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A circular saw is a power tool that may come with a cord, or it may be cordless, and using a circular saw means attention to safety must be paid. Discover the importance of noting that a circular saw will cut thicker than a drawn line with help from an independent contractor and carpenter in this free video on power tools. Expert: Jeremiah Fox Bio: Jeremiah Fox is an independent contractor, carpenter and handyman with over 20 years of experience in home repair and remodeling. Filmmaker: Steve Anthony

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Watch as Brooke Coe, the Higglytown Heroes Carpenter explains to kids what a carpenter is. But since Higlytown Heroes is for kids, Brooke Coe wasn’t able to use power tools, bummer! A carpenter without powertools? Aw!

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A compound miter saw is a power tool that is essentially a tool that evolved from the chop saw, except that the miter saw can cut at more angles. Learn how a blade guard keeps the user of a miter saw safe with help from an independent contractor and carpenter in this free video on power tools. Expert: Jeremiah Fox Bio: Jeremiah Fox is an independent contractor, carpenter and handyman with over 20 years of experience in home repair and remodeling. Filmmaker: Steve Anthony

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Your Questions About Woodworking Tools

Laura asks…

how to find manuals for woodworking power tools?

Manual for a jepson 2hp fixed base router

Dusty answers:

Couldn’t find any manuals, might try the link below and email the support. Good Luck

John asks…

where can i buy cooling fan for amatures on woodworking tools?

Dusty answers:

I’m not exactly sure what this is, could you explain further?

Paul asks…

What is the best brand in plumbing/power/woodworking Tools ;-) ?

Dusty answers:

In my experience, Makita tools are some of the best. I’ve used different brands and so far I haven’t found anything I’ve liked better than those.

Richard asks…

Is it posible to do small woodworking projects without having any power tools?

Dusty answers:

Absolutely !! Small projects AND Large !! Until I was 20, all I had was a hand-saw, miter-saw, coping-saw, planes, chisels, hammer, a hand-drill, clamps and glue: I built bird-houses, chairs, tables, picture-frames, etc.

SURE it takes LONGER, and you get blisters at first… But I think it’s often more rewarding.

When I was 18 (and a Boy Scout), two other guys and I built a 18 foot square CABIN by hand… The only power tool we used was a TRUCK to haul the logs. We had axes, saws, mauls and wedges, frows, draw-knives, chisels and hand-drills. That cabin was built in 1979 and is still standing and in use today, 30 years later.

Of course TODAY I have endless power-tools !! I’m just too old to cut down trees and turn them into firewood by HAND !!


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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Ruth asks…

If Jesus was a 21st century carpenter, what is the most likeliest power tool that would be his favorite?

Dusty answers:

I’m guessing NOT the nail gun.

Michael asks…

Rusty Tools ? (saw,pliers chisel etc.)?

What’s the best way to remove rust from carpenter‘s tools ?

Dusty answers:

I can’t believe no one’s mentioned this yet, but liquid wrench is by far the best thing I’ve found for getting rust off my tools. My dad always swore by it and now I do too. I found a 100 year old chisel in our house when we bought it. It was covered with rust that was really caked on. I soaked it in liquid wrench overnight and gave it a good scrubbing it with a wire brush. After doing this for 3 nights it came out very nice. Not “like new” but you have to remember it IS a 100 years old. I found a video on youtube that shows you how good liquid wrench works. Http://

William asks…

Power tools any one?

So confusing! I want to get my boyfriend a sawzall for Christmas, but not just any sawzall because he is a carpenter and needs a very heavy duty professional tool. I figure the 13amp Milwaukee sawzall is probably my best bet…but there are a few different 13 amp models. How the heck am I supposed to know which one is the best? Can someone out there who is less confused about power tools help me out!?

-Side note: I want one with a cord. And if anyone has a link or an inside scoop on where i could get the best deal I would really appreciate it!

Dusty answers:

Here is info from Sawzall’s website about Model No. 6523-21. This is a corded recip saw that is 13 Amps and also has these features:

360° Rotating Handle
13 Amp Milwaukee Built Motor
Orbital Cutting Action
Variable Speed Trigger, 0-3000 SPM
1-1/4 in. Stroke
Counter Balanced/Gear Protection Systems
Speed Dial
Quik-Lok™ Blade Clamp
Quik-Lok® Cord

I like the 360° rotating handle and the variable speed trigger myself. You can get really fatigued when having to contort yourself to hang on to the tool and trying to find an appropriate speed setting. These two features alone, I think, make this one worth it for someone with pro needs.

Chris asks…

Geometry home work question.Very simple. But im not a carpenter so i dont know. PLease help?

Geometry hw question: Explain how to make a perfect 45 degree angle cut on a rectangle corner (corner would be 90 degrees. so basically cut the 90 in half) with just the tools given. Tools are, a handsaw, a pencil, and a ruler.

Dusty answers:

1) Take the ruler and measure a distance x from the corner.
2) Make a mark of the distance x from the corner of the rectangle on both rays of the right angle.
3) Draw this square on the corner.
4) From the corner of the rectangle to the corner of the square, draw a line with the ruler.
5) This is 45 degrees, because the diagonal of a square bisects the right angle.
6) Take the handsaw and cut.

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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Thomas asks…

What different tools do carpenters use to make cabinets,floors, and roofs?

i need help
this is for my math project

someone help please thanks

Dusty answers:

Alright well here is a few links:
These are link for flooring ok. They will take you to the installation guides and you will find all the tools needed for all types of floors:
Make sure to scroll down on each page and you’ll find a tools and materials section.



There’s tons more type of floors there too. Just click on the type of floor you want to find the tools for and click the how-to-install section! Super easy! Have fun!
Don’t forget to site your sources!!! :)

Linda asks…

im switching careers from carpenter to mechanic and was needing to buy mechanic tools?

i was wondering if there was a grant available to help me purchase tools

Dusty answers:

No but you can get credit with many tool companies .some companies that hire will purchase tools for you and then deduct from your paycheck in small amounts .trust me i know cause i am a mechanic on hydraulic equipment.

Ken asks…

im a apprentice carpenter and im very into my tools i would like to know were to find new handtools?

hightech hand tools,tool belts things of that nature

Dusty answers:

Popular mechanics magazine has a section on this every month and they always tell you how much the tool costs and where to get it.

Ruth asks…

anyone looking for a reliable carpenter in sydney?

i arrived in sydney yesterday and need to find work asap. does anyone know of any companies looking for a carpenter/labourer. i am a qualified carpenter and have hand tools but no power tools. money is tight so i need to work to buy power tools. i have my own transport and i am a very reliable worker. i have worked in the construction industry for the last 7 years and only missed 4 days work due to a chest infection

Dusty answers:

It is very good to hear that you are a reailly a very good carpanter even I live in sydney . I am having a solution for this if you are looking for power tools Look at a website is having big range of power tools and of all brands . Even see you can get the best deal from them

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Home Appliance/Power Tool Dance Party

An assortment of household items and tools, MIDI controlled to bring you a very “special” presentation.

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Whatever the project, the most valuable assets of a carpenter are his or her woodcraft supplies. If the carpenter does not have the proper supplies, he or she cannot do the job at hand. If you are a true carpenter you will probably have a favorite store where you purchase all or most of your supplies.

If you are new at this you will want to find a store nearby that has every thing you need. If there is not a shop nearby, you can always go online and order just about anything, although it is not advised to buy lumbar online. Below I will discuss the different tools that are important to any carpenter and what they do.

The first is the table saw, this power tool is very important and is a must have in any wood shop or shed. The table saw will be used for practically every project you set out to accomplish. It is most likely to be the most sound and important investment you are going to make in your carpentry endeavors.

When you are looking to buy a first or a new table saw, you want to get the best saw you can afford. This is mainly because you will be using it so much. You’ll be using it every day to cut wood down to the size that you need.

The second tool we will talk about is the band saw. This is probably the most underrated tool used in woodworking. There are many that think that this tool is not a necessity for carpentry work. The band saw can do many things such as re-cutting wood, ripping wood, doing crosscuts, cutting circles and cutting joints.

The third tool that is on our list of topics for discussion is the drill. What wood worker could do without a drill? Drills are used in a few different ways. You can use it to make screw holes in many different materials, especially wood. You also use the drill to screw or unscrew bolts, rivets or screws from wood and other things.

The fourth tool is most likely going to be a set of tools. It is essential for any woodworker to have a good selection of measuring tools. You will want to measure, check the measurements and re-measure just to avoid having to start the project over because of a simple mistake.

The fifth and last tool we will talk about is the router. A router, along with a good selection of router bits, is great to have in any wood shop. With a variety of bits you are sure to make your project look wonderful and unique. A router can cut designs in wood and add wonderful art to any project.

With a wood shop needing so many tools, it is essential to take care of them to avoid having to spend a lot of money to replace rusted and broken woodcraft supplies. You should have a tool case to keep you smaller tools, nails and screws in to keep them from getting wet. You should also oil and clean your tools regularly and after projects to keep them from rusting.
For more information on woodcraft supplies visit , a popular website devoted to those who like to create things with wood. You’ll find information on the many projects you can do plus how to go about finding the right woodcraft plans to help you make exactly what you want or need.

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Power Tools Quickly Reduce the Hard Work

Power Tools Quickly Reduce the Hard Work

Professional builders will deliver an excellent job, and most would be using power tools to reduce both their labour time and effort.

The home DIY enthusiast can also invest in power tools to reduce the hard work on their next DIY project?

But you don’t have to plumb to the depths of despair if you can’t afford every power tool in available under the sun and there is a tool for every job these days. There are a few tools that every DIY enthusiast or new tradesperson should not be without and a power drill is one.

There are a few types or power drills to choose from including hammer drills, pneumatic hammer drills, these also come in cordless drills and corded varieties. They are an essential part of every DIY enthusiasts and tradespersons tool kit, and will make hundreds of DIY projects much simpler.

Sawing timber, floorboards and plywood sheets is an area where power tools can quickly earn their keep and save you from exerting too much time and energy when taking on a DIY project. Hand sawing is very tiring and tedious for DIY enthusiasts, often resulting in inaccurate cuts or a wobbly line instead of a straight edge cut! It is very frustrating and can be costly if the sawing and cuts prove inaccurate.


Power saws are the answer to DIY carpenters’ dreams.

With both DIY and professional carpenters circular saws quickly cut through wood, MDF, boards, plywood, and any soft or hardwoods with ease. They will save everyone a fortune in time and effort, and provide an accurate cut in the process. Just like a professional carpenter would achieve.

If any DIY project, property refurbishment or new build does necessitate cutting through metal or masonry, the answer is an angle grinder.

In addition, to these power tools sanders can save both builders, tradesmen, refurbishment contractors and shop-fitters considerable time and effort when sanding floors, stairwells, skirting boards, furniture and wood fittings using an orbital sander with a dust extractor facility. Eccentric disc and detailed sanders are also available for professional contractors, including antique restoration enthusiasts and craftsmen.

We must remind DIY enthusiasts to wear goggles and face mask/respirators when using sanding power tools to protect their eyes and lungs. It is a somewhat dirty job and any tradesperson will tell you ‘Investing in protective clothing is essential when using power tools for work, especially for sanding or grinding’.

Protective clothing is an essential part of any DIY or tradespersons tool kit alongside their power tools, together with hard hats, knee pads, gloves and hi-visibility waistcoats or jackets.

Owning quality power tools and protective clothing will pay handsome dividends, and will save so much time and effort leaving you the satisfaction of a job well done.

Anglia Tool Centre is the specialist power tool division of the Ridgeon Group offering leading Brands selling the latest technology in Tools and Power Tools.

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Woodworking tools have been a necessity since the beginning of man. Starting out in some of most primitive forms and transforming into some of the most technically advanced items of today. The form of woodworking tools today have a wide variety depending on the work you are doing. From the hand wood saws and power saw of many forms and styles to drills available today in almost any size and shape imaginable as well as hand tools in many forms.

Woodworking tools are used by a wide variety of people young or old and of many different professions. They are not just for carpenters use any more. From building shelves in a closet to improve storage or fixing some damaged trim to building some arts and crafts with the children woodworking tools are required. Woodworking tools are broadly categorized in two groups’ power tools and hand tools. Power tools would be tools that would require you to plug into electrical outlets or would require batteries to operate them such as table saw, band saw, planer, belt sander, circular saw, drill press, drill driver and jig saw just to name some. The power tool accessories are another very important part of the power tool group from the blades for saws, drill driver bits and drill bits as well as many more items. Then there are the hand tools some examples are hand saw, rasp or files, chisels and hammers come in many different styles and forms. Generally now days when working with wood no matter what the project may be some tools from each group are used. The carpenters or woodworkers of the past had a limited amount of power tools that were fixed or stationary type tools that were run by a series of belts connected to an external power source like a steam engine. Before the steam engine they were run by horse or water power. With the invention of electricity & batteries power tools of today are much more versatile and in most cases portable able to be run by electric generators. Battery operated tools of today they are totally portable able to be taken to any work location.

There are very few people in the world that have not used some type of woodworking tool at some point in their life could be as simple as a hammer or something from the power tools group. The future will be no different as long as there is wood in this world there will be woodworking tools.

Jude Herr is the editor for, a Tool Blog which provides information, news and reviews about power tools for the professional tool user and craftsperson. Visit where they leverage their buying power to offer you the best prices on professional power tools and accessories.

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