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How to make a wood train whistle

Here’s how to make a 4-toned train whistle made using a scrap piece of a 2×4 board. These make great stocking-stuffers or gifts. Kids love them. This is also a good project to make if you have limited tools. All of my sawing could easily be accomplished with a hand saw. ———- To get started, here is a PDF with the measurements I used: —————- Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Easy woodworking projects every Friday. Subscribe to WWMM and never miss a video! Website: Facebook: —————-
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Your Questions About Carpentry Tools

Charles asks…

Name of carpentry tool used to make stairs?

i remember my carpentry teacher taking some scrap and cutting out a 7″X10″ right triangle that he used to layout a stairway stringer. what is this piece called?
correction. it was a regular triangle NOT a right triangle
nevermind it was a right triangle but it wasnt a framers square

Dusty answers:

The scrap piece he cut out is simply called a gig. A stairs can be laid out using a triangle square or a framing square. What I’ve always done is simply use a pencil to mark on the square for the run or the tread if you will and another mark for the rise or height of the step. If you do this with a framing square make sure both marks are either on the inside of the square or both on the outside. There are small clamps made for a framing square so you don’t have to mark on the square itself but they can be bumped out of place or lost and a pencil mark is easy to remove.

Steven asks…

how do I find out the value of an old carpentry tool?

Dusty answers:

Sometimes it’s difficult. I usually refer to E-bay for an idea of what rare tools are selling for.
What kind of tool is it? I might have an idea what it’s value is.
I collect antique tools.

Paul asks…

What is an easy way to learn carpentry?

I am kind of a hands-on person and good at crafts, but I have never got the hang of carpentry. I want to learn how to build tables and shelves, not so much construction work. Also, what is the basic set of tools to get, and does anyone have any ideas how to do small projects in an apartment space.
Insight – thanks for the feedback. Actually, yes, this is potentially for making $. I am a graphic designer and I keep having ideas for designing furniture. It sounds like I might want to find someone to collaborate with.

Dusty answers:

Read, read and do some more reading. Ask questions at home improvement stores. Some of the employees are very knowledgeable. I personally learned by reading books and using the Internet. I also have a father who knows quite a bit. Plus there are classes at some of the high end woodworking stores you can sign up for. Here in Maryland we Woodcraft stores that offer classes.

Donald asks…

Where to get finish carpentry projects?

I am going to open a small business (finish carpentry); I have all the tools, etc. Starting out, where would I find work? Are there special places where contractors place bids for projects? How do small subcontractors get offers from large builders, since I would be specializing in finish work? Any help is appreciated!!

Dusty answers:

Depending on the extent of the work that you’re looking to do, you may need to get licensed in order to work with the providers that you’d seek projects from. If you are just looking for side jobs to start, I’ve heard many instances where people solicit their services on sites like Craigslist or in newspapers.

If you’re able to get connected with people in the contractor services departments at stores like the Home Depot or Lowes, you can often times get your name dropped when people come searching for building services or recommendations for projects.

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