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Your Questions About Carpenter Tools

Lizzie asks…

Was Jimmy Carter a better Carpenter than Jesus?

Jimmy Carter is a man of Jesus. In fact, he is better than Jesus because he does not lie to people. Jesus is well known to have boasted to be a carpenter. Funny thing about Jesus is that there is not one story in the Bible that says he was a carpenter. Not one. Zero. Zilch. Jimmy Carter builds houses with his bare hands for people in need. There is not any evidence in the Bible that Jesus built any thing, not even hanging a shelf or building a dollhouse. Carter is a man that knows his way around tools, clearly a skilled builder familiar on how to use a hammer and nails. Jesus was a man that lied to people; he clearly wanted to be his dad Joseph who actually was a carpenter. I would argue that Jimmy Carter helped more people on this earth than Christ did. Jesus just made all his friends quit their jobs and they were bums living off of other people.

Dusty answers:

It’s because he sucked. Jesus, that is.

Thomas asks…

portable air tank for pnuematic tools?

i saw a diy show where a finish carpenter was using a portable air
tank for his finish nailer. i cant find any other info on this, has anyone
used this and is it really a good idea?

Dusty answers:

I remember the show and the tank was carried on his belt. It was shown on Cool Tools on DIYnetwork. Great tool for doing moldings. You may want to search their site for the name and manufacturer. Under $200.

Lisa asks…

Is it a good idea to pose as a brain surgeon for money?

I was recently mistaken for a surgeon and ask to remove a brain tumor from an elderley man. Really im a carpenter but with my knowledge of tools i think i could pull it off and they offered a huge paycheck so can i do it without medical knowledge is it safe? I figured i could just cut his head a little bit and pull the tumor thing off.

Dusty answers:

Pretty bored over the holidays, are we?

Daniel asks…

Are Kobalt tools a good quality tool?

I’ve had cheap/random tools in the past while I was single and either lost them in the several moves I’ve had in the past or loaned them out and never got them back…now I’m about to get married and need a good set of quality tools for around the house maintenance/repairs. I see Kobalt at Lowe’s and they look good with the blue/grey color scheme but don’t know much about them. Are they worth the money or is there something better for someone who is not a professional carpenter/electrician?

Dusty answers:

As a general DIY’er, Kobalt tools will be more than adequate for your needs. The guys that make a living with their tools need the superior quality of Snap-On, Mac, Cornwell, Matco and the like. Its nice to have tools that have an unconditional lifetime warranty but will not hardly ever need it….

Kobalt tools are NOT made by Snap-On and it is highly unethical for Lowe’s to promote their tools as in the same family as Snap-On. The reality is that Kobalt was, at one time made by JH Wiliams; a division of Snap-On. Kobalt is now manufactured by the Danaher Corporation, which also makes Craftsman. The tool boxes sold as Kobalt are made by Waterloo….

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