of choice in making humidors.

There is even a ‘homemade humidor’ online group if you want to check it out.


good luck!

William asks…

I need to find a guide on how to make this?

I need to find a guide on how to make this, please help :

EXCEPT without the bottom shelf (so it’s just a table) AND longer, so it’s like a real table. I want a laminate white wood surface, like this, and the same thick, seamless design like this.

I don’t know anything about woodworking, but my grandpa has a shop that he will let me use (hopefully) with tools and such. I need to know an estimated cost to this project and if in fact it’s possible for me to make, lol. If anyone knows where to buy something like this, please tell me. Or send me a few guides on how to do this. Thank you so much.
here is the link again in case that other one isn’t clickable

Dusty answers:

Here are a bunch of free table schematics. You may find one like yours.

Carol asks…

This is a tough one! I want to donate all donations received to finance the adoption costs of dogs.?

My goal is to get dogs adopted, period! Donations will come in through money collected by offering anyone excellent instruction in woodworking, sale of mass produced items, use of shop for projects & small children’s workshops. But how do I get an empty shop free? I feel I can get the power tools & some materials donated. Both woodworking & dogs are exciting topics to many. I’ll throw in my 30 years of teaching to get dogs a permanent home! Pass this on to anyone who might be able to help. Thanks!

Dusty answers:

I would recommend that you first become a qualified charity under 501c(3) – or work closely with one. If you do that you will be more likely to find businesses willing to work with you because they will be able to deduct their expenses as a charitable donation. At that point you can find shops and ask for the use of their space in return for a charitable receipt. It would also be helpful if you could let them know you would have local media or something around to show that the company is doing such a good thing.

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