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Octagon Rafter Construction Calculator The Software that Calc’s It FOR YOU Before You Cut It! Have you ever struggled with how to build a roof or framing an Octagon? Well not anymore! This software will give you everything you need with with the push of a button. It makes framing house easy!

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How to make Wood Shingles using hand tools Make wood shingles. Use traditional hand tools to make oak shingles. The craft of making roof shingles. For more videos visit http For more woodlands information visit

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Power Tools & Carpentry Skills : How to Calculate a Roof’s Pitch

Calculate a roof’s pitch by measuring the rise versus the run, with the pitch being however many inches the roof rises for a 12-inch run. Layout a shallow roof at a 3- or 4-inch pitch or a standard roof at an 8- or 9-inch pitch, with instructions from an experienced builder in this free video on carpentry. Expert: Robert Markey Bio: Robert Markey is an artist who works in several media including painting, sculpture, installation, video and mosaics. Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Erik