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Hey what is up guys sorry there is no audio but i am going to give you the text tutorial of how to do this: TEXT TUTORIAL: ——————————- 1)Place your item in the dispenser. 2)Start to hit the dispenser. 3)When its about to break keep tapping LT to open. 4)Drag the *Item*x64 into your inventory. (NOT THE HOTBAR!) 5)Place as much as you want in a chest then throw the x64 out of your inventory, it is fake. 6)Your done, you´╗┐ have 64 *Item*s Please give this a like and to be sure to stay tuned! tags: yt:quality=high notch Minecraft mods duplication glitch easy tutorial mod spider spiders skeleton skeletons zombie zombies lumber wood coal stone torch torches workbench crafting square pickaxe pick wooden shelter survival night Minecraft duplication glitchunlimited diamond tutorial the minecraft project minecraft mine craft syndicate syndicateproject thesyndicateproject project how to find tools build make new seed world download minecraft project episode machinima realm gameplay commentary “how to” “xbox 360″ xbox360 x360 video live arcade xbla “xbox live arcade” controller tutorial getting started download “lets play” walkthrough playthrough multiplayer co-op server 2d 3d “Xbox 360 (Video Game Platform)” Games bigbst4tz2 bigbst4tz
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Sorry i know i forgot alot here they are Hoe: Place sticks like i did with the pickaxe and fill the top left corner and the space to the right of that. Storage box: In your craft box, with wood, fill up every square with wood EXCEPT the center Furnace: Fill Up every square with cobblestone in your craft box EXCEPT the center Door: You can also make doors out of iron ingots Arrows: A single piece of flint on top. A stick in the middle. And a feather on the bottom. CHECK OUT THIS KID SUBSCRIBE TO HIM HES A BAMF! –
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- Pensado’s Place – #33 – David Kutch

In the 33rd episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave is joined by Mastering Engineer David Kutch of The Mastering Palace ( David has mastered albums for such artists as Alicia Keys, Puff Daddy, John Legend, Yelawolf and Outkast. David answers viewer questions in “The Corner Office”, and was kind enough to join us for “Batter’s Box” as well! At the end of the episode, the guys announce the Avid Pro Tools 9 Week 5 Giveaway winner. Special thanks as always to our awesome partners Vintage King! (http 0:16 – Introductions 5:30 – ITL, Introduction to De-Essing 14:00 – Introducing Dave Kutch 14:48 – Dave Kutch’s on Mobile Mastering and Mastering Alicia Key’s album at her house 17:18 – Dave Pensado asks: How do you listen, what are you listening for…how do you listen when not in a “traditional studio”? 19:15 – Herb: Did the advent of people listening on computers and ear buds affect your mastering? 20:45 – Pensado: When you mastering, what advice can you give to mix engineers about the low-end and levels? 21:50 – Pensado: Do you have a favorite multiband compressor? (T-Racks Multiband Compressor) 22:50 – Pensado: I’m fascinated by transients, give an example of how you approach transients and the manipulation of them? 24:26 – Pensado: When you’re talking about the 80hz and 5k ranges, how do you go about manipulating transients in those ranges? 26:03 – In terms of the loudness wars, at what level is change acceptable? What, philosophically speaking, is your
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